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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Free Books Available Nov 6, 2012

Please see above for how to read these books without a Kindle, and the sidebar at right for a quick explanation of this blog. Have fun getting new books! :)
May I suggest that you check daily so you don't miss all those available for only 24 hours?


General self-sufficiency and survival

Backwoods Home Magazine - Sep/Oct 2011 (#131)
“Back issue No. 131 contains: An explanation of how to buy and use junk silver in the event of a down economy; David Lee’s story about building his house in the backwoods of Maine; building a homemade 12-Volt DC generator; how to extend your garden’s growing season; how to tailor a gun to a female; starting a small-scale sawmill business; making bean, rice, and chicken soup; how to cook with millet; making buckboard bacon; how to keep a sharp edge on a knife; the story of Earthineer, also known as Facebook for Farmers; raising your children in the country; growing garlic; reviewing the not so patriotic Patriot Act. Plus Jackie Clay answers questions about chicken nest boxes, using potato water when making bread, the best freezer container, battling grasshoppers, harvesting rhubarb, planting garlic and wheat, storing potatoes, canning pie filling, canning egg drop soup, small-0batch canning, and soft dill pickles.”

Poverty Prepping: Saving for a Rainy Day when you Don't Have Much Today

Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

Prep School: Simple Cider Homebrew

Bread Made Easy: Delicious and Simple Handmade Artisan Bread (The Art of Baking Series)

Root Cellar Handbook: A No-Fluff Guide To Planning, Designing And Building Your Food Preservation Cellar

Camping BBQ Recipes Best Ever

The Casual Homemaker's Wheat-Free Cookbook

The Staycation Jar: 200 Family Fun Ideas For Creative Meals, Main Events, Silliness, Love Projects


The Gymless Body - Become the Gym

Speechless: Finding God's Grace in My Son's Autism


The Constitution: It's the OS for the US
“uses history to explain why things may have been included in the U.S. Constitution. The Constitutional Convention deliberately kept very limited records of their proceedings, making it hard to say absolutely why things were written. ..How is the Constitution like a computer? The President has veto power, which is like the firewall on a computer that can block something from ever entering the system. Just as you (or an administrator on a larger system) can over-rule the firewall and let something that may (or may not) be dangerous in, Congress can over-rule a Presidential Veto and allow that vetoed bill to become a law. The Judiciary, especially the Supreme Court, are like a virus protection program that warns you when something dangerous has entered the system and then works to remove it. Just as the two computer programs perform different but similar functions, the Presidential Veto and Supreme Court perform different functions. “

True Accounts

When You Come Home: The True Love Story Of A Soldier's Heroism, His Wife's Sacrifice and the Resilience of America's Greatest Generation (Historical Romance)

Blood on Red Dirt

Follies of a Navy Chaplain

Thanksgiving Tales: True Stories of the Holiday in America


Nature Survival and other Hardship

One Minute
“William Cooper enlists in the British Army the day he turns 18, leaving behind the girl he has always wanted to fight in World War Two. He knows war is going to be hard, but he doesn’t anticipate it will leave him broken, left for dead and moving for the only things that matter. Love and home.”

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

Independence Day Plague
“Mitchell, the only survivor, watches his family and friends die writhing in agony from the virus he created. Now, with his sanity breaking, Mitchell wants revenge on the government that killed his family... On July 4th, 2026, three million people flood into Washington DC for America's 250th birthday celebration... Mitchell sends …the message, "When the crowds are at their peak, I will detonate a biological weapon that will spray the nearby people with a deadly pathogen." Now Dorado is in a battle against time and the crowds to stop a madman before he unleashes the lethal virus on the world. “

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

Survivalist by Circumstance - Volume One
First of three so far, fairly short episodes. A prepper/survivalist is a main supporting character. It will be a longer series y about a family who move out to the country and by episode 3 are finally seeing the writing on the wall as the economy takes a dive. Apparently will be sold as a whole at a cheaper price once they are all finished.

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