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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free Books Available Nov 18, 2012

Please see above for how to read these books without a Kindle, and the sidebar at right for a quick explanation of this blog. Have fun getting new books! :) May I suggest that you check daily so you don't miss all those available for only 24 hours?

Also, because yesterday's came out a little late, please check that one if you haven't already, as many of them should still be free.  Free Books Nov 17


General self-sufficiency and survival

Weekend Homesteader: October
Twelve months to self-sufficiency! This fully updated second edition of the popular Weekend Homesteader series includes exciting, short projects that you can use to dip your toes into the vast ocean of homesteading without getting overwhelmed. If you need to fit homesteading into a few hours each weekend and would like to have fun while doing it, these projects will be right up your alley, whether you live on a forty-acre farm, a postage-stamp lawn in suburbia, or a high rise. The October volume includes the following projects: • Quick hoops • Storing vegetables on the shelf • Scavenging biomass • Apprenticeships.  The second edition has been revised and expanded to match the paperback, with extra photos and feedback from weekend homesteaders just like you, plus permaculture-related avenues for the more advanced homesteader to explore.

Prep School: Prepping For Your Period

Rebuilding After Sandy? Tips From A Hurricane Survivor

Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

Anti-Aging Herbs And Recipes To help You Look And Feel Your Best! (*Special Edition*)

The Extreme Green Guide to Improving Mileage

Tomato Container Gardening: 7 Easy Steps To Healthy Harvests from Small Spaces

From Grief to Celebration, How One Family Learned to Embrace the Gift of Down Syndrome

Your Guide To Putting Household Clutter In Its Place

Weeds, Water & Mulch (Gardening Briefs for Beginners)


Resolve ALL Your Allergies, Food Intolerances, & Chemical Sensitivities Without Drugs
Appears to be a “proper book” with very in-depth information.

Going on 50


Would The Real First Amendment Please Stand Up?

Patriotic Monasteries: Preserving American Heritage in the Face of Imminent Destruction

True Accounts

Working In The Northwest Woods
“In this first-hand account of a decade spent in the outdoors in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, we are taken on a tour of life inside the United States Forest Service when, as a first year seasonal, a young man who has spent his life in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri is transported to the Cascades. Follow him as he learns his way around the rugged terrain of the big timber country. From personal narrative of his initial experiences to gripping accounts of encounters with wild weather, wild fire and wildlife, the author takes you on a journey into the backcountry. Read about being face to face with bears, dodging lightning bolts and being surrounded by wildfire. These are stories telling of a life that is growing harder and harder to find in our mechanized and technological world. This book is a terrific summary of what it is really like to live your life on the outside.”

I Travel Light: The Man Who Walked Out of the World (The Adventures of a Greenman Series (Complete set))
“he must do without many of the things that cost him so much money, work less and provide for his own basic human needs, self-sufficiently. … eventually building a tree house to live in. … The nomad winds himself through the weird and wonderful of the world, guided by an immense sense of intuition. Living with frequent mysterious happenings and coming to terms with the many facets of his spiritual gifts, he lives in a ruin in the mountains of Spain and becomes a fisherman in India, before getting caught up in a Tsunami. Eventually he renounces everything he owns, except for the clothes he stands in. He sets off on a walkabout without even a bag or destination, wandering Eastern Europe, responding to an inner calling. Throughout his journeys, he grounds himself in earthly pursuits, volunteering at organic farms, orphanages and communities in many countries, developing new skills. After a decade of living simply, he walks back into the world, into the rat-race, only to discover that he has gone so far, for so long, that he no longer knows how to live in it.”

Cowboy Ace - The Life Adventures of David Wilhelm - An Autobiography
“From his days riding horses and driving cattle... to his days flying over Europe during World War II. To his days of raising a family and living the good life...”


Nature Survival, War, and other Hardship

Crossing the Rubicon (The Journey)
“the story of seven remarkable teens as they survive the unbelievable. What started out as a simple weekend trip exploring the Chungo caves, became a journey which took them back 275 years in time, had them cross multiple continents, and stretched them to their limits. Discover how they survived with just the clothes on their backs, some limited technology and their wits and resolve. In a world without computers, without the basic items we use each day, could you survive?”

Michael Dolan McCarthy
A group of siblings set out on a cross-country journey alone after a tragedy. The book was quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakout Novel Awards and the screenplay was a finalist in the Sacramento International Film Festival.

I Hate Plot
Highly rated book of stories of life on a hippie commune.

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

An Orphan's Curse (The Orphan Portfolio)
“After decimating America’s carbon-based energy production capacity, Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah, lunge at America’s throat to threaten the western hemisphere with nuclear destruction. From forward operating bases in the jungles of South America, Venezuela and Panama, The Orphan, Hezbollah’s most brutal and diabolical terrorist, assembles and organizes for the catastrophic asymmetric campaign which will bring America and her allies to their knees.”

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

Kelin's Journey
“a post-apocalypse adventure of two twelve year old boys who survive a pandemic that decimates the world’s population. Kelin is stranded 2000 miles from his family that he believes is still alive. In a narrative poignant and uplifting, the author takes Kelin and Josh through their struggles to survive and Kelin to reunite with his family. Allies join them and foes impede them on their journey across a decimated America. They find that only tiny pockets of civilization have survived and some of those are not so civil. Kelin’s Journey is a must read for any age reader who enjoys a classic quest in a modern, realistic setting where the heroes must display ingenuity, leadership and courage to overcome obstacles presented by man and nature.”

Time Storm 2012: Atlantis and the Mayan Prophecy, revised edition.

2012 Armageddon: Unholy Alliance
“A global conspiracy is forming. Nations, terrorist groups, and criminal organizations with one thing in common, a burning hatred for America, are coming together to strike a crippling blow against freedom. Jordan, recently recruited into Homeland Security, races against time to prepare her family for the impending disaster, while still working through official channels to try to prevent it. If she can’t save the nation from its fate, she will do everything in her power to ensure her family’s survival, for with them lies the seed of hope for the future of democracy.”

More Sci-Fi-or-Fantasy-ish

Evacuation Earth (Comet Clement series, #5)
Part 5 of series. Parts 1-5 have been listed here free before. About the 12 years to prepare for a comet hitting earth.


  1. Natalia - thank so much for you work in finding and posting these books. I have so many free books that I've gotten thru your blog I will never be able to read them all - yet I continue to collect more. Any way - know that you are appreciated.

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Nathalie. It means a lot. :) I am the same with never being able to read them all yet still getting more.

    I had a look at your blogs and I LOVE your art work!