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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Books Available Sept 23, 2012

Disaster Survival & Emergency Preparedness - Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

ESCAPE!: The Preppers Guide to Bugging Out

Be Ready For Disaster Survival - Nine Essential Emergency Disaster Supplies

Make The Dough Illustrated Volume 1: Basic Whole Wheat

How To Make Perfect Pastry Dough - Every Time (Victoria House Bakery Secrets)

Raising Chickens In Your Backyard: A No-Fluff Guide To Chicken Breeds, Coops, Runs, Tractors And More

Chainmail Made Easy: Beginner's Guide in 7 Easy Steps!

YOUR FIRST BASIC HANDGUN TRAINING CLASS: What Can You Expect To Learn? plus 3 Things It MUST Teach

Transporting And Preparing Your Venison After Deer Hunting

The Practical Guide to Wwoofing: Volunteering with W.W.O.O.F - 'WORLD WIDE OPPORTUNITIES/ WILLING WORKERS ON ORGANIC FARMS'
WWOOF is a real organization of/for volunteers on organic farms. They are in my area too and I read about them in my local paper. I bet a lot of them volunteer in order to learn hands-on organic farming. It may be an excellent prepping activity!

How to Survive an Economic Depression (The Collected Works of CJS Hayward)


Margaret's Ark
Highly rated. “thousands of people wake from the same dream, angels instructing them to build a biblical ark in their front yard, or the town square or little league field. Anywhere, to prepare for the worst natural disaster to strike the world since the days of Noah.” A review: “a finalist for the 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel, has taken a different approach to the usual religious apocalypse stories. This is not the Rapture -- this is a natural disaster that will change the world forever. "

Gaia's Tears
“Global warming. Climate change. You can argue about it all you want, but it's coming and you can't stop it as the residents of a small New England town find out in the not-too-distant future. Love, death, hunger and elephants all abound in this surreal tale where God might just be a liquor salesman from Albuquerque.”

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