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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Books Available Sept 20, 2012

Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina
This book “finds the author caught in the vicious storm, Hurricane Katrina, and eventually becoming trapped as a tourist inside the New Orleans Superdome - with 25,000 other helpless people. This incisive story presents Harris's observations of human behavior at its best and at its worst … the first non-fiction book describing the actual conditions in the Louisiana Superdome from someone who was there, and discusses where the media got it right and wrong about the environment within. The author, a San Diego tourist, tried to leave … immediately after the evacuation order took place but he discovered that the Airport, Amtrak, and Greyhound stations has all closed the day before the evacuation and two days prior to the storm. It also explores the preferential treatment that the author received when he joined a group of international tourists who were also trapped in the Superdome and their eventual smuggling out to the Sports Arena next door and then the Hyatt Regency Hotel. …Included are tips for anyone to be better prepared for a natural or unnatural disaster as well as suggestions to Disaster Preparedness authorities on how to better meet the needs of those in the disaster zone.”

Proper Shot Placement For Deer Hunting

Growing Edible Mushrooms
“a detailed account of TEN popular edible mushrooms and their production practices. There are SIX steps involved in mushroom growing and these steps are, preparation of mushroom compost, pasteurization of compost, spawning, casing, pinning and cropping.”

Introduction to Keeping and Breeding Chickens

Compost, Leafmould and Wormeries - a Guide to Home Composting

The Average Joe's Guide To Indoor Worm Composting

Goat Housing, Bedding, Fencing, Exercise Yards And Pasture Management Guide (Goat Knowledge)

Jerusalem Artichoke: Production and Marketing
includes post-harvest management (storing)

Growing Herbs for Aromatherapy
Index shows 1 page per herb; there are 21 herbs covered. I don’t know if one page is enough to be that helpful. Please comment if you get the book and can make a judgement on this.

Make Your Own Garlic Powder (Wait, What?? I Can Do That?)

How to Purify Your Drinking Water
written from a modern society point of view and not SHTF, but still may have helpful info.

Ten Vegetables I Used to Hate, and How I Learned to Love Them (Wait, What? I Can Do That??)

Chutney Making - Traditional and Modern Recipes
Chutney is a “useful way of using up windfall apples, green tomatoes and other end-of-season fruit such as rhubarb and courgette (zucchini) that you may have a glut of.”

Honest Guide to Buying a Car - How to Get the Best Deals and Never Worry About Being Ripped Off Again
by founder of


Patterns of Disintegration. The EU and the Emerging European Order (Contemporary Studies)

Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse
“This book introduces a revolutionary concept regarding the society of Freemasons that is eye-opening to say the least. The Preface is a non-fictional narrative that integrates factual symbolism with mystic prophecies that parallel with current events taking place in today’s world. (The author) starts with a testimony he gave to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in August 2012.“ Please take a quick look at the description and the review (which describes a bit more) for more info.

Book 5: Paying for Government (Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations: A 21st Century Translation and Commentary)

The Peaceful Patriot
“This is a pamphlet that examines the rhetoric which is used to justify the war on terror and which is being used to attempt to justify a war with Iran. It contains a simple methodology that can be used by anyone to help nudge other Americans back to common sense and good foreign policy. In addition to 9,000 original words, this pamphlet also contains the Bill of Rights and portions of both Eisenhower's "Military Industrial Complex" speech and George Washington's farewell address.”

(See also first book of this post.)

Wartime:  When You Come Home: The True Love Story Of A Soldier's Heroism, His Wife's Sacrifice and the Resilience of America's Greatest Generation (Historical Romance)
recommended by Tom Brokaw


The Crazy Woman Ranch
“Jason and Clara Colt watched as their parents were massacred, their wagon burned, and their sister taken hostage by Indians. At the tender age of twelve, Jason must become a man and not only take care of his three-year-old smaller sister, but also rescue his fifteen-year-old bigger sister. With the help of a clever elderly woman, he just might be able to do it.”

Adventures of the Tornado Kid: Whirling Home Toward Timeless Values
YA. “James' family has forgotten his birthday . . . Then disaster strikes: a tornado rips through town the same day. Overcome by desperation yet empowered into inspiration, he turns a tremendous tragedy into a powerful, exciting adventure to seek, find and finally, GIVE the answers his family and community need to mend. Join James and his gal-pal, Alisha, as they change their town, their parents and their families' . . . forever. “

Camp Tough, Lessons Learned The Hard Way
“Two fathers form a plan to set their sons free to become self-reliant at an isolated camp site owned by Mathew located on a river in the back country of Alberta, Canada. The boys are faced with living in the wilderness by themselves, without any communications or electricity, and facing their issues alone with no adult supervision. Can they endure weeks and weeks of such solitude? There are lessons to be learned...the hard way.”

The Caliphate: a short story
Short. “When a terrorist organization stages a bloody takeover of a Canadian city, two friends are forced to confront their innermost demons--and each other.”

Doomsday Book or is it “Doomsday Clock?”

Complicated plot about Iran, oil, money, neo-Nazis, Israeli arsonists, nuclear terrorism and the threat of nuclear war between Middle East and the West.

Target: Earth
Asteroid disaster. From a review: "Target: Earth is a story of a group of survivalist families who have been preparing their 'bug out' retreat without a specific incident in mind of when they may need it. They had purchased together a property in the desert ..."

Sky of Dust: The Last Weapon
Part 1 of 3, set in 70 years post-“apocalypse” America. (The apocalypse was invasion and moving to the Eastern mountains.) See the Prologue in the Look Inside option on the book’s page to see a more in-depth description of the world and the “apocalypse”. Looks interesting. “When Dalyn, a fourteen year old boy growing up in the post apocalyptic state of Renatus, discovers that his dad was alive after five years of being missing, he is forced on an adventure to find the truth about himself and how to control his unusual abilities. Action, adventure, loyalty, betrayal, hate, and love await Dalyn and his friends as the mysteries of the Renatus government are unraveled, revealing a startling truth. Fans of The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson series will enjoy this fast paced journey.” (It looks like books 2 and 3 haven’t been published yet.)

The Twilight Years
Short. “The earth is dying. In the future, mankind has decimated the planet. The pressure of population has forced half of humanity to live in underground cities. In an effort to survive, the ecosystem has dramatically changed. It has branched out into three distinct climatic zones. To help its equilibrium, sixty percent of what would have fallen on the planet as water, is now falling as snow in the north and south poles.
Against this background, a water terrorist group is holding the world to ransom with a nuclear bomb placed in the arctic. Chosen for their various skills and knowledge, four men and four women are thrown together in a race against time to diffuse the bomb in the arctic. A far greater crisis awaits humanity. The moon’s orbit around the earth is changing. The new trajectory will send the moon crashing into the planet. For humanity and the earth, those last few years will be their twilight years.”

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