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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Free Books Available Feb 9, 2013

Please see above for how to read these books without a Kindle, and the sidebar at left for a quick explanation of this blog. Have fun getting new books! :) May I suggest that you check daily so you don't miss all those available for only 24 hours?

Many of yesterday's books will still be free, so if you missed checking then, it's still worth a visit, as you may pick up some gems that way.

 If you are coming here on a later date than February 9, please check the most recent list for today's books: Main Page.   (Some of the books below may still be available. Most are free for 1 or 2 days but sometimes they are free longer.)

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Great link:
The new From Scratch Magazine.  Read the first issue!  Click on the magazine in the link (not the picture to right) to read it full screen..or go HERE to download it as a PDF file (bottom of linked post).

Two Flew the Cuckoos Nest Retiring Early and Leaving Corporate America for a Log Home in the Canadian Northwoods. Why, How and Now.



General Self-Sufficiency and Survival

Two Flew the Cuckoos Nest Retiring Early and Leaving Corporate America for a Log Home in the Canadian Northwoods. Why, How and Now.
”My wife and I decided to walk away from corporate America for a log home in the north woods of Canada. This book is about choosing an alternative way to live. There are many reasons why you may choose this lifestyle. Like us, you may feel that the work-a-day world, not a satisfying way to spend your finite lifetime. ...ongoing changes to the economy. ...changes that are going on in the natural world. Maybe the geopolitical arena ...We look at our personal and economic reasons for making this change and our strategies for saving enough to leave and to retire early. ...searching for land, immigrating to Canada, and building a unique log home. we started and tend a large garden with a 60 year old tractor and we teach our methods and recipes to add value to the products we grow. We now live very well, on less than 25% of our former income, using 10% of our previous carbon footprint. “

Survive and Thrive: 100 Tips for Obtaining Food After the Stores Close (Survive and Thrive After the Collapse of the Dollar)
”in this second part of the series, learn how to prepare for the most important element in both survival and thrival...obtaining food. The best thing you can do to prepare now is learn how not only to provide ample food for your family, but more importantly, how you can become a supplier in the new economy.”

Prepper's Essential Guide To Surviving a Natural Disaster, Doomsday Event and Economic Meltdown

Common-Sense & Self-Defence

47 Things An Identity Thief Doesn't Want You To Know

How To Open Locks With Improvised Tools: Practical, non-destructive ways of getting back into just about everything when you lose your keys

Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

Canology - A Modern Guide - How To Eat Healthier & Save Money By Preserving Locally-Grown Natural Foods

The Vertical Gardening Guidebook: How To Create Beautiful Vertical Gardens, Container Gardens and Aeroponic Vertical Tower Gardens at Home (Gardening Guidebooks)

How to Grow Squash: Planting and Growing Pumpkins, Zucchini, Summer and Winter Squash, Gourds, and Chayote

Alternative Economies, Underground Communities: A First Hand Account of Barter Fairs, Food Co-ops, Community Clinics, Social Protests and Underground Cultures in the Pacific Northwest & CA 1978-2012

Naturally Healthy Living With Diatomaceous Earth (Simply Smarter Living)

Healthy, Homemade Doggie Delights

Toyota/Lexus Automotive SRS/Air-Bag Repair Manual (Automotive SRS/Air-Bag series)

How to Insulate Walls in Your Home Properly

Get Organized! Your 12 Month Home Clutter Killer Guide : 2nd Edition (Revised) : Organizing The House, Decluttering And How To Clean Your Home To Perfection (Gleam Guru)

How To Train German Shepherds : 2nd Edition (Revised) : Breed Specific Training Techniques For Effective Discipline, Socializing, Obedience Training, Leash ... And Potty Training (Sam's Pet Books)

Pottery on the Wheel for Beginners

You Can Move Across Country On A Budget

Making Costume Jewelry: An Easy & Complete Step by Step Guides (Ultimate How To Guides)

SSK Little Cutie Knitting Pattern


Migraine: Painful Inconvenience or Something Serious?

The Proven PCOS Treatment Guide - Complete With PCOS Diet & Exercises

Healthy Kids, Healthy Diet. A parent's guide to optimizing nutrition for your family's health and well-being.

31 Green Smoothies: Heal your body and lose weight with nutritious and delicious green smoothie recipes (Healthy Smoothies)

28 Toothache Remedy Recipes From Stuff You Probably Already Have Around Your House

Going on 50
”Is it possible to be nearing the half century mark in your life and still have the energy and fitness level of a 30 year old?...the author lays out his personal fitness and diet plan with special emphasis on the training requirements of a person in the second half of their 40s when their metabolism slows down. He explains which training and diet principles work for him, so he can feel many years younger, function at peak capacity and delay the aging process, while spending as little time working out as possible and not counting calories.”

Medical Larceny And The Coming of Caring Technology: An Insiders View Of Socialized Medicine In Canada

Lead Paint Testing, Removal, and The Dangers of Lead Paint Poisoning

A Little Handbook of Native American Herbs and How to Use Them

Natural Remedies for CINV (Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting)



Weathering the Storms in Your Life: Life is Like the Weather
Christian book.


5 Simple Steps to Get Out of Debt: Live Debt-Free & Experience Financial Freedom

How to Survive While Living Unemployed, Poor, or Broke in America

Effective Money Management For Young Adults (Money Talk)

The Finance and Funding Guide 2012/13: A concise guide to the types of finance and funding available for business

Education (Self, Home, School)

Secrets of Parenting with Love and Logic: How to Help Your Child Play a Musical Instrument with Enthusiasm

English Explained 3: The Present Perfect

How to Count Coins (For Kids Ages 3-10)

Buzz Bee and Friends A Baker's Dozen (Buzz Bee's Math Adventures)

Let's Visit A Farm Today

The Trouble with Trolls (A story of manners)

History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Sitting Bull

History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Christopher Columbus

A to Z Colors: Learn Colors, Shapes, and Letters

Rocket Boy My First Reader Collection - 6 books in one.

Digital Discoveries: Guide to Online Learning with Adult Literacy Learners

Fun Colors With Animals (Fun Animals Basic Concepts Series)

Crocodiles: A learning adventure for young readers that wish to learn more about these patient stalkers

Kindergarten Sight Words: Level 4 (A Kindergarten Sight Word Book)
(poor review but check “look inside” to see if style suits your child)

Rosie Learns to Count - Baby's First Numbers

Several free educational books in the "Planet Collection" The first ones in the list are free. This will continue to apply as the link is to a search that should always come up with the free ones first.

Addie the Adventurer in Shape and Color Land

A Question of Biology - 2nd Edition- Book 1

Historical Perspectives on the Development and Spread of English: The History of the English Language in Seven Texts

My First Spanish Book

Helicopter CFI Lesson Plans: Private Student Edition with R-22 Supplement

5 Languages: Numbers from 1 to 20 - Spanish, French, German, Italian & Portuguese (Easy-Peasy For Kids Series)

ABC Book for Kids: Alphabet of OCEAN ANIMALS for Kids - Learn Alphabet Letters and Ocean Animals for Age 1 to 5 (Alphabet Books for Children Picture Books Photo Series)

Sight Word Sentences Lesson 1: 5 Sentences Teach 20 Sight Words with Flash Cards (Learn to Read Sight Words)

True Accounts

A Kodiak Bear Mauling: Living and Dying with Alaska's Bears
”In 1998 the author survived a horrific mauling by a Kodiak brown bear. This is the story of that event along with additional tales and personal observations about these coastal giants. The book includes a number of graphic photographs taken within minutes of the actual event, along with the authors personal photos of bears and other Alaskan wildlife.”

Alaska at the Spawn

B'ar Yarns
”a collection of memoirs from the childhood of Eugene Pitts who lived in the Florida Panhandle in the early 1900's. The stories contain accurate information about pioneer life and are set in the framework of a grandmother telling the stories about her father to her grandchildren. The stories are educational and didactic and can be used to teach children about their heritage.”


Nature Survival, War, and other Hardship

Lost in the Middle of Civilization
Short story about a kayaker stranded close to home.

God's Mistake
Indepth plot, see link (too tired to synopsize!)

Abandoned Unknowingly

Where the Dead Men Lost Their Bones
”follows a handful of American GI's as they trudge through northern France in the week following D-Day. “

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

The Platukin Gambit
”Did the Soviet Union die or did it merely change its shape and name. The Platukin Gambit explores the cunning and miscalculations of Vladimir Platukin, Premier of the Soviet Union, who plans an intricate scenario to bring down the West, with the help of China and Japan.”

Kwajalein Stories
”Post World War Two cold war espionage centering on atomic research and weapons testing at Bikini Atoll in 1946.”

Tracking The Lion (The Scarlet Four thriller series)
”an action-packed novel following covert operative Kyle Harris from his home base in Northern Virginia, through the streets of Trieste, Italy and the snowy Alps of Austria, in his quest to stop a greedy businessman from single-handedly depleting the world’s food supply.”

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

”The apocalypse came as a whisper. Mother Nature had been sending signs for three years, but most didn't pay attention until she pulled the plug on everything. Nobody will forget where they were and what they were doing at 8:13 on that morning. They're all still waiting for 8:14. Well, at least the ones that have made it so far. He was stuck in Atlanta traffic, making his way to work, when the world fell silent. His car, his radio, his phone, his watch, anything that needed a spark, a battery, or an outlet died. The silence didn't last long and neither did she. He didn't know if the yellow sundress was the first to die, but he does know that she wasn't the last. Not even close. As aircraft fell out of the sky, panicked drivers lost control in the fast lane, and pace makers stopped keeping their rhythms, he got out of his car and popped the trunk. Most didn't pay attention, but he did. And he knew what was coming. Three years earlier during the first city-wide blackout in Atlanta, …It took less than an hour after the event for society to start its disintegration. He made a promise to himself never to feel that helpless again. He wasn't a soldier or a cop, but he was one of the few that did have a plan. Get out of the city, get away from people, and don't hesitate. “

2020: Episode 1 (The Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Saga)
Shorter ”Who thought that January 1, 2020 would be the start of the end? Not Logan Pollock. …but in one instant, in one second, all that changed as he, along with everyone else, witnessed something so horrific and terrifying that life would never be the same ever again. …Follow Logan and his brother Kenneth as they meet an ex-army fellow who has now turned survivalist and get involved in a dangerous and deadly quest to rescue a young girl who is trapped in San Francisco, which is now under the control of ruthless gangs.”

More Sci-Fi-or-Fantasy-ish

Redeeming the Aftermath
”What if humanity survives? This book develops and explores a new society. Their purpose is to allow the Earth to recover and to once again re-inhabit the Earth. …The exploration of the Earth and the changes to their society examine the human endeavor and the means necessary to ensure the future of humanity.”

Rise of the Mutants (The Earthfire Series)
”In the year 2084, Earth is faced with massive overpopulation, food and water shortages and extreme weather events caused by global warming. Megacities are struggling to feed and house their restless and hungry citizens….”

Just Reading

And This Is My Adopted Daughter

Australia's Strangest Mysteries #2

When I Married My Mother: A Daughter's Search for What Really Matters - and How She Found It Caring for Mama Jo
”enhanced e-book of the 2009 hardcover edition that has been embraced by book clubs, transplanted Yankees, Southerners, religious and hospice organizations, and high school and college classrooms. Bonus material includes a Q&A with Ms. Maeder, caregiving tips, a guide for reading groups and classrooms, and two videos.”
”Jo Maeder was a not-so-young DJ on a decidedly youth-driven New York City radio station (Z100) when a series of crises led her to do the unthinkable: leave New York City for the Bible Belt – “Greensboring,” North Carolina – to care for her estranged, eccentric “Mama Jo.” Everyone predicted Operation Mama Jo would be a disaster. Jo’s therapist suspected Rescuer Syndrome – and her mother could not be rescued. Jo’s friends staged an intervention. Even Mama Jo, who had been a distant presence in Jo’s life for three decades, had her doubts. …”

Love Is Always: A True Story of a Man and Woman's Challenge to Catholicism's Forbidden World of the Married Priesthood

Edmund Persuader
very highly rated. See link; reviews have more specific description than description.

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