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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Books Available July 15, 2012

Weeds, Water & Mulch (Gardening Briefs for Beginners)

Audio Digest medical notes;
--Emergency Medicine: Headache (Audio-Digest Foundation Emergency Medicine Continuing Medical)
--Neurology: Myasthenia Gravis/Cardioembolic Stroke (Audio-Digest Foundation Neurology Continuing Medical Education (CME).)
For all their free ones, see this search:
Audio Digest medical notes list, free ones listed first


The Freeze of 2060 (short story)
Short story—global freezing instead of warming

Interception - Book Two and The New Space Race - Book Three (The Comet Clement series)
about the 12 years to prepare for a comet hitting earth. Follows on from book 1, previously listed.

Counting Down
“Abigail Connelly has been having dreams about the end of the world. As news reports from all over the planet begin reporting disaster, Abby realizes it's time to take action. She flees to rural Kansas and to her family farm where she knows an old fallout shelter is buried on the property. There she meets Kyle Windstone, a very unusual farmer with equally unusual abilities. Together they will discover what it takes to survive and learn what really makes life worth fighting for.”

Final Dawn: Episode 1 (The Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Series)
“a thrilling new post-apocalyptic series that follows the journey of four people who survived the end of days. “ “Humanity has been torn asunder and brought to the edge of total annihilation in less than an hour. For those who died, it was a quick death… For those who survived, the true horror is about to begin as they struggle to not only stay alive, but find out what happened to bring such a quick end to the world as they knew it.”

Swimming in Innocence (Overlooked by Liberty)
“The United States economy has collapsed under its own debt: Politicians leveraged America's future to stay in power. Two boys armed with ideals, Butch and Thad, coalesce rebel forces to bring the country back to the virtues on which it was founded. This novel champions the individual's struggle for freedom; the freedom to choose, the freedom to strive, the freedom to fail and start anew.“

“"Crazy Ken" has developed a free energy device that harnesses the Earth's gravitational force. Only one problem--It's also a bomb. …Through a series of terrorist attacks, brownouts and blackouts, President Anderson forces the government into socializing the electric production industry. But what the people don't know is that the electric plants are being replaced by Ken's free energy device…someone has stolen a device and is threatening to destroy the world… Ken soon realizes that size does not matter as much as location. With the clock ticking and with thousands of square miles to search, Ken has to find the hypothetical needle in a haystack--or in this case, a ping-pong sized bomb in a national park larger than some states.”

After The Darkness: Episode Two
Dystopia. Part 2 of ongoing series (ends in cliffhanger). Part 1 was posted June 27,
"Even in a world of never-ending winters and permanent darkness, fourteen-year-old Nadia Comani has everything she could ever want: power, privilege, a loving family and most importantly warmth. But..."

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