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Friday, September 21, 2012

Books Available Sept 21, 2012 TONS!

Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents; Disaster Survival for the Family
This has over 365 pages of info on prepping. Please see the Look Inside feature on the link to see the long index. I like the dedication: “Dedicated to my mother: Claire, you do the praying, I’ll do the prepping.” And here’s the author’s bio page: James Mushen Bio Page Quote: This “book was the result of the concern James has for his 90 year old mother that lives 12 short miles from a nuclear power plant that was constructed on an earthquake fault in the middle of prime wild-fire country."

The Basic Prepping Guide
”This book is certainly not for advanced preppers, however, if you're new to prepping, this is a great place to get started!”

Basic Freshwater Fishing: Step-By-Step Guide to Tackle and Know-How That Catch the Favorite Fish in Your Area
Not available to Canada, I don’t know where else.

Sea Angling Mackerel & Garfish

Rattling And Calling Techniques For Deer Hunting

The Forex Lifestyle: An Introduction to the Fascinating World of Currency Trading


Raised Bed Intensive Garden: How To Build One For Self Sufficiency


How To Make Soap: A No-Fluff Guide To Sustainable In-Home Soap Making


The Cure For Heart Disease (and Cancer too)

Rebuilding the Temple: Revolutionary Health Change

How To Increase Testosterone Naturally - 10 Ways To Boost Testosterone Levels


Crucible: A novel of an Australian in World War 1
Originally published in 1935 by a veteran of WWI, novelized but largely taken from his own experiences. “It takes the reader to the trenches and their horrors, as well as to life behind the lines in occupied France. The camaraderie, intense friendships and occasional tensions among the Diggers who lived and died together in France is vividly portrayed, and young John Fairbairn finds himself faced with the painful dilemmas of love and betrayal that war so often brings in its train.… It won the RSL Prize for an Australian War Novel in 1935, the year it was published.”


The Real Crisis 2008
”The author of this book is an 88 year old grandfather whose life has spanned the 20th century and the greatest explosion of technological development in human history. As a keen observer and participant he has watched individual technologies develop and the effect they have had on the lives of Americans. In particular, the social and economic problems that each technological development created. While technology created advantages in affluent living that are evident to all, certain side effects occurred which are not so evident, but were at the root of the 2008 crash and now threaten to create a worldwide depression.”

How to Control People: Political Manipulation
American based. Appears anti-Democrat. “The lessons in this text are valuable to those who seek to defend themselves from political manipulation.”

Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement

The Hillbilly Bible: John's Book
Just for fun.

The Five Habits of Highly Effective Honeybees (and What We Can Learn from Them): From "Honeybee Democracy" (Princeton Shorts)
”In a world where every second counts, how better to stay up-to speed on current events and digest the kernels of wisdom found in the great works of the past? Princeton Shorts enables you to be an instant expert in a world where information is everywhere but quality is at a premium. (This book) does just that.”

Tough Tactics for Tough Times: How to Maintain Business Success in Difficult Economic Conditions

Leadership Under Pressure: Tactics from the Front Line
Written by a colonel, “In this very personal view of leadership, you can find out how to maintain morale in tough times, deal with a crisis, show courage to colleagues and lead others by your example, whilst discovering the importance of planning for a VIP visit and how to negotiate with a warlord…” Also a print book.

Working with the Enemy: How to Survive and Thrive with Really Difficult People

How People Tick: A Guide to Over 50 Types of Difficult People and How to Handle Them

Easy Lie Detection
”This book will guide everyone from the general public to experienced professionals in detecting lies and deception. It covers both Verbal Content Analysis and Non-Verbal Behavior Analysis (body language). While much of the material is designed for use in a formal interview setting, a significant amount of the methods and indicators can be used in everyday life to detect if someone is lying to you or deceiving you.”


The Flu (A Novel of the Outbreak)
“Though mankind has anticipated its resurfacing for some time, (we are) ill prepared. Mutated and with a vengeance, the Spanish Flu returns. In a world blackened with plague, a glimmer of light exists in the small town of Lodi, Ohio. They shine as a sanctuary because they are ‘flu-free’ … It becomes a fight against what is morally right or wrong in an increasingly difficult battle to stay healthy and alive until the flu has run its course.”

North To Disaster
"Alaska’s dramatic mountains are unforgiving and treacherous for small airplanes, especially in rough weather. Johnny’s story takes you inside a strange new world survived by only a select few."

The Wave
"Terrorists have planted a latent explosive material in the popular device (new Smartphone) that will be detonated during the Christmas holidays. Alerted to the danger, a last ditch effort is launched by authorities and others to have the Wave taken off the market. Social networking as civil defense is born. But the clock is ticking."

A Thousand Years of Darkness: a Thriller
“speculative political action-adventure thriller ripped from today's headlines and based on actual current events. Police Detective James Nail is wounded and his daughter murdered in an attack that also kills 'right-wing' TV personality Jerry Baer. As Nail and Baer's producer, Sharon Lowenthal, team up to track down the shooters, they discover a conspiracy that leads to an international cartel of "One Worlders" and may implicate the President of the United States. Falsely accused of terrorism, they must keep one step ahead of Homeland Security to stay alive, bring down the traitors, and save the nation.” A reviewer calls it “a fast-paced read of the near future looming ahead if we don't appreciate our country and constitution.”

GOG – an End Time Mystery
Description on link includes a link to a radio interview with the author. This book is a thriller but also is billed as “a dark satire for an age when the righteous and ruthless shape our world, Gog – an End Time Mystery is written with a rare insight into Egyptian life, Middle Eastern geopolitics, and disinformation."

“From the ashes of the Third Civil War rose a new leader and a new nation, free from the tyranny and oppression of the East. The Exalted One promised the citizens freedom, independence, and the gift of Enlightenment, in return for total obedience to ‘The State.’ Seventeen-year-old James Schylus has always lived to serve the State, but as starvation devastates the population, he’s forced to confront the truth: that the world he knows and loves is nothing more than a fa├žade. He must choose to remain and die, or betray his country, his people, and his dear leader by journeying to that country in the east, to America.”

Heckel Casey
“Former high school teacher Heckel Casey knows how civilization collapsed in this post-apocalyptic world. And he knows who is responsible for the evil that has nearly decimated humanity. His journey across the country slowly reveals that there is a power growing inside of him that is strong enough to confront the evil and eliminate it. ... Encountering attacks from hellish snakes, demonic bikers, violent tempests, not to mention self-doubt, deception and betrayal, Heckel must overcome these ‘bumps’ in the road to lead his companions to the ultimate battle to save humanity.”

Darkening Danger
“In the absence of the sun the two must endure the death of technology as the darkness triggers electrical blackouts, hallucinations, and death. Together, with a killer on the loose, they attempt to survive through the blackened days without sleep and prepare for a journey in which they are sure to face a fallen government, famine, and a revolution giving birth to militia strongholds.” “A short story prequel to upcoming Concealed”

Rumors of Savages
Story of a television team sent into the jungle, having to survive without real experience. Author is a former Peace Corps volunteer with experience to draw upon. Very highly rated.

Volumes 1, 3, and 4 have been listed here previously. “Immersed in her captor's apocalyptic ideology, Katrina learns that they're on crusade to bring peace to the Middle East--no matter what the cost. If she can't prevent their misguided ploy, a scourge will befall humanity, redefining our interpretation of the word MANKIND. In an attempt to prevent Armageddon, IT'S CREATED!!!”

Shade on the Run
“When liberty has been lost, people in chains need a hero. The time is the future…a nightmare future of dictatorship and oppression. Shade—a mysterious man who has helped to liberate so many others—finds himself captured by the regime...And then begins a deadly game of cat and mouse…An enslaved people, desperately seeking liberation, look for the man they call…SHADE.”

And the Hand of God
“The world is experiencing Mother Nature’s wrath worse than it has ever seen. Jared, the quiet loner with a past, survives the natural devastation of his neighborhood. With everything gone, Jared sets out to re-establish his life. After stumbling upon Lily, a boisterous woman with some demons of her own, Jared does everything within his power to survive and to keep her safe along the way. “

Run for your Life!! Thirteen stories of dystopia and panic!
Looks like something for everyone here.

The Storm is Coming: An Anthology
Anthology by many writers. “Storms can come out of a clear blue sky, or they can build over a long period. They can take many forms, all terribly destructive: a tornado or hurricane that destroys all your belongings, an abusive spouse who destroys your sense of well-being, or human actions that can devastate an entire society. In this collection of short stories, poetry, non-fiction, and images, you will find the range of approaching storms, and the range of emotions involved in such cataclysmic events. Within these pages you will find Mother Nature on the warpath in the form of tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and vengeful plants. You will find storms approaching in the form of an abusive spouse, a fed-up spouse, and the down-trodden. You will find murder and suicide. But, as is always the case after a storm passes, you will also find life beginning anew.”

Youth book set in post-technology world of ice. “When the seas rose and the Earth froze much knowledge was lost. And in this world of ice a little knowledge goes a long way.” The review on the bottom left (the one by Denna Holm, if it’s moved on the page by the time you see it) has a really good description. By the way, the “wizards” with “magic” in the description are actually teens with technological knowledge. This actually sounds like quite a good book.

The Core (The Diamond Mini-Series, Book 2)
This is the second in a series of dystopian short stories. It follows on from Under Ground (The Diamond Mini-Series) which was posted here on July 14.
            Description from a review: ” Under Ground and The Core, both written by J.M. Zuniga, are part of the Diamond Mini Series. In Under Ground we meet the main characters of Diamond, Obsidian, Mica, and Kelvin, whose parents all work together as geologists in a small mining town. Diamond and Sid (Obsidian) are the best of friends and rely on each other for practically everything. When their parents decide that their evacuation drill is no longer for practice, Diamond and Sid, along with both of their five year old siblings, are rushed into the safety of an impenetrable underground shelter, designed by their parents for this exact reason.
Diamond knows immediately that they will never see their parents again, but she knows that they must be strong for their small wards. Diamond and Sid are now responsible for not only their own lives, but the lives of two small children. When their shelter is found, they realize that the people trying to break in are looking for something specific. They want what Diamond and Sid's parents hid away in their shelter. This prize that they seek cannot fall into the wrong hands. Diamond and Sid must find a way to keep what's left of their families safe, as well as the coveted prize. “

The Fanatics' World Ending
”Two fanatics build a space station in a neighborhood. They think that the world is coming to an end in ten days, humor and drama.”

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