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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Books Available Sept 1, 2012. Huge list, plus Foodsavers reduced

My eyes are bugging out, never mine me bugging out!  This took the entire morning.


The Bug Out Bag Book - Create a Personalized Emergency Gear Kit
This was released late yesterday so I’ve included it today as well.

A SURVIVAL GUIDE: Living with Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Period (Survival in the Age of Dinosaurs)
“This quirky and informative book, written by dinosaur expert, Dougal Dixon, deals with how humans can survive in the times when dinosaurs roamed the earth, where they would not only face dangers from the dinosaurs themselves, but must wrestle with the change of climate, environment and landscapes. How would you know which of the gigantic and unidentifiable plants are edible; how would you cook them; how could you create a safe shelter; how would you manufacture the necessary tools for daily life – and how will you prevent yourself being eaten…”

"Be Prepared" The Basics (Knowledge is currency)

“If you have been traumatised or know someone dear to you that has, this is probably the best book you will ever buy…this book actually provides treatment, not where to get it or how. I share with you the technique I have been using in my PTS unit for 22 years. The success rate with my patients is in the order of 90%. No treatment offers 100%. The kind of traumas I have dealt with are: manmade: abuse, rape, …burglary, combat, genocide and natural disasters: floods, earthquakes, fire etc…”

Tight Lines
”"Tight Lines" contains much of the same information found in Roger's book "Secrets of Trout & Bass Fishing Revealed", with the addition of Two+ Chapters specifically related to fishing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It contains detailed maps and descriptions of virtually all the lakes, ponds and rivers in these two states, with the locations of the known "holes", stocking info. etc. …a must have for anyone who plans to fish in either of these two states. “

A Handful of Idiots and a Bunch of Bears, Ursine Adventures and Misadventures in the Alaskan Wilderness


Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage
I got this and had a quick look-through. It looks great! Lots of different fruit, veg, and meat directions and pictures. Also using oxygen absorbers, mylar bags, & vacuum sealers. And recipes using dehydrated foods.

How to Easily Grow Organic Superfoods at Home Without a Garden ( Guides)

The Modern Kitchen Pantry: How to Design, Create and Use Your Pantry

Simple Home Brewing Recipes II (John Anderson's)
The first one was posted August 11.

A Few Thoughts on Growing Squash


”Dr Rob Hicks considers the multitude of causes and the best ways to reduce or stop the symptoms, so that you can take control and feel free again, from simple ideas like eating local honey and wearing wraparound sunglasses to reduce hay fever symptoms to keeping a food diary to check that your ''allergy'' isn't, in fact, an intolerance.”

Revenge of the Pond Scum: Searching for the causes of Alzheimer's Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Parkinson's Disease

The Secret Life of Water: A Microbiology Tale
cholera & cystic fibrosis

The three Lancel books are still free. These are proper, long, well-researched books. Quite a find.
The Lancet: Cardiovascular Disease 2012 - Clinical Series
Technologies for Global Health
The Lancet: Stillbirths - Global Health Series
I see that they have a website with many other free downloadable medical books. You do need an account to download hundreds of books. Most of us have a way of doing this without compromising private information.
and Note there are 5 headings there with 5 lists of global health topics.


Border Hoarder - Organizing Tips to Declutter Your Home

Homeschooling: Take a Deep Breath - You Can Do It!

Make Your Own Soap the Easy Way: Your Complete Guide to the Art of Soap Making, Including the supplies, lye, process, homemade tips and soapmaking recipes

Quite an Undertaking: The Haunting True Story of a Unique Lady Mortician
Being a mortician in an isolated town without running water, little technology--may have some interesting insights for this sort of challenge.

Know Stealing
”Know Stealing will shatter preconceived notions and replace them with clear and precise knowledge which is capable of driving restoration in our American Republic in particular, and modern civilization in general.”

Islamic World Domination, Fact or Fiction? (Crackpot Conspiracies)

One year without the use of money

If I Would Have Known Then, What I Know Now....
Credit bureaus collaborating with banks


Kelin's Journey
“a post-apocalypse adventure of two twelve year old boys who survive a pandemic that decimates the world’s population. ... In a narrative poignant and uplifting, the author takes Kelin and Josh through their struggles to survive and Kelin to reunite with his family. Allies join them and foes impede them on their journey across a decimated America. They find that only tiny pockets of civilization have survived and some of those are not so civil. .. a must read for any age reader who enjoys a classic quest in a modern, realistic setting where the heroes must display ingenuity, leadership and courage to overcome obstacles presented by man and nature. “

The Last Election
from review: " the events in this story centers around the final presidential election in the United States before the alleged end time of 2012. There is a lot of action and parts of it almost had an Indiana Jones feel, with archeology and ancient prophecies and mysteries. The plot was wonderful, but I really felt like the characters drove this story."

“Brian Yester, a veteran of the Iraqi wars, seems to be the only person alive after the world is struck by a highly contagious and deadly flu pandemic. He struggles to carry on as he grieves for his dead family. Brian finally accepts his situation and devises a plan to find others who may have survived. After months of searching, he finds survivors and something more sinister than he could have ever imagined.”

Nuclear Snakes
“His entire life changes in days, all due to a nuclear accident half a world away in Japan. It's the biggest thing on his mind. That and telling Earth's dirtiest secret.”

The Man Who Saved Two Notch
"In a post-apocalyptic world, society reverts to the lawlessness of the old West. Twelve-year-old Henry Arnaught is given the task by the dying town of Two Notch’s rector and dictator to find and hire a remorseless Killer named Abel Decker to defend their town against a band of approaching marauders. It is a trek that will bring Henry face to face with the man people call the Devil himself and change the boy’s life forever."

“A hundred years into the future, in a flooded downwardly spiraling environment, time is running out for everyone. The New World Order has established military bases in the lowest thirty seven floors of huge man-made floating islands all over a world. Checked by a greater force, their agenda to eradicate most of the planetary population comes to a halt as two soul mates fight for human survival and the betterment of mankind.”

Enemy (The Silver Trilogy: Book One)
This is one of the trilogy described here:, at the bottom of the post. It was a different one free that day but it describes them all. It’s not the subject I’d usually list, but wanted to in case you got the other/s and were waiting for this one.

2084: The Search for Love, Hope and Faith - Edited Edition
This is the edited version. The unedited version was listed free before with a warning about explicit scenes, this version wasn’t free at the time. "Combining the themes of a government which rules through terror and constant surveillance, and a society controlled by drugs and entertainment...George Washington, a government employee, is walking in the woods per his doctor’s orders when he stumbles across the bunker of Moses, a member of The Resistance. What he finds in the bunker puts him in grave danger, but just may save his life. Embarking on a journey for freedom, George stops taking the government issued drug, Exultant. He must evade detection by Medical Officers and his boss, Barack Kennedy, made more difficult by George’s newly discovered senses of freedom, hope, and love. Soon, he realizes that he has only one option: escape. But can he survive the dangers? Will he ever be free?"

The Last Christian On Earth
Christian science fiction short novel

White Jade (The PROJECT)
Terrorism, threat of nuclear war. “At risk is America, China and the future of the world as we know it.”

Walking In Darkness (Walking In Darkness Series)
“about a group of Christians trying to survive during the Last Days of Earth. Following a chain of apocalyptic events, this group of Christians find themselves on the run and fighting to survive in a world they are no longer welcome in. Led by Michael Alistair, this new found group of Christians have to overcome the fear of government oppression, persecution and their greatest threat, themselves, in order to build an unbreakable bond. Trust.”

Neighbors (A Short Story)
“Neighbors is the short story set in the post-war Stalinist Moscow where fear and paranoia reign. Complete strangers are cramped into a small communal apartment and forced to share a small kitchen, a cold bathroom and a scarce supply of food. They also share their dreams, hopes and their secrets. Some harbor heartbreaking efforts to survive. Some hide an unrequited love. But there are also those who invite darkness and set a nightmare into motion. “

Mushroom in the Sand
An Iranian-born American physicist with an “internationally-recognized nuclear weapons research career (is) taken captive in a subterranean plant by the head of Iran's secret nuclear weapons program, to force him to … advance the Iranian nuclear agenda… twisting plot of espionage and survival, putting to the test not only Shaheen's secret knowledge but also the very core of his allegiance. If he lives, he could walk away a hero for his country. The question is - which one?”

Blind Deception
terrorism thriller "The Alpha Team discovers Ali’s plan to celebrate the destruction of the World Trade Center with terrorist acts that threaten to shock America to its foundation."

Set in South American dictatorship, “opponents …go missing…corpses reappear, …horribly tortured and executed. When the father of her unborn child ‘disappears’, Mary Sinclair turns to Francisco ‘Pancho’ Vasconcelos, the son of a defence attorney, for help. As well as working for his father, Pancho is secretly involved with finding safe houses, assisting people who fear for their lives and are desperate to flee the country…. human frailty and strength, combine in this powerful and graphic story of courage against all the odds.”

The Harbinger
Begins “with a murder in a train-station restroom and climaxing with the exposure of a conspiracy that brings a nation to the brink of revolution… In a South African setting.”

Destroyer of Worlds
“Corey Union's world is about to end. Around every corner lurk the inevitable signs of a coming doomsday. Corey moves his wife and daughter to a new home nestled in the woods… but nothing is what it seems in this man’s world. “

Short. “A family of arctic wolves fights to survive in the harsh terrain and unforgiving weather of the frigid North. The alpha female strives to keep her pups alive and her dominance complete. In the tradition of Jack London’s The Call of the Wild, Alpha takes us beyond the trappings of civilization into a world in which every moment really is a matter of life and death.”


FoodSaver V3240 Vertical Vacuum Sealer, White
List Price: $139.99
Current Price: $99.99

FoodSaver V2244 Advanced Design Vacuum Sealer, Black
List Price: $99.99
Current Price: $69.99

Seal-A-Meal FSSMBF0626 11-Inch by 18-Foot Seal-a-Meal Rolls, 2-Pack
List Price: $19.99
Current Price: $12.99

FoodSaver T000-18003 V3860 SmartSeal Vacuum-Sealer Kit
List Price: $299.99
Current Price: $149.99

FoodSaver V3880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System
List Price: $299.99
Current Price: $179.99 or &194.90, depending on whom you ask! ;) or maybe, on where you are. The Amazon notification says the first, the page (for me) says the second.


A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing & Smoking Meat, Fish & Game
List Price: $16.95
Current Price: $2.99

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