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Monday, September 24, 2012

Books Available Sept 24, 2012


Weekend Homesteader: September
     ”September is peak harvest time on the homestead. This volume of Weekend Homesteader focuses on the month's garden abundance as you learn to spice up your cooking, can tomatoes for the winter, and save seeds for next year's garden. Meanwhile, our teamwork exercise is a restful interlude from the hard culinary and horticultural work.
     “For those of you who are new to Weekend Homesteader, this series walks you through the basics of growing your own food, cooking the bounty, preparing for emergency power outages, and achieving financial independence.”

How To Purify Water Using Solar Energy: Proven Techniques To Guarantee Successful Water Purification and Pasteurization Using Nothing But Solar!

Edible Bugs - Insects on Our Plates

Understanding The Effects Of Wind And Weather When Deer Hunting

Charcuterie Made Simple: A No-Fluff Guide To Making Salami, Sausage, And Other Cured Meats At Home

Natural Beauty Recipes: Make Your Own Organic and Natural Skin, Hair and Body Care Products: Beauty Recipes from Yesteryear

Living Well on the Basics

Police Interactions 101: How To Interact with the Police in Your Car, On the Streets, In Your Home


Political Economy Simplified: A Citizen's Survival Guide

4 books by FT Press (respected technical publisher):
Business Basics: The Skills You Need to Succeed (Collection)   --If you are trying to be self-sufficient by having your own business.
Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life
Losing It! Behaviors and Mindsets that Ruin Careers: Lessons on Protecting Yourself from Avoidable Mistakes
The Rules of Money: How to Make It and How to Hold on to It, Expanded Edition

One Click Rapport Building: How to be popular in seconds just using easy to use methods (Without Needing Difficult Techniques Like Mirroring Or NLP)

Every Prophecy of the Bible: Clear Explanations for Uncertain Times


Adrian's War (A Distant Eden)
“Three years after a solar storm wiped out the power grid Adrian Hunter embarks on a journey to the mountains, determined to live and survive by utilizing his knowledge of stone age techniques. He encounters a band of raiders who attempt to take him prisoner - and Adrian's War begins.”

A Survivor's Tale, Part Two
“In the 29th century, Cam, one of the few survivors alive seven decades after the catastrophic end of an already diminished society continues his story of the events, tragedies and joys that have filled his life in the years that have passed. Making friends, losing loved ones, and finding hope, the journeys of his past will serve as a reminder to the future generations of the tantamount destruction wrought by negligence, fear, and the 'I' concept…To catch up with the beginning of this story, also look for 'A Survivor's Tale, Part One'”

“Keith Masters is a well-connected man. Connected to the internet, connected to the television, connected to everything but reality. As a new, deadly disease sweeps across America Keith must ask himself one simple question: ‘Is it better to live safely in fear or risk enjoying life?’”

Evacuation Earth (Comet Clement series, #5)
One of series of books about preparing for a comet hitting earth. “As the comet draws nearer, the 'Inner Circle' makes their final plans for Earth's survivors. The secret can no longer be kept and when it's announced, the world is threatened with chaos... With Comet Clement just months from striking, who will survive Earth's Evacuation?” As that hints, the series moves into leaving Earth. Over the few months I’ve been checking for these, all parts 1-6 have come up for free. There are also parts 7-10. Waiting for those next.


Escaping Yellowstone
“They said it wouldn’t happen in his lifetime, but it did. On December 21, 2012, the Yellowstone super-volcano erupts. Everything within 50 miles is instantly vaporized. 150 miles to the East in Buffalo, Wyoming, Sam Jones is watching the evening news when he’s suddenly thrown across the room by a violent earthquake that quickly reduces the surrounding countryside to something resembling a war zone. Sam flees, intent on getting his wife and two teenage kids to safety, but things go horribly wrong when his wife is shot in Casper, Wyoming--A feisty Wyoming woman, a country in turmoil, and bad luck all conspire against Sam as he’s escaping Yellowstone.”
List Price (Print): $12.99 ---Previous Price (Kindle): $4.99 (according to my ebook-watching program)
Current Price: $.99

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  1. Hey It's Dave
    My first attempt died a smelly death. It seems I skipped a couple steps that weren't explained well that were actually important! Not to worry, next batch is already in the works.
    New Subj: Plans for an Aquaponics Greenhouse are well underway. I've got all the fish tanks and grow tanks I need as well as double glazed windows for the greenhouse. Now all I have to do is scrounge up some lumber(!)
    Keep on postin' 'em. DAVE