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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Books Available July 5, 2012

Another "apology" (in quotation marks because I know that probably no one is that bothered about it!)....Yesterday I had only a few minutes in the morning, and unlike usually, had not even a minute in the rest of the day to come back to finish the list, with seeing people off at the airport, straight to a funeral, then straight into preparations for an important evening meeting.  Today it took more than twice as long, with having to go through yesterday's books as well.  It's getting a bit disheartening, I've been at it most of the day now. Anyway, I had to merge with the list I started yesterday, so please double-check the prices in case I missed one that's not free any more.

This may well be the longest list ever.  Enjoy!

The Lost Art of Prepping (Prepping Communities and Self Reliance)
"This book takes a more psychological approach of how to begin preparing for any disaster or event."

How to Build a Small A-Frame Greenhouse with PVC Pipe & Plastic Sheeting for Less than $50

"a booklet that draws on the experience of a Full Timer who has lived in a motorhome for over 7 years. The booklet covers all aspects of the true freedom of caravaning or motorhoming and is full of useful tips and advice so that it is not only a book for those interested in full timing but for anyone interested in caravanning or motor-homing."

Going Green with Clean! Homemade Cleaning Products Using Green Recipes

Get Car Repairs for Free. Tips and tricks to maximize your cars warranty and extended warranty.
Short. "An industry insider shares things that your service department doesn’t want you to know."

Emergency Medicine: Pediatric Head Injuries/Migraines (Audio-Digest Foundation Emergency Medicine Continuing Medical)

On the Precipice
A look at the book of Hosea and how it may apply to America's situation today


It Doesn't Get Dark Until Midnight
a story of survival in the Alaskan wilderness.

Population Zero (A Doomsday Thriller)
"Dr. Bob Brady has made the horrific discovery that almost everyone born after the year 2005 is sterile. A genetically modified crop, already fully incorporated into the world food supply, is causing second-generation sterility. Just when he thinks he will set the world on fire with his findings, Bob learns that others know this dark secret. Are the Believers of the Order a crackpot doomsday group or does the conspiracy run far deeper? When nefarious forces begin to descend upon Bob with a vengeance, he must not only fight for his life, but for humanity itself."

"A deadly influenza virus rages out of control...With no workforce, power plants are unmanned so there’s no means of communication; police and fire departments have collapsed so no one is safe; looters are scavenging everything from big-screen TVs to canned peas. When Dr. Taeya Sanchez finds herself unceremoniously dismissed from an emergency medical facility in New York, she decides to steal the hospital’s armored van for a midnight escape. Unfortunately, Rick DeAngelo, a driver for the hospital, has already stocked the van for his own getaway. Thrown into an unfriendly alliance, these two must pick their way across the dangerous wasteland of America in search of a safe haven."

Cracks in the Ceiling
An anthology of punchy short stories are "set in the turbulent times of the post Global Financial Crisis world. Intriguing and at times twisted, these tales delve behind the facades of modern life to uncover the real struggles, hopes and dreams of ordinary people."

Akel Dama (Book 9 of the Jay Leicester Mysteries Series)
National terrorist plot, small town U.S.A.

Intersection of Broken Paths, A Nation of Lies Novel
Thriller that exposes “a shadow government that is behind a centuries-old conspiracy to take over this country.” (USA)

Armageddon-2419 A.D.
"Novella which first appeared in the August 1928 issue of the pulp magazine Amazing Stories...After conquering the US and Canada, the 'Airlords of Han' ruled North America as a province of the world empire from fifteen great cities they established across the continent. They ignored the Americans who were left to fend for themselves in the forests and mountains as their advanced technology prevented the need for slave labor. From time to time, they raid American land "to keep the 'wild' Americans on the run within the shelter of their forests, and prevent their becoming a menace to the Han civilization.  Living in cooperative gangs and hiding in the forests from the Hans, Americans secretly rebuild their civilization and develop the new technologies "ultron" and "inertron". (credit: wikipedia)

America Rising
"America Rising is a novel for our times, a novel of audacity and hope, where “change you can believe in” is more than just a slogan. It is not a screed. It’s a story of people banding together to ensure, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, that “government of the people, by the people and for the people will not perish from the earth.”"

The Twenty (Barronlands Trilogy)
Dystopian drama set "in a time when infertility runs rampant and babies are no longer being born...
When twenty women, known as the Elect, become pregnant," Hazel hears about a government conspiracy and "begins the unraveling of secrets that uncover things from her past, threatening her future. "

Lesson One: Revolution!

We Are Elephants
A post-apocalyptic thriller that is "a road story about teenage love, mutant dogs, an insane old hunter, feverish hallucinations, Middle America and the end of the world.

Everything is cold and barren. Fifteen-year-old Michael and his younger brother John are violently forced into the desolate frontier of Middle America—at first simply trying to stay alive. However, an act of goodwill deep within the Ohio wilderness sets off a chain of events that propels the brothers from state to state, trying to outrun a master-tracker who has become known only as The Huntsman."

Righteous Wrath Unit 000 -- Cyber/Drone War Unleashed
Cyber/Drone War Unleashed Between the United States and the People's Republic of China.  Ames's "ability to concentrate – a rare commodity in a world filled with attention deficit disorder babies – and his unusually fast reflexes made him a prime candidate for the...Righteous Wrath Unit 000."

The Last Election
from review: " the events in this story centers around the final presidential election in the United States before the alleged end time of 2012. There is a lot of action and parts of it almost had an Indiana Jones feel, with archeology and ancient prophecies and mysteries. The plot was wonderful, but I really felt like the characters drove this story."

The Aztlan Project (1/3)
"A powerful thriller that tries to reveal the truth behind the Swine Flu outbreak. An exciting story mixing mystery, conspiracy and history."  

Pandora's Genes
"a post-holocaust romantic adventure novel set in the late 21st century. The world of Pandora's Genes and of its sequel, Pandora's Children ($2.92), is devastated after an oil-spill disaster has led to the end of civilization. Many animal and insect species are extinct or mutated, and there are no remnants of what we consider modern technology.  The spread of a deadly new disease that selectively kills women is the plot point that sets the story in motion."

The Wails of Mother Earth (Children of the Fall)
"There is no law. There is no morality. There is no peace. Compassion is a weakness, and Faith is insanity. Such is the world of Thomas Fremont. Struggling to survive in the desolate terrain of southwestern America, all he knows is violence and cruelty.  It has been ten years since the government abandoned the region, collapsing into anarchy. Ten years of pain and fear. In this land, Thomas is but a slave, pressed into serving at the whim of the occupation forces left over from the fall.  All he wants is peace and safety from the endless violence. But such blessings come with a price..."

Faith of the Unforgotten (Foundations of Hope Trilogy)
"For four hundred years, the Great Pulse Storms have made it impossible for electricity to exist on Earth. Now fifteen-year-old Rebekah Ann Smith has been placed at the forefront of a battle against an attacking lizard species. Can the Gifts given by God save them from the impending human desolation?"

Starts with end-of-world: "During the late twenty-second century, Earth had been plunged into a major ice age. Facing certain doom, civilizations worldwide were rapidly disintegrating as global temperatures dropped. The general population took to rioting in a desperate display of panic and fear. Blood was freely flowing in the streets and the value of life plummeted to near zero."  Follows on with resettling on other planets, so, sci-fi.

The Awakening
"The Awakening is a futuristic thriller with supernatural elements. Violet Kromer is a housekeeper in a ratty hotel who gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she does a favor to someone who belongs to a secret society. Samuel Simmons is an online college student majoring in homeland security whose biggest goal in life is to get laid. Through an unforeseen series of events, they end up on the same side of the fight to wake up a planet drowning in pollution, death, and destruction."

Scorched Dawn (Part 1 of Zombie Apocalypse Sci-Fi Series)
Very short.  Zombies are not exactly realistic but may be someone's cup of tea.

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