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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Free Books Available Feb 3, 2013

Please see above for how to read these books without a Kindle, and the sidebar at right (under the “Follow by Email” button) for a quick explanation of this blog. Have fun getting new books! :) May I suggest that you check daily so you don't miss all those available for only 24 hours?

Many of yesterday's books will still be free, so if you missed checking then, it's still worth a visit, as you may pick up some gems that way.

 If you are coming here on a later date than February 2, please check the most recent list for today's books: Main Page.   (Some of the books below may still be available. Most are free for 1 or 2 days but sometimes they are free longer.)



Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

Growing Plants Indoors; Create Your Own Indoor Garden With These Gardening Tips For Hydroponic Gardening, Herb Gardens, Humidity, Lighting, and More

Raised Bed Gardening; Build Your Own Raised Bed Garden With These Gardening Tips For Finding The Best Soil, Designing Your Garden, Creating Compost, And More

Tomato Container Gardening: 7 Easy Steps To Healthy Harvests from Small Spaces

So Simple Crochet Hats: Baby Frog Hat

25 Winter Craft Ideas: Easy Indoor Crafts for Kids (Seasonal Craft Ideas)

Pinkie Jane Designs Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern eBook (The Children's Collection)


The Best Exercises for Seniors (Fit Expert Series - Book 12)

Food & Sleep: How What You Eat Affects How You Sleep: Learn How to Sleep Better, Eat Healthier and Feel Refreshed

The Day I Stopped Taking Vitamins


Principled Action, Lessons from the Origins of the American Republic

Ideas, Quotes, & Writings From The Founding Fathers (The Founding Fathers Series)

Mayan Calendar Prophecies: The Complete Collection of 2012 Predictions and Prophecies

Education (Self, Home, School)

Improve Brain Power; Increase Your Capabilities With These Hands-On Brain Training Strategies

Four Leaf Luck (A Small Lesson on the Big Value of Hard Work) (The Sally Series)

My First Big Alphabet Book: Animals, Fruits and Vegetables from A-Z (Beginner Series: Book 2)

GRE Math for Winners - Indices, Percentages, Mixtures, Ratios, Profit & Loss, Speed & Distance


Dear Christian Graduate
”fresh reminders and timeless advice for the young man or woman about to embark on a journey into the adult world that’s not always an easy and nice place to work or live. “

Arithmetic Operations with MATLAB (Taken from "MATLAB for Beginners: A Gentle Approach")

Guitar Scales and Modes

I succeed, You succeed, We succeed- Using success stories in school (The KatomCoaching series- everyday coaching for educators)

Improv for Teaching Foreign Languages

The International Voice Tribune's World Quiz Master/ Mathematics (Set-3/ Mathematics)

The Ultimate Guide to GMAT Math - Indices, Percentages, Mixtures, Ratios, Profit & Loss, Speed & Distance

How to Raise Non-fiction Reading Levels

My First Spanish Book - The Family / La Familia (Mi Primer Libro. Learning Spanish for Kids)

True Accounts

You Called 9-1-1 For What?

Not My Children: A True Story of CPS and Government Funded Kidnappers

SNAP SHOTS FROM HIGH GROUND - Fishing & Hunting Stories from South & Central Africa

Colorado's Cherokee Trail
Stories of “adventurers: of the nomadic Indian, the Spanish soldier, the Rocky Mountain fur trapper, the Indian trader, the explorer, the dragoon from Fort Leavenworth, and the gold seeker lured west during the great Pike’s Peak Gold Rush.”

To Whom It May Concern: a memoir of a foster child
Author went on to be involved in advocacy for abused women and children.


Nature Survival, War, and other Hardship

The War Effort
”A comedy in 1940's Home Front Britain. As bombs fall on the Northern town of Sheffield there is a war between the sexes being waged between two couples. Haughty Patricia and clean freak Angela attempt to prove they have what it takes to defend their country, that is until they encounter the big gun. Meanwhile their husbands, the miserable George and space cadet William discover that serving cake can be a deadly business.”

Midwife : Liza
“LIZA is the first book in the MIDWIFE series, which tells the story of midwives, women and childbirth in England from medieval to modern times.”

Mystery from the diary of an early settler from Cornwall to America in 1835.

Nothing Hidden
”…describes a way of life that has all but vanished and exposes the dark underside of that life: secrets upon secrets, buried for years in the unmarked grave of rural history. But by the end of our journey, nothing is left hidden at all."

The Crash of 5201
”t over twice the size of Texas, Alaska is home to seven mountain ranges and over three million lakes. With the exception of a few prospectors and mountain men, most of Alaska has never been touched or explored. Three airmen survive a deadly plane crash in interior Alaska. But, can they survive this hostile wilderness of Alaska, and find their way home, or will their names be added to the countless other names lost forever in this vast no mans land?”

Whispers in the Hearts of Men
” a provocative account of historian Richard Chambers’ ordeal as a victim of kidnap in the Middle-East and his reactions to the hopeless and desperate situation.”

A Seed Falls On Okinawa - A Soldier's Story

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

The Initiative: A Medical Thriller (A Cassandra Williams Investigation)
”Cassandra Williams of the CDC was sent directly from a major outbreak of Anthrax in Astrakhan to a frightening outbreak in New York. Could the two be related? Did the peculiar profile of the disease indicate germ warfare? With the help of Richland Powell, the junior Senator from New York, Cassandra struggles to identify the cause of the outbreak and a race against time to prevent the disease from killing millions of New Yorkers. She must battle not only terrorists bent on deploying an Anthrax weapon, but government killers determined to prevent her from identifying the US Government as the source of the anthrax.”

End Times (Short Journey Books)
”An eilte and all powerful secret society is hellbent on wiping most of the worlds population or 'sheeple' as they call them, only two bright young men stand in their way and and total anihilation of the working and middle classes.”

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

Sun Day
”Last day for a father and his children as the Earth moves towards the sun. (Short Story)”

The Carver
Short. “Young M had flouted the law to make a declaration of love. But in this modern-gothic world, where the trees are suddenly and catastrophically dying off, the purity of his gesture will be lost amid the torpor and aimlessness of the end of the world.”

More Sci-Fi-or-Fantasy-ish

”Set in the near future, d.evolution fast forwards some of the technologies we use today and presents a time where it is commonplace for people to have neural implants and continually interact with artificial intelligence on a personal level. The story engages with some of the ideas George Orwell first put forward in Nineteen Eighty-Four and updates the technology that Big Brother uses to control the people. In d.evolution, Big Brother isn’t just watching you, Big Brother is inside your head.”

Exodus: Mike's Thread
”… the day that the US President ordered a nuclear strike, and the military mutinied in response, saying that he was insane and not fit to hold office. The resulting maelstrom swept many of the technorati off the surface of planet earth and into orbit, onto the moon and beyond. Very few of us had foreseen anything like this in advance, nor the technological dark age that followed, at least for those on the planetary surface. …” Short story from point of view of the field commander of the US Space Command forces in orbit.

Nuclear Mission
”…Suddenly, a series of political and military crises sends the world into a dangerous spin, derailing Reynolds’ campaign. Mysterious vehicles in space – thought to be of Russian or Chinese origin – interfere with US nuclear-armed submarines. The Israeli Premier disappears. The military forces of North and South Korea lose all their wheeled vehicles and air forces. The Russian Premier and his generals remain silent inside the Kremlin, while Russian subs creep closer to both US coastlines. The world reels in panic as air-raid sirens go off and ‘nuclear alerts’ appear on all channels and frequencies.”

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