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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Free Books Available Nov 3, 2012

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General self-sufficiency and survival

Backwoods Home Magazine - Nov/Dec 2009 (#120)
“Backwoods Home Magazine is written for people who have a desire to pursue personal independence, self-sufficiency, and their dreams. We offer “how-to” articles on owner-built housing, independent energy, gardening, health, self-employment, country living, and other topics related to an independent and self-reliant lifestyle.”

Prep School: Homemade Yeast & Sourdough Starter

Fishing & Fly Fishing for Beginners - How to Catch, Scale, & Clean Fish

Deer Hunting Equipment

Food and Farming/Gardening

The Briggs Book : Recipes, Remedies and Household Hints from way back when

Raising Chickens In Your Backyard: A No-Fluff Guide To Chicken Breeds, Coops, Runs, Tractors And More

Older cook books…The following four books were first published in the 1960s and 70s, now for Kindle or computers:
Simple Organic Cooking (Peter Pauper Press Vintage Editions)
The ABC of Salads (Peter Pauper Press Vintage Editions)
The ABC of Jiffy Cookery (Peter Pauper Press Vintage Editions)
Simple Continental Cookery (Peter Pauper Press Vintage Editions)

How to Dehydrate Your Own Food


We Don't Talk About That: A Cultural Analysis of the Miscarriage Experience Through the Words of Women who Lived it

Power of Vitamin D New Scientific Research Links Vitamin D Deficiency to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, Fibromyalgia, ... Diseases, Dental Problems and Depression.


Best Ab Exercises: Abdominal Workout Routine For Core Strength And A Flat Stomach


Soft Currency Economics II (Modern Monetary Theory)

User's Guide to the Second Amendment: History, Meaning, and Effects of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Unto Death Martyrdom, Missions, and the Maturity of the Church [Paperback]
Christianity and suffering.

True Accounts

Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit
The author’s “Christmas seasons from the 1930’s through the decades. To soften unemployment and economic depression these stories recall love, happiness and community spirit during the Great Depression when hardship inspired an attitude of help thy neighbor and political dissention was less polarized…”

The following is a story in several parts, “a true story of a young woman’s journey in Eastern Europe, through holocaust horror and life after. Written by her daughter in honor of her Mother and her family, these stories were relayed throughout their life together.”

1. The Magic of Bubbe Schprintze (Rachel, My Mother)
2. David (Rachel, My Mother)
3. The Train (Rachel, My Mother)
4. Rachel Returns to Britchon (Rachel, My Mother)
5. Rachel's Mirror (Rachel, My Mother)
6. Rachel's Aunt Ita (Rachel, My Mother)

Little Boat Big Ocean
“expertly describes the conditions he endured, the power of the elements and his experience of living and working thousands of miles from home.”

Going to Antarctica
“The excursion follows the ship as it navigates through the Drake Passage. Then the team sets out on land, through the wilderness, and encounters the wildlife of the southernmost desert in the world… including camping in Antarctica. This is a must-read story for anyone contemplating a trip to the crystal desert, for lovers of wildlife, and for anyone fascinated with this foreign, frozen wonderland.”

Tanks for the Memories: An Oral History of the 712th Tank Battalion in World War II

Servant of the Services

Waffle House Diaries
thirty years of enforcing federal drug laws


Nature Survival and other Hardship

White Clam
“When young Chet Palmer joined the crew of the coastal schooner Exact in the frontier city of Portland in Oregon Territory in the year 1851, he had no intention of losing his freedom. But a routine trading voyage to the Indian west coast of Vancouver Island, with a stop in Puget Sound to offload a group of pioneers who planned to build a city there, has left him in the alien world of the Nootka Indians as a slave and triggered an adventure of survival and enlightenment beyond his wildest imagination.…Chet realizes survival is up to him, a stranger in a strange land. He immerses himself in the ways of the Indians, constantly aware that his life hangs by a thread and danger lurks everywhere. In time, Chet's acquaintance with a fellow slave, a young Salish boy from the Washington Territory, turns to friendship and to partnership as they plot an escape to the freedom of the Puget Sound country to the south.”

Freedom Trap (Promise of Zion #5)
Youth, Christian. Orphans escape from the Jewish quarter. Book is also traditionally published.

Wild African Adventure
Youth. “Wild African Adventure is a story of four teenagers from different countries who have been selected to spend time with game rangers in an African game reserve. They experience the excitement of the bush in a unique and life-changing way. They face serious challenges, not only from the natural environment, but also from the people they encounter along the way. Their few days on an educational trip turns out to be the experience of a lifetime as they come face to face with wild animals, drug dealers and international poachers.”

“Prepare to go to a period before the security of cellular coverage and GPS navigation. The place...the arctic, where the lost must use their native experience to guide them to safety. However, when a private aircraft conducts an emergency landing on the thawing Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada, two unseasoned pilots are hurled into a quest for survival against the elements. One, suffering from a mental condition, and the other, on the brink of despair, must battle starvation, the deadly cold, and an arctic predator while at the same time facing the terrifying phantoms that battle against their deterimination to keep pushing forward.”

“It's 1986. Seventeen-year-old Sikander, dreams of studying and living in America, but after a family quarrel, he leaves his Peshawar, Pakistan home. Encountering mujahideen warriors, he joins them in their fight against the occupying Soviets in neighboring Afghanistan. American assistance is stepped up with advanced weapons, like the Stinger missile, and the mujahideen are able to neutralize the Soviet military advantage. After just two years following Sikander's arrival, a Soviet withdrawal begins. Amid the turmoil, Sikander finds love and marries a young, sharp-witted Afghan village girl. With the fighting all but over, the couple decide to move to Sikander's Pakistan home where he hopes to reconcile with his family. But his dream of living in America endures. It's a dream that is shattered in the aftermath of 9/11 and in seeking to help his Afghan relatives, Sikander, now a successful entrepreneur, finds himself on an unavoidable collision course with the America of his dreams.“    Winner of many awards including Grand Prizes in each of the 2010 Los Angeles Book Festival and the 2011 Paris Book Festival, Best Fiction in the Hollywood Book Festival and the Beach Book Festival and Best Multicultural Fiction in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards for 2011.

The Family Duran
“1910 – before the majority of homes had electricity, telephones, and indoor plumbing. For around $500 Sears and Roebuck would send out kits to build a home, and they contained everything needed, from plans and lumber to the last nail. America was trying to become a civilized nation but still burst out with gun battles, the lynching of horse thieves, recollection of the Alamo, and land wars. Automobiles only frequently visited the roads, and families provided their own entertainment with books, magazines, or music from anyone who could play. Back in those days friendships were sealed with blood, and love grew out of the necessity to survive. “ See link for plot.

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

The Insiders
“Wilson must face this cutthroat world of concealed machinations, corporate espionage, international finance, and economic conspiracy on his own--in order to uncover his father's real agenda, expose the secret society of insiders, and fight to change the face of capitalism. That is, if he can stay alive. Take a plunge into this dangerous and deceitful world of the rich, the famous, and the powerful. Witness the unholy alliances between business and government and the real forces behind our recent financial crisis. The Insiders is a heart-pounding tale full of twists and turns and eye-opening revelations that will make your adrenaline rush last until the very end.”

A Hornet's Nest
“What if someone stole two suitcase bombs from the collapsing Soviet Union? Two old but very workable nuclear devices, designed to be carried into an unsuspecting target city.... What if you find yourself a pawn between two diametrically opposed forces? One led by a zealous extremist bent on attacking America, the Great Satan, the other a shadowy group of crusaders determined to defend the Western World and its way of life from outside attack?...John McAlpine finds himself in this nightmare, one not of his own making and races against the clock to save his daughter and prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of an extremist known only as "The Arab".

The China Oil Plot: Operation Ace in the Hole

Secrets, Lies & Chemical Compounds -- The Pawn

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

Sky of Dust: The Last Weapon
“When Dalyn, a fourteen year old boy growing up in the post apocalyptic state of Renatus, discovers that his dad was alive after five years of being missing, he is forced on an adventure to find the truth about himself and how to control his unusual abilities. Action, adventure, loyalty, betrayal, hate, and love await Dalyn and his friends as the mysteries of the Renatus government are unraveled, revealing a startling truth. Fans of The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson series will enjoy this fast paced journey.”

A Brave New Hope
“In a bleak near future, one blighted by apathy and corruption, it's nearly dinner time …In what would be seen later as a rash decision, the government has encouraged its youth to vote - soon this spirals out of control as they decide to vote for each other... The analog past clashes with the digital future, and the world as we know it tilts slightly on its axis. “

Mandate 33
“In Corpopolis, under the rule of a dictator, only citizens carrying government-issued parenting licenses are legally allowed to bear children. Any child in the custody of adults without a parenting license will be eliminated. The law is passed, they say, to protect children from unfit parents. But when newlyweds Aaron and Stacey Perth decide they would like to start a family of their own, they stumble onto a plot which threatens the future of the entire country...and themselves.”

World, Incorporated
“World, Incorporated is one of five “supercorporations” which, having overthrown the world’s governments in the wake of decades of growing financial turmoil, spend their near-limitless resources competing with each other for global supremacy in the post-national society of 2058. … captivating action-thriller, a ‘1984" for the information age…”

Jeremiah Terrorist Prophet (Jeremiah Trilogy)
First of trilogy. “In this first book of a trilogy, Jeremiah, who claims to be a modern-day religious prophet, begins killing the "evil ones"--pedophiles, bullies and rapists, prison inmates, stock market manipulators and crooked politicians. At the same time, he progressively publishes on the Internet a new book of the Christian Bible revealed to him by God. It demands strict adherence to God's commandments: "Obey or die!" is the general rule. Jeremiah urges his followers to create a "New America" in the Dakotas, where believers will implement God's revised plan for mankind.”
New America (Jeremiah Trilogy)
Book 2 ”Jeremiah, a self-styled, modern-day prophet, inspires millions of his followers to move to New America, a utopian colony centered in South Dakota and surrounding states. They buy land, establish businesses, create new cities and take over the machinery of government--including the National Guard and State Police. With financing from abroad, Jeremiah's mercenary army seizes a fleet of stealth bombers and occupies a nuclear power plant near Washington, D.C. Jeremiah's demand that the federal government recognize New American as an independent state creates a military and constitutional crisis. “
The Inheritors (The Jeremiah Trilogy)
Book 3 and conclusion. “Jeremiah the Terrorist Prophet has developed a genetically engineered, virulent variation of the flu virus, and found the perfect delivery vehicle--the hundreds of millions of migratory birds that circle the globe each year. His followers, including dissident military units and sympathizers from all around the world, have received a vaccine and stand ready to reestablish Eden after the "earthly garden" is weeded… “

More Sci-Fi-or-Fantasy-ish

Artificial plague

Brink of Extinction

The Galactic Union's Guide to Colonization
Short. “Is your planet overpopulated? Feeling religiously persecuted? Facing certain extinction caused by mutated laboratory slime? Whatever your reason for leaving your home planet behind in a trail of stardust and seeking out a new world to ruin, the Galactic Union's Guide to Colonization can help you. This handy reference guide includes who and what to bring along, suggestions on how to pick a new planet, and even what type of government to form when you get there.”

Dimensional Shift: First Step
First of dystopian saga. “A catastrophic infection of land based plant life motivates a wealthy investor and his colleagues to make the ultimate push for survival. He, his daughter, and a brilliant young team of scientists do the unthinkable. They take the first step off planet Earth.”
Book 2: Dimensional Shift: Waters of Babylon and Book 3: Dimensional Shift: Millenarians as well as an Omnibus (all three): Dimensional Shift: Omnibus are available but not free at the moment.

Enemy (The Silver Trilogy: Book One)
"As a massive invasion force systematically dismantles the solar system and gathers Earth's survivors for harvest, a human resistance group from the future struggles to ensure a swift and final end to the conflict."
Books 2 and 3, An End (The Silver Trilogy: Book Two) and Broken: A Plague Journal (The Silver Trilogy: Book Three) have been listed here before but aren’t free right now.

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