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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Books Available July 26, 2012

Simple Emergency Food Storage

The Evolution of the Future Revisited
”an update of the 1991 book that uses basic principles of sociology and a thorough background in history to evaluate and critique the forecasts of the ecologists, technologists, utopians and dystopians of the day. While most futurists rely upon simple trend analysis, Elwell contends that one must first understand the structure and dynamics of sociocultural systems—how the various parts of a society fit together and affect one another—before one can accurately identify the forces and likely direction of sociocultural change. There is a well-defined social evolutionary process, Elwell argues, and an understanding of this process is central in understanding the forces that are shaping the future. Revised and updated on its 21year anniversary, the book holds up remarkably well in its critiques as well as in its own unique vision of sociocultural systems and its forecasts for the future of industrial society.”

Deer Hunting Tips  
and another in the series

Canning Made Easy - Perfect Pepper Relish

How to Get to the Future Before It Gets to You
Doomsday humour, "a daring and amusing antidote to those Doomsday prophets who believe that man is destined to destroy himself and planet earth."

Regarding Freemasonry (Conspiracy Theories About Masons, Illuminati, New World Order)

PERSONAL EARTHQUAKE EXPERIENCES: Sylmar 1971, Santa Cruz 1989, Northridge 1994

Tornadoes Unit Study
For teaching kids.

Earthcaching series: Earthcaching is a form of geocaching that allows students to explore nature while learning practical lessons about earthscience. Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a GPS and other navigational techniques to hide and find caches. Good for orienteering skills! (Unless you only use GPS, and don’t learn other ways, I guess!)
Earthcaching: Meteors, Comets, Asteroids & Impact Craters (EarthCaching & EarthCaches)
Earthcaching: Volcanoes (EarthCaching & EarthCaches)
Earthcaching: Fossils (EarthCaching & Paleontology)

Financial Freedom Made Simple
”My husband and I were completely financially free and two years away from retirement by age forty. Want to know how we did it? “

US Politics, healthcare debate, not sure of political position of this book.

Audio Digest medical notes:
---Orthopaedics: Forbidding Fractures (Audio-Digest Foundation Orthopaedics Continuing Medical Education (CME).)
---Emergency Medicine: Infectious Emergencies (Audio-Digest Foundation Emergency Medicine Continuing Medical)
---Family Practice: Breathless: An Asthma Tutorial (Audio-Digest Foundation Family Practice Continuing Medical Education (CME).)
For all their free ones, see this search:
Audio Digest medical notes list, free ones listed first


”Will the new president be able to meet the challenges of a collapsing financial system? Will the administration be able to hold its governing coalition together? Will an unforeseen Constitutional crisis challenge the very substance of the government? Or will President Harding realize his greatest fear, that he is to be The Last President?”

Big Box
“A nuclear explosion sets off a series of events that will test the survival ability of some and the morality of others. Discover how a number of people, some related by blood, some by friendship and others with no relation at all eventually come together as a large extended family. Along the way they'll first have to survive the radiation before heading out in a world that is both the same and dramatically changed. Roving gangs, radioactive hot zones and carrying a rifle with you at all times become the norm.Yet, even from the destruction good people rise up and band together assuring the survival of a civil society.”

“A hoax of epic portions has befallen mankind, yet revealing the truth may result in the destruction of the world.”

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