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Monday, February 18, 2013

Free Books Available Feb 18, 2013

The first Preparedness Fair is running now and has several GREAT posts on it.  Check the link below to see them and hopefully learn something new.

I KNOW that of the hundreds of readers here, there are bound to be a number of writers too---please don't wait for someone else to do it--join in and share!
Please see above for how to read these books without a Kindle, and the sidebar at left for a quick explanation of this blog. Have fun getting new books! :) May I suggest that you check daily so you don't miss all those available for only 24 hrs. Many of yesterday's books will still be free, so if you missed checking then, it's still worth a visit, as you may pick up some gems that way.
If you are coming here on a later date than February 18, please check the most recent list for today's books: Main Page. (Some of the books below may still be available. Most are free for 1 or 2 days but sometimes they are free longer.)
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Sliding on the Snow Stone

For Fiction, scroll down…
General Self-Sufficiency and Survival

The Practice of Hurricanes
”Floods, evacuations, business closures, road blocks and finding fish in trees and boats in the road were just a matter of course in Key West those summers, but it wasn't all bad. There were lessons to be had from those storms, too, and ways to go on living in a place that might be blown away before your eyes. This is a personal essay which includes statistical information about those two record-breaking hurricane seasons and a look at popular science, and Key West superstition, concerning the increasing frequency and severity of hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin.”

Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

Container Gardening - 2 Book Bundle: Vegetable Container Gardening - Made Easy; Tomato Container Gardening - The Easy Way To Grow Tomatoes In A Small Space

Make Your Own Instant Oatmeal Mix (Wait, What?? I Can Do That?)

The Art of Making Mineral Makeup (Cosmetic Making)

Declutter Your Home - How To Declutter Your House Like A Professional

Wig Making Made Simple

Hair Extensions Made Simple


A Mothers Guide to Autism & Polar Ends Of The Spectrum:Working examples of Autism from severe to mild

You are not alone: Aspergers and Tourettes a journey to a colourful life of discovery

How To Relieve Students' Pains With One Finger: The Doctors Amazing Secret To Instantly Relieve Stress, Headaches, Memory Loss, Stage Fright...Anywhere.

From the Inside Out: Your Easy to read, Motivational Guide to Natural Pathways used in the fight against Premature Aging

Secrets of BUTCHERS BROOM ROOT - Let Your Body Flow ! (Planet Herbs)

Practical Solutions for Healthcare Management and Policy (Collection)


Leading at a Higher Level, Revised and Expanded Edition: Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations
FT Press

Leadership Training (The First Responder Series)

Unoriginal Misunderstanding: Press Freedom in Early America and Interpretation of the First Amendment


Financial Innovation (Collection) (Wharton School Publishing--Milken Institute Series on Financial Innovations)
”Sustainable, responsible financial innovation: lessons from the crisis, and new paths to global prosperity” From FT Press.

Loans 101: How to get a loan. Pay Less and Get More (Money Managment Series)

Financial Guide For Single Women - 8 Principles on Dealing with Money (Money Management Series)

Financial Guide For Single Mothers - Secure Your Family Welfare (Money Management Series)

Money Management Bundle: The Money's Filthy Secrets No One Talks About

Education (Self, Home, School)

The Memory Cocktail: Fun And Easy Ways To Memorize The First 501 Digits Of Pi Or A Shakespeare Play.

Math Made Simple For Grade Two, Ages 7-8 (Math Made Simple For Grade School)

Third Grade Flashcards and Story (Flashcards for Early Learners)

my first words in hebrew (for kids) according to the abc - over 150 first words

IELTS Interactive self-study: 200 Advanced Vocabulary Questions/ Book 2

Chinese Flash Cards for HSK Level 1: 150 Chinese Vocabulary Words with Pinyin for the new HSK

How To Play Guitar Trilogy A 3 In 1 Learn To Play Guitar Course (Three Beginner to Intermediate Guitar Lesson Courses in One Compilation)

GRE Wordlist - 3861 GRE Words from Vocab Builder Mind Machine (GRE Vocab Builder)

Look and Learn :: ABC (Amazing Flash Cards)

El Alfabeto (Amazing Flash Cards)

Henry VIII: A Very Brief History

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: The History and Legacy of America's Most Famous Debates

Meteors: Picture Book (Educational Children's Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection)

Preposizione (Prepositions) - SET DI BASE - ITALIAN VERSION (Bambino di Vocabolario Costruttore)

The Water Cycle - FULL TEXT EDITION (The Adventure of Water Droplets)

True Accounts

Sliding on the Snow Stone
"It is astonishing that anyone lived this story. It is even more astonishing that anyone survived it. Stefan grows up in the grip of a raging famine. Stalin’s Five Year Plan brings genocide to Ukraine...the true story of Stefan's extraordinary journey across a landscape of hunger, fear and devastating loss. With Europe on the brink of World War Two, Stefan and his family pray they'll survive in their uncertain world.

A childhood in Wartime Battersea


Nature Survival, War, and other Hardship

The Red Pond At Shiloh: A short story

Reprisal: The Callahans Book Five
” Continuing the series into WWII as Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Callahan III faces personal tragedy during the Blitz in London as the war presents a very personal face. As he leaves his Embassy post to return to the United States, America joins Europe in the worldwide conflagration. For the second time in his young life, the son of Thomas and Katrina Callahan finds himself immersed in front-line battle, torn between his duty and the love of a beautiful woman who desires only his safety.”

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

Flooding Hollywood
” pits photographer Mike Scott against a group of fanatics bent on destroying Hollywood.”

Evolve, Part 1: Unintended Consequences
medical research conspiracy/drama

“An Agent on his final mission for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service unseals a document concealed since WWII revealing a shocking truth from the past: that Allied commandos had not thwarted Germany's nuclear bomb development, they had only driven it underground - allowing the creation of a device hundreds of times more powerful than even the atomic bomb eventually dropped on Hiroshima. “

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

The Sun Brings Night
”Join the Geering family as they flee the Invasion of America following a massive solar storm that knocks out power to millions. Civilization is dealt a blow as the Russians and Chinese band together to attack the USA as it reels from a series of high-altitude nuclear explosions, turning off electricity to all of the country. America retaliates, wiping out most of the remaining centers of population. In this horrible new reality, the Geerings must face death, love, loss and uncertainty when they are the target of a daring raid by the invading forces. They must travel far and wide, engaging new friends and enemies in the quest to reuinte with their lost loved ones. Friendships and affairs arise and wane in the dangerous world. The invading forces harbor dark surprises, men engineered to be lethal killing machines. And the commander of the opposition wants to oversee the re-making of America.”

Alone I Walk
”In a not so distant future, a young woman finds herself in an unexpected situation. After the death of her parents, Kaitlyn has distanced herself from society as she prepares for law school. When a storm rolls in and flattens all the homes, new dome shaped houses are erected in their place. Kaitlyn walks the streets of her hometown, looking for answers. Finding one man who can speak her language, she must decide if she can trust him, and accept her new life. Is she dreaming, in a coma, or has has Kaitlyn just survived the end of the world?”

Check price. Not free everywhere. “Sergeant First Class Carl Waters left the army behind before the bomb went off in L.A. He lived off the grid, avoiding the fallout from the bombs and the Burnout Fever that ravaged the world. With the occasional trespasser to keep his skills sharp, life was smooth and settled and exactly how he wanted it. All that changed when three stragglers showed up that he didn't have the heart to turn away. …On the run once again, they must survive the North American badlands, an enemy with unlimited resources, and each other. Ultimately it will come down to Carl to decide just how much he is willing to sacrifice for the safety of his charges.”

The Shelter (A Short Story)
Check price. Not free everywhere. Dystopian short story. ”The world around ten-year-old Sunni Brown is crumbling. War, disease and crushing poverty are everyday realities. For a while, she counts herself amongst the lucky. But will she survive when she's forced to live in an abandoned parking structure?...”

Check price. Not free everywhere. “The year is 2209, and the hour has grown late for the human race. Famine and disease have drastically compounded the misery of a warming planet. With many billions scrambling after the Earth’s depleted resources, a multinational agency known as The Authority has instituted a population-control policy known simply as Labor….”

Elysium. Part One.
Check price. Not free everywhere. ” A Post Apocalyptic Tale of Community and Corruption. 2140 CE For a century the world has been savaged by the S18K4 virus. The Great Pathogen swept across the globe like a planetary cancer. Populations dwindled, societies fell, economies plummeted, and ideologies crumbled. It is now the age of reclamation. Governments strive to take back land and yet, in the south-west of England, their efforts are obstructed. A coastal village has thrived in the intervening years and, secluded from the rest of the world, have grown fearful of what might befall them were they exposed.”

INVASION USA (Book 1) - The End of Modern Civilization
"At exactly midnight on December 31, every electronic device made in China for the last 30 years stops working...Ninety seconds after midnight, the entire electrical grid of North America deactivates itself and goes into close-down mode...It takes only 30 minutes to completely dismantle the whole of modern Western civilization as we know it."

State of Refuge
”In a post-American world, where an oppressive global government blankets all of humanity, the entire prison system has been dismissed in favor of an ungoverned region of forced exile. Commonly called the State of Refuge, the convicts within its boundaries must fend for themselves amidst the violence and anarchy if they hope to survive. When seventeen-year-old Derek Vaskez is wrongly sentenced there, he finds himself caught up in a conspiracy much larger than he could ever imagine….”

Above with Sci-Fi or Fantasy Elements

Interception & The New Space Race (Comet Clement series, #2 & #3) (The Comet Clement series)
parts 2 and 3 of series of 12, about the 12 years to prepare for a comet hitting earth.

Just Reading

PERCEPTION (Perception Series)
Check price; not free everywhere.  Youth. First in series of novels that "take place in the not too distant future in a world changed by climate extremes, natural disasters and impending wars, and where scientific breakthroughs cause class divisions--both financially and philosophically. It explores the clash between faith and science and how differences can separate us as enemies or ally us together. And in some cases, even in the midst of betrayal and personal crisis, there's room to fall in love."

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