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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Books Available Sept 18, 2012 Also reply to problems with email subscription....

First, I would like to thank those unknown reader/s who made some fairly significant purchases on Amazon after clicking on links here, yesterday. I really appreciate that support! :) Thank you so much!

And, I sincerely apologize for not replying before now to Anonymous who wrote: 

"I found your free eBook lists through MD's blog and from there this website which I visit daily. I love the service you provide! I decided to subscribe, thinking that I would receive your daily post soon after you create the new list. I live in the U. S. Central Time Zone and am finding your daily email arriving in my inbox between 3 and 5 A.M. the following day. This seems to be the case no matter what time of day you post your update. This has happened pretty consistently since I subscribed. By that time many of the books no longer are free. So I still visit this site to get my information. Something seems amiss with the service scheduling the transmission time of your daily post. I hope you can get your posts to your subscribers to be triggered as you publish your daily updates."

Thank you, Anonymous, for your encouragement; I'm so happy you like the blog and so wish notifications would work better than that. The issue of when notification emails arrive seems to be beyond my control. It seems to be an automatic service that Blogger or Google systems provide, and I don't know why it would take so long! That's pretty crazy. I will try to contact Google about it but I don't have a lot of faith that my voice will be heard in the big machine.

I did test another option, using Google Reader, and how long posts take to show up there.  When I tested it it took about an hour, which isn't immediate, but at least it's the same day.  You may know all about Google Reader; it's very easy to use.  I use it for almost all blogs I read and it keeps things all together in one place and saves time navigating and figuring what I've read already.  There are other readers too, but I don't know about them.  

So, I just did a little more research (I didn't do it before because I thought there was nothing I could do. Sorry!) and I know almost nothing about feeds.  But I did follow some setting links and set up a Feedburner link here: I don't know how to use Feedburner at all or whether using this will be any improvement, but if you or any other subscribers are familiar with it, maybe you could give me some feedback. 

Upon further looking, it seems like Feedburner is the service used by Google that is doing the slow notification.  I just can't decipher it all out very well.

The only other thing I could suggest is bookmarking the blog in your Bookmarks Bar or whatever it's called in your browser.  I keep all the blogs that are time-sensitive (i.e. they change/expire every day) at the top of my browser there so I can be reminded to check them every day.

Please, everyone, give us feedback on all this, and what works for you.  Thank you!

Now for today's books:

Prep School: Prepping For Your Period

Field Dressing Your Deer and Preparing it for the Taxidermist - Deer Hunting Books

Natural Cures for Common Conditions: Learn How to Stay Healthy and Help the Body Naturally Using Alternative Medicine, Herbals, Vitamins, Fruits and Vegetables

Herbs For Energy

Indoor Garden For Your Home: A No-Fluff Guide To Vertical Gardening And Other Small Garden Ideas

Bread Made Easy: Delicious and Simple Handmade Artisan Bread (The Art of Baking Series)

Duck Gumbo to Barbecued Coon: A Southern Game Cookbook
”You won’t need exotic, hard-to-find ingredients to prepare these dishes. The only exotic thing here is the game itself—everything from deer, bear, turkey, rabbit, dove, quail, duck, goose and squirrel to beaver, raccoon, nutria, woodcock, wild hog, rail, coot, moorhen, gallinule, snipe, muskrat, crow and possum.”

Home Canning : Step By Step Guide To Home Canning And Preserving Perfect Home Canning Recipes
I don’t know how much helpful information can be in 37 pages here, but, just in case…

Revolution (S01E01) Pilot Review: Charlie's Journey from Fighting Monroe to Finding Miles
Info about the blackout show Revolution, that starts soon.


Series, all three free today.

Yellow Green Beret : Stories of an Asian-American Stumbling Around U.S. Army Special Forces
“Each vignette is a standalone anecdote; sometimes there’s a lesson, sometimes it’s just for a laugh. He reminisces his West Point and Special Forces training, working with various militaries in Southeast Asia, and serving in Iraq and the Philippines, as well as general tidbits of military life.”
Yellow Green Beret, Volume II: Stories of an Asian-American Stumbling around U.S. Army Special Forces
”his accounts follow the painful road he took to reach the position of elite counterterrorist commander, and reveal his fleeting moments of fortitude and determination, despite having the odds often stacked against him. Again spanning his days as a young and naive West Point cadet to his later years as a counterterrorist commander in Iraq and the Philippines, Wong lays out stories that range from ...singing lessons... to the palpable nervousness and fog of war on his first helicopter raid to capture one of Iraq’s most dangerous insurgent leaders. Never hesitating to point out the difficulties and lessons he learned along the way…”
Yellow Green Beret Volume III: Stories of an Asian-American Stumbling Around U.S. Army Special Forces (Yellow Green Beret : Stories of an Asian-American Stumbling Around U.S. Army Special Forces),
“Volume III is a true and honest revelation regarding the darkest sides of Chester Wong’s path and experiences as an unsure West Point cadet on his way becoming a leader in one of wartime America’s most elite and cutting edge counterterrorist forces.”

With Deepest Regrets
“controversial and independently published memoir by former Army sniper Robin Michael Smith, which details the failed mission to assassinate Saddam Hussein. In an attempt to put his troubled youth behind him, Smith joins the U.S. Army. He becomes a scout sniper and a team leader. A few years into his military service, Smith is sent on an assassination mission that changes his life forever. The failed operation leads him into a world of contempt, disillusion, and strained images, which force him to question what is left of his life and the world around him.”

The Princess of Kosovo
”former 82nd Airborne paratrooper Brendan Walsh powerfully composes his short, heartfelt memoir about trying to keep the peace in a merciless, war-torn town and the little girl he befriends while serving there. Far from your common war memoir, Walsh drags you into the rubble-strewn streets of Kamenica where assassinations and firefights are daily occurrences and introduces Majlinda, a sweet little girl with a story and a dream.”


Winter Kill - War With China Has Already Begun
Good news, here it is again! I can’t find where I listed it here before; maybe it was in a comment post on another site instead, just before this blog began. In any case, this would probably be the book that inspired this, if there is a single one. Although I still haven't got far into the book as I don’t even have a Kindle myself, as much as I know so far it's the one closest in plot and emphasis to how I’d like a book to be. Extra- long synopsis below.

        ”In (this) terrifyingly plausible military techno-thriller…you will be immediately drawn into the strong characters of this richly detailed adventure. As the pace accelerates, you will become wrapped up in the action at the local level. At the same time, your thirst for the economic, geopolitical and military context of the war will be thoroughly satisfied. With unexpected developments and twists, this story will confront you with the daunting challenge of surviving in the Winter Kill world, just as it confronted the people of the Sunshine Coast communities of the Pacific Northwest and numerous strategic locations around the world.
        “When the Nuclear Extinction War...begins, it comes as a complete surprise to just about everybody. But for retired military planner, Casey Callaghan, it represents the culmination of the worst case scenario which he had feared was inevitable – and one for which he had made extensive preparations. His motivation is the security of his wife and five small children, his extended family and as many of his friends and neighbors as he can save. The world is faced with the unimaginable devastation of a global nuclear winter which kills off 95% of humankind like the winter kill of a crop in nature. Survival has suddenly become very personal.
         “After reading Winter Kill, when you consider our relationship with China you might see, as Casey Callaghan does, that we are blindly rushing towards catastrophe... You will also find yourself reflecting on real world events such as the Arab Spring, the steady rise in the price of gold and the talk of an attack on Iran as subjects well explored in Winter Kill…”

Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala
Just a few days ago I posted Volume Two of this here.  Apparently you do need to read the first one first, and here it is. The books are by the same author as Winter Kill - War With China Has Already Begun above. They are about a child getting lost in the wilderness and the father’s journey to find her.

Operation Centrifuge
“Operation Centrifuge takes Agent Locke into Africa, China and North Korea as he pursues terrorists bent on starting World War III!”

The Journey Begins (The Long Journey Home)
This is the first of three books (the other two aren't free at the moment.)  The whole story is this:
“Brad, a US Navy SEAL stationed in Djibouti, wakes up one morning to find everyone else on the base dead…(He) cannot contact anyone anywhere. All he hears are a few automated distress calls. Brad takes care of his dead and readies himself for a trip…He takes an Armed, Computerized Patrol Boat and heads… (around Asia) to the Bearing Straits. … he follows the coast down to Washington. There he gets another vehicle and starts across country to Jacksonville. He finds out that roughly ten percent of the world's population is still alive. With no law enforcement left and all the world's weapons just laying around for anyone to pick up, chaos reigns. Women and children become currency. A human life is worth less than nothing. Along the way Brad picks up a crew of people he has rescued from dire straits. He finds out that the Journey Home is going to take a lot longer than he thought.”  Book One must be approximately the first third of this story.
Book Two On The Pacific Rim (The Long Journey Home) is, I gather, the middle part where "In this tale of an Apocalyptic Earth, Brad and his crew continue on their way to Jacksonville, Florida in the USA. However, a stop over in Vietnam brings them a few problems. Vika, a Russian lieutenant and Earl an MIA from the Vietnam War in the 60's and 70's make an appearance. Between the Army and Navy of New Vietnam, Slave Traders, Pirates, and General Run of the Mill Scum, Brad has his hands full.  Book Three, Hong Kong Trade Off (The Long Journey Home) I gather finishes it up.

Alpha To Omega The Beginning To The End
It's the end of the 21st century. The world is spiralling into chaos. World organisations are crumbling, diplomatic tensions are at an all time high and world war three is just moments away. A secret project is put in motion by the United States government to protect the future of the country. But when changes occur that were unforeseeable the fate of the entire planet rests upon a young couple.

Unmanned drones used to hunt treasure in the Caribbean appear to have been appropriated by a drug cartel. “Then a research trip goes violently wrong, and James finds himself stranded deep in the Colombian jungle, on the run from brutal drug lords. But things don't get truly desperate until he stumbles upon what's really going on. Because that just might be the end of the world as we know it...”

A Box of Rocks
“…a mild-mannered scientist is way out of his league. His attempts to locate some old and mysteriously disappearing friends from college place him at the center of the inexplicable, global-scale machinations of their most successful classmate, a reclusive genius obsessed with the uncertainty of humanity’s future. “

The Emergence
“For 11-year-old…Derek Choate, his world changes when he discovers a mysterious haze rising from the forest outside of his small hometown in the rural Midwest. At first, the haze is treated as a curiosity, but soon it spreads, eventually obscuring the land across every continent and absorbing all surface water on the planet.
As society breaks down from this unrelenting natural disaster, Derek and his family try to survive even as an opportunistic cult takes up residence in the town church. … How long can Derek last on his own as he tries to navigate the hardships and hazards that await in the haze?”


The Great Collapse
“The story opens at the commencement of a global economic crisis much like that of 2008, but worse. The ensuing chaos in Britain provides fertile ground for the rise of a populist party that eventually is elected into government. A ruthless and bloody power struggle follows. The party is penetrated at a high level by an agent, employed by a cabal of Establishment figures, whose task is to destroy it as a political force. The result is assassinations, betrayal of trust and cold-blooded murder…The story takes the form of a history, written after the events. ”
Previous Price: $2.99 (Print list price $14.42)
Current Price: $1.25

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