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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free Books Available Jan 12, 2013

Please see the new poll at the right! And please leave a comment if there’s a type of book you’d like to see that I don’t usually list. Except Zombies.  :)

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(Some of the books below may still be available. Most are free for 1 or 2 days but sometimes 
they are free longer.)


General Self-Sufficiency and Survival

Firefighting From Within
”Do you really know how to successfully master tough times?... Or do you give up, become depressed or desperate? Everyone will face some sort of tough time, fighting fires with adversity, limitations, discrimination or many other conflicts as they seek to bring about success in their life. ...We suggest you can learn, experience and create a way to apply the information in this book by taking action on it. You will find yourself being able to succeed by moving forward. Once you take action on what you have learned from this book, when crisis conflicts occur, because your responses will already be prepared, it will allow you to solve your issues or circumstances.”

How to Hunt Deer Up Close: With Bows, Rifles, Muzzleloaders and Crossbows

Homesteading Handbook Guide On Self Sufficiency Everything You Need To Know Growing Your Own Food In Your Back Yard Homesteading 101
Not sure how everything you need to know can be put in 39 pages, but perhaps a fair bit can. At least the author apparently has homesteaded.

Homesteading Self Sufficiency - An Interactive Games Quiz Book

Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

Use Your Loaf: How to bake bread at home and get perfect results

Vitamins, Minerals and their natural sources

The Dog Food Doctrine: The Shocking Truth About Your Canine's Cuisine

Practical Household Uses of Bicarbonate of Soda
Practical Household Uses of Lemon
Practical Household Uses of Salt
Practical Household Uses of Vinegar
Practical Household Uses of Honey

QuikGuide to: Borax

Clutter Elimination : A Comprehensive Guide On Elimination Clutter From Your Life

Crafty Girls Talk


Advanced Bodyweight Exercises: An Intense Full Body Workout In A Home Or Gym

Best Back Exercises for Women (Fit Expert Series)

First Aid For Your Menopause Emotions

Treating Depression: A Balanced Approach

Effective Martial Arts Training with No Equipment or Partner vol. 1: Functional strength, Balance and Explosive power

Coping with Prostate Cancer - Prevention and Cure of Man's Most Common Cancer (Boomer Book Series)

Easy As Blood Glucose Control (Easy As Human Physiology)


Mental Toughness: (Quickly Master Your Mind & Dominate Your Opponents)

Create Your Own Conspiracy Theory
”Still looking for that exiting new career? Looking to become a highly-paid author and/or talk-show guest? Think you might enjoy becoming a six-figure 'Consultant' to the film/book industry? Or maybe even to the 'Government?' If so, then try your hand a making-up a brand new conspiracy theory -- it's easy! Just follow the few simple rules contained within this short ebook!” :D

Was also free last week for a bit. About, or partly about, the money system and unrepayable debt. Warning—I don’t know who they say the culprit is

Education (Self, Home, School)

Basic Concepts in Biology Book 1 - Cells and Cell Processes (Basic Introductions)

The Reptile Game: The Fun Way to Learn About Reptiles

ADHD and College: 25 Questions Answered (WHAT IF IT'S)

How to Succeed in Anesthesia School (And RN, PA, or Med School)

Exam Grade Booster

The College Field Manual: A Young Adult's Guide to Faith, Finances, and Education

A Question of Biology - 2nd Edition
”Comprising over 300 pages; this book aims to introduce the reader to Biology at an advanced level and to be used in addition to the text book I am sure you already own. I feel that text books embed the principles too deeply in the text and that these principles are the key to understanding Biology - and to success in exams - which is what most of you will be wanting!”

Games for Kids: 50 Easy Indoor or Outdoor Games for Your Children to Have Fun Require Nothing or Little Equipment for Every Child Aged 2 and Up - Part III

Animals of America - An Animal Picture Book for Young Children (Children's Picture Books)

True Accounts

Words in My Hands, A Teacher, A Deaf-Blind Man, An Unforgettable Journey

Big Backpack - Little World
”In 2000 Donna Morang sold all her earthly possessions and left the United States to teach ESL (English as a second language). Join her as she travels to three continents, and twelve countries. …NOT about a woman going in search of herself, or looking for a better life. She already knows that life is beautiful, and she lives it to the fullest”

From Flatlandah to Sheep Fahmah Momma-Part Un
Collection of blog entries...”whimsical adventures of moving from busy Southeastern Massachusetts to the wilderness of Maine with her daughters. a suburban Mom learned how to be a farmer in the mountains and how she began to make her dream of becoming a novelist a reality. In this collection of blogs are her struggles, interpretations of the cultural differences she moved to and how she learned to overcome obstacles that seemed to have constantly been thrown in her path.” Sharon's Wicked Awesome Blog Book-Part Un appears to be the same book but a different cover, I’m not sure why both are free today. Maybe one is edited differently? But they are almost the same size in kb.

World War II London Blitz Diary Volume 4, 1944-1945 (A Woman's Revelations Enduring War and Marriage) (World War ll London Blitz Diary)

Part 3 was posted yesterday

Men of Honour
The 2 poor reviews are for the formatting, which I checked in the sample and it appears to have been fixed.
”…a searingly honest, graphic account of the front-line realities of modern warfare. Written with the insider knowledge of a former soldier turned politician, 'Men of Honour' is destined to become the classic novel of Britain's 21st-century Afghan campaign. “

Living with Bin Ladens
”A fascinating account of the last days of the world's most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden. The book uncovers his plans for a devastating financial attack against the West and politics within the CIA, the FBI and Department of State that led to cancellation of the original mission to bring him alive for a trial and replacing it with a kill mission.”

Veteran's Notes: Bloggery of an Iraq War Vet

Hope For Wounded Warriors
”As a wounded warrior, Bill Lentsch knows the frustrating feelings of apparent helplessness and hopelessness. A sea-going Marine on the cruiser USS Vincennes at the beginning of World War II, he was a "hot shell catcher". The story of Bill's survival when the Vincennes sank is a story of miracles. In contrast, the story of his post-war rehabilitation and readjustment to civilian life, including a bad marriage, contains more than its share of dark pages and the consequences of poor choices. Contemplating the option of murder, then suicide, was a vivid reality. Thankfully, the story of his later years brings hope and inspiration as Bill shares his personal journey of discovery.”

SOLDIER OF AQUARIUS: 1969-1970 [Special Legacy Edition Reprint] (N/A)

The Greatest Revolutionary War Battles: The Battle of Bunker Hill

The Greatest Civil War Battles: The Chattanooga Campaign

See also Caged Confederates - Capturing the Heart of the Confederacy, listed in next section.


Nature Survival, War, and other Hardship

”Jack Dawkins is a thirteen year old street wise boy growing up in war torn London during the Blitz. Even before being evacuated he had to keep his wits about him to survive and his famous or notorious ‘gift of the gab’ stands him and those he cares for in good stead. His fruitful association with local black marketers makes him well able to deal with would be exploitative Cornish foster parents and when he finds himself involved in a German spy ring he knows just what to do to save himself and his country. What Jack is not prepared for, however is the duplicity of the British establishment who in wartime, it seems, will do anything to make sure that state secrets stay secret.” Includes "sojourn over the hills of Devon" (from review.)

The Resurrection Tree
”The Great War nears its end in Europe, late in 1918, and in a rural community in Tennessee, the family of Willoughby Walker prepares for the return of a son. Oliver returns from the war alive but maimed, and soon falls ill with the Spanish Flu, which has killed millions. Oliver's brother, Ben, lives nearby and struggles to survive and make sense of the epidemic. They don't know where the disease came from or what to do. People are suddenly sick, and soon dead. They care for the sick and bury the dead, depending for hope on Mammy Hollis, the old witch-like woman who treats them with herbs, roots and medicinal plants. As the war ends, the dying stops, but the demonic plague has one more insult to deliver.”

Future Slave
Youth. “Jokeem, a black teenager in the 21st century, is angered by a history lesson about Frederick Douglass. The next day, after a conversation with his mother about reparations for slavery, Jokeem is knocked out during an incident with the police. He wakes up as a slave in the old south and learns that he belongs to a black woman who was once a slave herself, Sally Seymour, a famous pastry cook. Her establishment includes two other slaves, Felix and Chloe, with whom Jokeem becomes good friends. Will he make it back to the 21st century, or is he doomed to live out his life as property in the far distant past?”

Finding Teddy
”FBI Special Agent Hal Gruber, must race against the clock to rescue Sherylyn when she escapes from her captors and becomes lost in a barren California desert. Who is the mysterious child who saves her life in a desert cave? What is to become the fate of the abandoned boy? Traumas collide in the most unexpected ways as Sherylyn and the boy struggle to survive, both lost in the desolate desert environment under the most brutal conditions.”      All of this author's books are free today here.

Caged Confederates - Capturing the Heart of the Confederacy
Embellished true account.
”The Civil War's Turning Point: Tennessee Surrender didn't just bring dishonor, it brought death. A story of passion, intrigue and the fight to defend the land they love. This historical novel depicts the hard fought battles for control of the crucial waterways of the Tennessee River Valley and the South's Heartland. Flush with its first major victories, the Union Army would find itself woefully unprepared to care for the thousands of prisoners captured on the field of battle. The Confederate prisoners of war faced an enemy just as deadly as rifles and artillery. They faced the brutal hell of Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois, where over 6,000 would meet their end in the harshest conditions devised by their fellow Americans. The two-fold tragedy is first, that it happened and second, so few of us even know it occurred.”

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

All Due Respect
”Can a first-grade teacher from Grace, Alabama stop a terrorist group from its deadly mission? …Terrorists have stolen the missile system Seth and Julia designed, and they fully intend to use it. Seth needs Julia's help to find, outwit and halt them, but he and she didn't part on the best of terms. He doesn’t know that Julia has a secret enemy who might kill them both. Can she fight that threat and the terrorists—all while keeping Seth in the dark? How can she refuse to try, with millions of lives at stake?”

The Greatest Domestic Threat
"America was in a tailspin. The economy was spiraling out of control, jobs were nowhere to be found and corruption in politics had hit an all-time high. Now a malicious terrorist group threatened the heart of the nation. Cole Anderson would soon discover that they posed the greatest domestic threat the United States had ever seen. Cole knew the terrorists must be stopped. America couldn’t afford any more setbacks. On his mission to stop them, though, he would learn one very valuable lesson - keep your friends close and your politicians closer."

The Screen Conspiracy
“…The answer to Jack’s dilemma lies somewhere in the internet. If he is to survive, he will first need to uncover a conspiracy which runs right to the heart of the Senate. Then he needs to figure out what to do with that knowledge which has left a trail of murders in its wake.” Three’s a video trailer for the book on the author page. Screen Conspiracy video trailer

The Sheffield Conspiracy (The Monica Jones Mysteries)
"A tragic and puzzling medical case is the first clue to the presence of a deep-cover terror consortium."

The Interrupted Bride
Hard to put this book under a heading without knowing the end of the story but this is a guess.
During a wedding, a town is suddenly blockaded by the army…”Social order disintegrates as the chasm between the ‘townie’ wedding guests and the country folk grows. And Rose, shocked into wakefulness by events, finds herself fighting for the village’s survival, determined to unravel the mystery of their incarceration. Has the world ended..? Or has World War Three broken out? Is everyone else dead? And why won’t the army tell them what is happening? As Rose struggles to unravel the mystery with the help of the boy she left behind in the village years ago, people start to get ill, and their village prison is no longer a mysterious inconvenience, it’s a matter of life and death….”

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

From the Fire III
Part 3 of a trilogy. (Parts 1, 2, and a combo of parts 1-3 From the Fire - Trilogy One (Episodes I-III) have all be listed here free in the past. See all here..) “On April 4th, 2014, 6 billion and 783 million people died in the blinding white fireballs of the Pan-Global Nuclear Holocaust. Sophie Saint-Germain, wife and scientist and mother of one, was not among them. She lived for a time, and so her words endure.”

”Leonard Tramer and his family live in Colorado, trapped behind the walls of a totalitarian state. Dedicated to one another and determined to find the free world, they plan an escape which defies the odds and deceives their tyrannical government. Emerging at a time when personal liberties and Internet privacy are slowly eroding, NINE-TENTHS offers a window into a dysfunctional society, while celebrating the resiliency of the human spirit and the natural urge to resist oppression.”

The Way It Was: 2012
”If a major crisis were to hit your town, would you be able to survive? How would you deal with the situation if life as you knew it simply disappeared overnight and plunged you into an existence similar to that of 200 years ago?”

Gabriel's Journal (Journal Series)
The sequel to Journal, posted yesterday.
”...takes place in the year 2054, after global warming, disease, and war have taken a devastating toll on the human population, resetting the clock back 250 years. A group of survivors in the small town of Woburn, Washington have endured it all — starvation, disease, and attack by those who want to take from them the few resources they have. And now, they are finally beginning to enjoy the rewards of all their hard work and sacrifice. One of the Woburn survivors is a headstrong, quick tempered, young man named Gabriel Sanchez. When something occurs that he believes just might destroy everything his town has worked for, he takes up pen and paper to record it all, as it happens. And it is through his carefully written journal entries that the reader learns of events that are even worse than he imagined. It is also through these journal entries that another struggle plays out; the struggle to strike a balance between morality and reality in a world where one man will take another’s life for a warm coat or just a single potato.”

The Awakening
”In the year 2057, most people in America have cancer, many are killed for their organs, cities are plagued by acid rain, and a young woman named Violet Kromer is trying to make a living cleaning hotel rooms in Pittsburgh. She does a favor, almost by accident, for someone who belongs to a secret society, and suddenly Violet gets the opportunity of a lifetime. Meanwhile, in Salt Lake City, Samuel Simmons is trying to complete his Master's Degree in homeland security. Even though his highest priority in life is to get laid, Violet and Sam end up on the same side of the fight to resuscitate a dying planet. Their efforts push them to the limits of their human abilities...and beyond.”

Jeremiah Terrorist Prophet (Jeremiah Trilogy)
First of trilogy. “In this first book of a trilogy, Jeremiah, who claims to be a modern-day religious prophet, begins killing the "evil ones"--pedophiles, bullies and rapists, prison inmates, stock market manipulators and crooked politicians. At the same time, he progressively publishes on the Internet a new book of the Christian Bible revealed to him by God. It demands strict adherence to God's commandments: "Obey or die!" is the general rule. Jeremiah urges his followers to create a "New America" in the Dakotas, where believers will implement God's revised plan for mankind.”
New America (Jeremiah Trilogy)
Book 2 ”Jeremiah, a self-styled, modern-day prophet, inspires millions of his followers to move to New America, a utopian colony centered in South Dakota and surrounding states. They buy land, establish businesses, create new cities and take over the machinery of government--including the National Guard and State Police. With financing from abroad, Jeremiah's mercenary army seizes a fleet of stealth bombers and occupies a nuclear power plant near Washington, D.C. Jeremiah's demand that the federal government recognize New American as an independent state creates a military and constitutional crisis. “
The Inheritors (The Jeremiah Trilogy)
Book 3 and conclusion. “Jeremiah the Terrorist Prophet has developed a genetically engineered, virulent variation of the flu virus, and found the perfect delivery vehicle--the hundreds of millions of migratory birds that circle the globe each year. His followers, including dissident military units and sympathizers from all around the world, have received a vaccine and stand ready to reestablish Eden after the "earthly garden" is weeded… “

Now It Begins: HoMombies
A zombie novel with an important distinction—they are not “undead,” they’re living people infected with a virus. (Hence my putting it under this heading. However, it’s still about “murders by infected people.")
This book is the account of one who was there at the beginning of the outbreak and I think helped start it. It says it’s a short story but it has 30 chapters.

More Sci-Fi-or-Fantasy-ish

One Dimension Over : Gone
”we follow our main character as he awakes to find that he is alone. Everyone appears to have dissapeared. He postulates if the reason for his desertion is due to a biological attack from terrorists, mass alien abduction, natural dissaster, vampires, magic, or if there is something wrong with him that made him unsuitable to be with the rest of humanity.”

The Blaster
”Evan Lehman cannot say with any certainty what happened. Like most people, he hears bits and pieces. Power went out across the globe and never came back on. People adapted, eventually. Some, like Lehman and his family, had foresight and banded together with others and formed new types of communities. Lehman and two other men had the idea to network with other communities, so they ventured out on a road trip around the southeast. What they encounter will not only change their idea of what is possible, but change the new world itself. The Blaster is a post-apocalyptic story unlike any other. An exploration of the power of fiction, The Blaster features glowing energy beings, ravenous hellhounds, and the most valuable prop in scifi movie history.“

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