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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free Books Available Feb 6, 2013

Please see above for how to read these books without a Kindle, and the sidebar at right (under the “Follow by Email” button) for a quick explanation of this blog. Have fun getting new books! :) May I suggest that you check daily so you don't miss all those available for only 24 hours?

Many of yesterday's books will still be free, so if you missed checking then, it's still worth a visit, as you may pick up some gems that way.

 If you are coming here on a later date than February 6, please check the most recent list for today's books: Main Page.   (Some of the books below may still be available. Most are free for 1 or 2 days but sometimes they are free longer.)

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Non-Kindle free book link:

Physics Central Superhero Activity Books  "What could be more exciting than superheroes solving physics problems? "
      [I found this link at Homeschool Freebie of the Day, which is worth checking daily as they often have PDF downloads of old books for children and other resources.]


An Island Between Two Shores


General Self-Sufficiency and Survival

Doomsday Prepping Crash Course: The Ultimate Preppers Guide to Getting Prepared When You're on a Tight Budget

Confessions Of A Prepper: How How To Plan And Protect Your Family And Friends During Any Disaster

Water Purification: The Definitive Guide to Water Purification, Storage, and Acquisition

Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

Landscaping for Repelling Deer (Specialty Garden Series)

Growing BBQ Spices in a Garden (Specialty Garden Series)

Homemade Cosmetics: Over 100 Recipes You Can Make at Home

Raised Bed Gardening - Growing The Easy Way (How to build a raised bed and grow vegetables with minimum fuss)
has a low review, but seems the book isn’t bad, just pretty minimal.

The Art of Frugal: Feeding a Family on a Budget

K.I.S.S. The Homesteaders / Smallholders 'Quick Bites' Guidebook - Canning & Food Preservation (K.I.S.S Quick Bites)
”an outline only of the popular methods used to preserve food of all kinds,”

HOUSE CLEANING TIPS: How to Clean and Declutter Your Home Fast

Camel Crochet Basic Instruction Book
Apparently more of an intro to the craft rather than patterns or how tos. May inspire one to do more research?


Your Death Book: A Practical Guide to Assembling the Information Your Family Will Need if You're Ever in an Accident, Missing, or Dead



Every Item on Sale: How to Slash Your Grocery Bill By Over 50%

How To Get Out Of Debt - A Biblical Approach To Living Debt-Free

Fairy Tales From The I.R.S.

How to Fight NWO Economics: My Predictions For Housing Bubbles


The Ultimate Personal Finance Book Bundle (Debt Management, Credit Scores, and More!)

Education (Self, Home, School)

25 Things They Should Have Taught You In Medic School... But Didn't


Winter On The Farm (Noisy Farm - A Beautifully Illustrated Children's Picture Book, Perfect Bedtime Story)

History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Sacagawea

History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of John F. Kennedy

Jellyfish (An "I Love Reading" Level 2 Reader)

Cute Alphabet (Early Learning)

The College Student's Guide To: Picking the Right Major


The Early Renaissance - Study Guide (Art History For Beginners)

How to Write a Great Essay in 8 Hours or Less: A Very Easy Guide

Learning ABC's With Puppies: An Alphabet Book and a Picture Book Featuring Adorable Puppies

ABC Book for Kids: Alphabet of ZOO ANIMALS for Kids - Learn Alphabet Letters and Zoo Animals for Age 1 to 5 (Alphabet Books for Children Picture Books Photo Series)

Baby Animals (Amazing Flash Cards)

Kindergarten Sight Words: Level 1 (A Kindergarten Sight Word Book)

True Accounts

Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story
Abuse, addiction

Til Death Do Us Part - Love Letters From the Civil War

Short Stories From Rural Scotland
”Family gathered around the kitchen table after the evening meal, where the only lighting was paraffin lamps or candles, this was a time to talk about the activities of the day and often provided an ideal setting for the story tellers in the family. It was also a time of much laughter and board games. How very different from todays world where things have changed at such a disturbing pace.”

Cowboy Ace - The Life Adventures of David Wilhelm - An Autobiography
“From his days riding horses and driving cattle... to his days flying over Europe during World War II. To his days of raising a family and living the good life...”

Running Free - Breaking Out From Locked-In Syndrome
Check price. Not free in Canada. ”Super-fit young mother-of-three Kate Allatt’s life was torn apart when she became locked in her own body after suffering a massive stroke caused by a blood clot to her brainstem. Left totally paralysed and unable to speak, her chances of survival were 50/50 and doctors said she would never walk or talk again. She wanted to die. But her family and best friends willed her to live and with their love and support she channelled her sense of fun and fighting spirit into making a miracle recovery that amazed medical experts. Using a letter chart Kate blinked the words “I will walk again”. Soon she was moving her thumb and communicating with the world via Facebook. Eight months later she said goodbye to nurses and walked out of hospital to return home and start training for her first run.”

Red Steel: Soviet Tanks and Combat Vehicles of the Cold War


Nature Survival, War, and other Hardship

An Island Between Two Shores
Many excellent reviews. ”Trapped on a desolate arctic island, Liana is pushed to the edge and must face her elemental fears. It is a haunting tale of the biting physical toil survival often requires. Graham Wilson simultaneously strips down the American adventure novel while broadening its concerns to encompass themes of compassion and belonging. It is a universal tale told with a simplicity and directness rarely seen today. An Island Between Two Shores is an unforgettable story of hope and possibility.”
Review: “"The story is so well told, by turns poetic and brutal, that it has huge emotional impact, gripping the reader from start to finish. I was very impressed at the depth of emotion that the author could lead me to feel for the central character in such a short, 148 page novel, and I know that I will not forget Liana and her struggle to survive whatever the cost for a long time.”

Young Reader's Edition - The Diary of Joshua Samuel Talmadge (Angel's Bend Young Reader's Edition)
“Follow the story of the tall, handsome young man, Joshua Talmadge, as he finds adventure, danger and love in the old west. Joshua loves his horse, his life as a wilderness guide and his mountain home, … faces wild animals and wild men with courage and strength.” Family-friendly & written by a Christian.

Days In Hell (Heroes Of War)
Short. “the story of Robert as he is thrown into the harsh reality of the Vietnam War. He is thrown into the fight of his life and will do whatever it takes to make it back home to his family.”

”Katrina Rising is an uplifting story of a family’s struggle to find one another in the chaos of a national disaster and ordinary life interrupted.”

The Island of Two Skulls
Youth. “In 1809, shipwrecked orphans try to survive as they face murderous privateers, runaway slaves, revolutions, sea battles, and a greedy captain’s scheme to steal treasure.”

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

Encrypted: An Action-Packed Techno-Thriller
”A code written in unbreakable Angelic script. The resurgence of the Black Death. Can an FBI Agent and the Robin Hood Hacker save the world from another Dark Ages?” Review: "Dan Brown blinked and Carolyn McCray took over. Encrypted is the best thing that I've read in the thriller genre, hands down. It's got history, mysticism, shadowy organizations manipulating world events… “

Hell City
”Al-Qaida isn’t dead — yet! That’s what counter-terrorism task-force commander Jack Oldham believes as he tracks a new generation of American-born jihadists through a post-bin-Laden world. In “Hell City,” New York is ground zero once again as the former NYPD homicide dick and his crack but colorful crew patrol a maddening world of clues that takes them through the grittiest precincts of the city, the back roads of America, the lawless regions of Pakistan, the faceless chat rooms of the Internet and the dark corridors of the military-intelligence complex…”

The Twelfth Imam is still free today. I mention it because Jim left a comment yesterday. “Wow! It was tremendous to get 'The Twelfth Imam' by Joel C. Rosenberg for free. I really liked what I have seen of his writing (Epicenter, about Jerusalem).” Thanks for the feedback!

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

The Mother Makers & The Population Purge
”two short dystopia stories: The Mother Makers and The Population Purge. The Mother Makers: It’s the year 2021, and things are getting messy. The world is becoming over-populated. With what, you may ask? With uncontrollable, uneducated teenagers. The blame? The parents. The government have introduced a new scheme to solve this problem: The Mother Makers. The Mother Makers are ruthless, and they only care about one thing. Money. The Population Purge: With over 9.4 billion people inhabiting the earth in the year 2064, desperate times call for desperate measures. Resources are diminishing and war is inevitable. Who will survive the population purge?”

The Inner Circle (Comet Clement series, #1)
Book 1 of 12. ‘A century later, another comet - this one hundreds of times bigger and more powerful - encounters a black hole in deep space and is pushed onto a new, deadly course leading straight to Earth... A small group of humans - including the President of the United States, a former astronaut and a middle school science teacher - discovers the existence of this potentially deadly comet and keep its existence hidden from the rest of the world. Although the group - which calls itself the Inner Circle - has twelve years to deal with the problem, they will need every second of that time. Not only must they figure out a way to avert this crisis, they must also start to make plans in case they can't avoid a catastrophe that could annihilate humankind... “

Respect 2020
"Set in the not too distant future, violence, lawlessness and hopelessness have turned the inner cities into no go areas made up of ghettos where ruthless criminals rule the streets while facing no consequences for their actions, a new and controversial government is elected, crime rates are dropping and control is being reinstated. But, what is going on behind the walls of the inaccessible, new generation holding centres, and who is behind the masks of the enforcers of ...the proposition that forms the governments ideology of ‘the perfect society’?. ...this fast moving and thought provoking novel ... suggests a string of possibilities for better or worse, living under a dictatorship..."

The Bailout
“dystopian thriller set in the very near future…When the banks crashed again in 2012, the shockwaves led to countries and even continents failing. A mysterious, Far-East consortium's bailout of the UK leaves small town newspaper journalist Rob wondering at what cost. Printing his own paper telling the truth, Rob is captured and taken along with four other dissidents to a labour camp. Escaping on the way they run, eventually joining forces with other escapees. Eventually recaptured, they're taken to a labour camp and find out the consortium's real aims. Determined to make a difference, they engineer a stand against the consortium.”

More Sci-Fi-or-Fantasy-ish

Silicon Succession
”Iain has woken up to find the sky has turned red and does not know the meaning behind it. This marks the beginning of a series of bizarre events in the modern world that seem to draw him deeper into a web of intrigue that has global consequences. Unseen forces are making a play to reshape the structure of society. It seems Iain has a definite role to play in this. Does he have a choice and can he influence the outcome?”

Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse
”In a satirical combination of two end-of-the-world scenarios, a zombie plague is quickly followed by an alien invasion - in a time when humanity is already struggling with vampires. “


Homesteading (Back to Basics Guides)
“Who doesn't want to shrink their carbon footprint, save money, and eat homegrown food whenever possible? Even readers who are very much on the grid will embrace this large, fully-illustrated guide on the basics of living the good, clean life. It's written with country lovers in mind—even those who currently live in the city.Whether you live in the city, the suburbs, or even the wilderness, there is plenty you can do to improve your life from a green perspective. Got sunlight? Start container gardening. With a few plants, fresh tomatoes, which then become canned tomato sauce, are a real option. Reduce electricity use by eating dinner by candlelight (using homemade candles, of course). Learn to use rainwater to augment water supplies. Make your own soap and hand lotion. Consider keeping chickens for the eggs. From what to eat to supporting sustainable restaurants to avoiding dry cleaning, this book offers information on anything a homesteader needs—and more.”

Print List Price:$24.95    Previous Kindle price:$3.99 (according to the book watching program I use)
Current price: $3.19

Just Reading
Reunion: A Search for Ancestors
A real-life account. “An anonymous letter reveals the first clues about his family story, and soon those clues lead to country graveyards, long-lost cousins, and a shocking DNA discovery. And as one hint follows the next, he uncovers his place in a tragic struggle--a tale of heartbreak, betrayal, and unfailing strength.”

Manhattan Murder Mystery
”an enthralling true life crime story. Meticulously researched and brilliantly told it is as gripping as any thriller - and twice as chilling because every word is true. “

The Splintered Circle - A Dorset & Channel Island WWII Mystery
“A German soldier reaching the end of his life. A strange loner who takes cash for any work with no questions asked. The niece of an elderly lady whose sudden death on the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey opens doors closed long ago. THE SPLINTERED CIRCLE is an historical mystery which unfolds through the eyes of these characters. Set mainly in contemporary Britain and the Channel Islands, the book features detailed reflective pieces about Guernsey's Occupation during World War II. Travel the UK with the characters as the mystery …is solved!”

Hope in the Battle (Family Ties)
Christian fiction taking place during the American Civil War. Author has high reviews on her other works.

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