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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Free Books Available Jan 27, 2013

Please see above for how to read these books without a Kindle, and the sidebar at right (under the “Follow by Email” button) for a quick explanation of this blog. Have fun getting new books! :) May I suggest that you check daily so you don't miss all those available for only 24 hours?

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(Some of the books below may still be available. Most are free for 1 or 2 days but sometimes 
they are free longer.)


General Self-Sufficiency and Survival

Turkey Hunting Tactics

25 Things Every Sailor Needs (and why)

Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

How to Dye Natural Fabrics Using Food Or Cold Water Dyes To Create Vibrant Colors And Designs: (Dye Fabric - Sew Silk)

How to Hand Cane a Chair Seat

Planting Tomatoes (Tips Before You Begin)

How I Built My Own Four-Wheel Bicycle

How to Make Homemade Cat Food: Easy Recipes and Advice on Feeding Your Cat a Natural Diet

4 Crochet Wrist Warmer Patterns


Sweetly Seduced: Why We Can't Say No to Sugar (Weight Loss Questions and Answers)

Healing Movement: Basic Joint Mobility Exercises

YAWN YOUR BACK PAIN AWAY TM : A method of teaching how the back works to avoid back and neck pain

Ear Pain

Activities for the Senior Mind: Keeping Your Brain Exercised and Sharp

Adopting Your Parents: What to Know Before Taking the Plunge
Caring for aging parents and the financial cost


Emotional Orphans: Healing Our Throwaway Children
From professional review: “n this wonderful book, Cate Shepherd describes her clinical work and gives us moving accounts of her inspiring successes and her heartbreaking failures. She also opens up her own trauma history, and allows us to see how the wounds carried by the healer play an indispensable role in the process of healing itself. This book should be read by every student and clinician who seeks to open the darkness of mistrust to the power of human understanding and connection."

Electronic Wasteland: Emerging from the Ruins of the Information Age

Mayan Calendar Prophecies: Predictions for 2012-2052




The above three books include free software.

How to Implement Debt Management that Works (Sensible Financial Planning Series)

Education (Self, Home, School)

Getting Your ADHD Child to the Aha! Moment: Effective School and Homework Strategies

How to Learn and Memorize Spanish Vocabulary ... Using a Memory Palace Specifically Designed for the Spanish Language (and adaptable to many other languages too) (Magnetic Memory Series)

How to Draw Jungle Animals (Draw Draw Series)

I Can Draw :: Fruits and Vegetables (5 Step Drawing)


Sight Word Book Level 1: 100 Sight Words Book Two (A Kid's Sight Words Book)

Your Tools for Superintelligence (Mega Brain Power Series)

Power Modeling: Teaching Kids to Write (Effective Teaching Solutions Professional Learning Series)

Learn to Speak Chinese III: Numbers the Key to Life (An Overview of Numbers, Time, and Money featuring Chinese Characters, PinYin, and English Dialogues)

Plan Monitor Evaluate Using the Tracking Table (The KatomCoaching series everyday coaching for educators)

Math 4 Kids: Teach your kid math today


An Atom of Ambition: Taking Charge of Your Education

Addition Math Skills Challenge (Math Challenge Series)

Math Superstars Subtraction Level 3 (Essential Math Facts)

True Accounts

Memories of an Iowa Farm Boy
”This book describes my experiences as a young boy growing up in western Iowa during the 1940’s and early 1950’s. Money was scarce in those days. Some of the houses we lived in had no electricity, no phone, no running water. Sometimes I went to bed a little bit hungry. Sometimes I had holes in my shoes and no winter coat or mittens. All in all it was a hard life, but I loved it. There were fish to catch and animals to feed, friends to grow up with, and an extended family to become a part of.“

”In 1941 I was deported with my parents from Prague to the Lodz Ghetto in Poland. Within one year my parents died. I was 13 years old, alone to fend for myself. The three years that followed found me fighting for survival in a series of concentration camps, a labour camp and a Death March across snow covered Germany. Being hungry and weak, we struggled to put one foot in front of the other. What kept us going was the hope of a night's rest an sleep. We never knew where that would be, if at all.On the 15th of March, after a week in a coal waggon, without any food or drink we arrived at our destination”

The Pike's Peakers
”The Pike’s Peakers were the fortune hunters of the late 1850’s, the men and women who rushed to the Front Range of the Rockies in search of gold. Taken collectively, they were a vast throng more than 100,000 strong; taken individually, however, they were simply the colorful characters of the great Pike’s Peak Gold Rush…”

The Princess of Kosovo
Short. “former 82nd Airborne paratrooper Brendan Walsh powerfully composes his short, heartfelt memoir about trying to keep the peace in a merciless, war-torn town and the little girl he befriends while serving there. Far from your common war memoir, Walsh drags you into the rubble-strewn streets of Kamenica where assassinations and firefights are daily occurrences and introduces Majlinda, a sweet little girl with a story and a dream.”

LEGIONNAIRE MACKENZIE Harmony in Modern Warfare
”Through equatorial rainforests, torrid deserts and sub-Saharan war zones, LEGIONNAIRE MACKENZIE reveals the shocking realities of serving in the illustrious French Foreign Legion and the inevitable shortcomings of fulfilling a childhood dream. It is about striving to be the best and self-preservation, bravery coupled with ignorance, fear provoking self-confidence, promotion complementing subservience and killing or being killed. This book offers a profound insight into the carefully moulded mindset of elite soldiers in the 21st century and unabashedly divulges the very essence of war.”


Nature Survival, War, and other Hardship

Ripe Chokecherry Moon
frontier action novel that centers around the fur trade wars, includes love story and some survival in woods. See link for plot.

To the End of the Trail
”the story of a small group of settlers, following their path to what is now Nebraska in the late 1830s and experiences over three generations. As well as dramatising their experiences of changing events - in particular through their links with the Skidi Pawnee - it focuses on the pivotal role of the women in their successes, hardships and their individual and collective relationships.”
From review: “Roberts artfully portrays the extreme trials and tribulations of Feargal, Meg and their descendants, which began with the fight for Irish independence and ended with the civil war in America. This beautiful story spans three generations of a family in search of freedom and a better life.”

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

The Orlando File : - A page-turning, fast-paced Medical Conspiracy Thriller - BOOK ONE (Updated and Revised Edition Sept 2012)

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

Angel Of The City
”The last city on Earth is an overcrowded, festering metropolis of segregated quarters and ancient, ethnic hatreds. It is a city on the edge of starvation, slowly succumbing to the creeping death that has choked off the rest of the world. When the leader of a nascent resistance movement is captured by the government, a nameless, brain-damaged thief is hired to rescue her. It's a suicide mission and he knows it, but it's a job he can't refuse. And if he can get her out, then what? Where do you go, when there is no place to go? How can you hide in a city tearing itself apart in a wholesale ethnic cleansing? What drives a man to keep fighting, when he knows the terrible truth the future holds? Angel Of The City is a story of hope and survival in a broken world.”

Lost In Juarez
“Britain in the 21st century. They know who you are. They know where you’ve been. They know what you’re thinking. Now one man will stand against them. But how can he win when everyone around him is dying and the security services already know his next move? ” A poke at freedoms lost with convenience gained.

State of Refuge
”In a post-American world, where an oppressive global gov-ernment blankets all of humanity, the entire prison system has been dismissed in favor of an ungoverned region of forced exile. Commonly called the State of Refuge, the convicts within its boundaries must fend for themselves amidst the violence and anarchy if they hope to survive. When seventeen-year-old Derek Vaskez is wrongly sentenced there, he finds himself caught up in a conspiracy much larger than he could ever imagine. He alone pos-sesses something that many ruthless people are searching for and would kill to obtain—something so valuable that it could change the entire world as he knows it.”

The Walls of Samwel
”In this dystopian sci-fi novel we are introduced to Samwel, the business that owns and controls every single element of the country Independence, and Anders, the man who aims to keep it that way. Read on as a group of individuals challenge that control, having their own views of how a society should function, and ask yourself the question, How much freedom do you really want?”

More Sci-Fi-or-Fantasy-ish

The Last Iceberg
Future dystopia drama. “Bet you're glad we survived global warming – not that I'm blaming you. That apocalyptic stuff made us think, I mean, what's the point of going to war if a mass hurricane could come along any time and stomp you? No, we're all one big happy family now – the Global State Alliance. Anyhow that's the theory. We've got everything in Capa, plenty to eat – if you happen to like tabs! Work for all – in your colour band. Somewhere to live – in your status zone….” See link for plot


PLAGUE, The Release
“A war weary veteran, Chris Owens, returns to his apartment after his team's mission in rural Western Maryland. The mission to find and secure a contaminated soldier appeared successful, but the situation quickly spirals out of control as the uncontained virus spreads at an astounding rate. As death spreads across the landscape, it has an even more ghastly consequence and small groups of everyday people try to survive. A father and his two children witness the destruction and death from the distance of their remote cabin, but they are not insusceptible to the onslaught of the virus. A woman and her elderly father avoid the quarantines and roadblocks to escape the city only to find death encroaching in the countryside. As these few survivors band together in a world where they are the minority, their survival is measured in hours. Chris deals with his own demons while attempting to avoid the ever growing number of infected who relentlessly pursue the survivors; his mission: to keep everyone alive long enough to find asylum or answers. Time is quickly running out.”

Just Reading
Saiera - Despair and Defiance behind the Burqa
”This story of an Afghan woman is a traumatic tale. The reader shares the optimistic plans of a young girl, her hopes and her youthful optimism - all of which are successively dashed by a repressive society dominated by men. The fate experienced by Saiera, which is unfortunately still typical for Afghanistan and other countries dominated by Islam, shows how far women in this culture are still away from equal rights and fair treatment. The Afghan author Ahmadullah Rahmani dedicates this book to all women who are humiliated, oppressed and tortured and have no opportunity to lead a life of dignity.”

The Deep and Snowy Wood (Christmas Picture Book)
Many high reviews. A rare professional children’s book, “beautifully artistic”



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