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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Books Available July 14, 2012

NANO-CANNING: Specialty Jams, Jellies, and Marmalade
”Do you want to try canning but do not know where to start? Does the entire process seem time-consuming, costly, and storage prohibitive? … preserving summer’s bounty in very small batches, generally two 8 ounce jars at a time. This second Nano-Canning book offers specialty jelly, jam, and marmalade recipes on a smaller scale. Classic Pectin, No Pectin, Low Sugar, No Sugar, and High Altitude instructions are included! If you are new to canning, the full color picture glossary shows you what equipment is required as well as how to prepare fruit and what certain parts of the process look like. *Nano-canning is a great way to introduce children to canning and preserving. The small amounts and shorter timeframes make nano-canning an ideal craft project for some children with shorter attention spans. **This book is best viewed on devices that utilize Kindle Format 8 or higher such as the Kindle Fire, iPad, and PC/MAC.”

Extreme Earth: The Importance of the Geosciences in Science Teaching
Aimed at science teachers. “Extreme Earth raises questions about the nature of science, especially as it relates to climate change and plate tectonics. Global warming has been in the public eye for years now…the changes in earth’s weather and climate might, to some degree, be due to human activity…Extreme Earth is also about natural disasters that humans have no impact on the cause, but because of spread of human habitats into paths of hurricanes, and tornadoes, and along well-known fault zones, has resulted in horrendous experiences for millions of people.”

How to Compost --- Your complete guide to compost the easy way. ---- Turn you waste into amazing fertilizer!

Worm Farming ---- The Fun and Easy Way to Turn your Waste into Amazing Fertilizer!

Wanderers & Nomads: True Stories of Eccentric and Wild Explorers in the Americas (Explorers of the Americas Series)
a collection of fifteen true stories of historical adventurers and travelers in the Americas.

New observations on the natural history of bees
Old book

What Is Happening To Our Economy and ... When Will Things Get Back To Normal?

Working In The Northwest Woods
"a terrific summary of what it is really like to live your life on the outside."

How To Survive World War 3
”Terrorist Attack? Nuclear Fall out? Biological weapons? World War 3? These are increasingly likely to happen. How To Survive World War 3 is a simple step by step guide how you can survive for two weeks in your own home.”

Homeopathy for Influenza (aude sapere)

Homeopathy for Stress (aude sapere)


Lost on the Road to Nowhere
“a family-friendly adventure, recommended for anyone ages 8 and up. In this fast-paced story, four children are stranded all alone in the North Carolina wilderness… They must plan together. They must improvise when they encounter dangerous bears, nightfall, and a mysterious old woman. With snow on the ground and time running out, the four children must find a way off the road to nowhere if they are going to rescue their parents – and save themselves.

Under Ground (The Diamond Mini-Series)
“Left alone in a secret room after their parents were kidnapped, Diamond and Obsidian must take care of their younger siblings. But how? They are facing both the threat of intruders and the threat of starvation. Will they survive or will their fate fall into the hands of the intruders? Or worse yet, will they starve to death?” SHORTER STORY

The Chosen One - The Mossad in Iran
Middle East nuclear weapons/threat of war thriller

Playing Adam's Game
"Every year, the world makes a gesture for Earth Hour, and this year Adam's town is joining in. But when the power doesn't come back on, how long will it take to realize that the whole world has changed?"

A Stop on the Journey (The Stories of John Stephen Walsh)
“A wheelchair-bound man lives alone after the end of the world, prepared for a life alone. Then the strangers arrive.... A quiet character story set in a post-apocalyptic world. “ SHORT STORY

We need a Revolution
European dystopian future (military rule)

Rebirth (The Judas Syndrome)
Book two in a post-apocalyptic trilogy “one Facebook reviewer called ‘a stark and uncompromising vision of the future of our world.’” Author says, “The series…chronicle(s) the struggles and sacrifices of two generations of post-Apocalypse survivors. The sins of the father (Joel) fall upon his son and Sara both. The question is- will the legacy he left them ensure their survival or their doom?”
Listed only a week ago. Haven’t found books one and three free yet.

The Last Christian On Earth
Christian science fiction short novel

The Judas Gene
First published 1980. “a compelling and frightening medical thriller that begins in the Nazis’ experimental laboratories in Dachau during World War II. At the end of the war, the infected Jews carry into the outside world not only the instrument of their own destruction but also that of their fellow Jews. They are biological time bombs set to go off many years later. The story follows the frantic search for the perpetrator and for a way to identify and stop the virus, “cure” those infected, and protect the Jewish race from another Holocaust.”

The 11th Plague
“a compelling medical thriller that describes a biological warfare attack on the United States to keep it out of a war in the Middle East. The novel follows a heart-stopping search to identify both the mysterious microorganism that is attacking the US and the person or persons who have perpetrated this conspiracy. ‘ . . . the mysterious epizootic has killed 45,000 in two days. At this rate, the computer projects 3,000,000 fatalities a month and national extinction within a year.’ “ The 11th Plague was originally published in hardcover in 1973 (and) received an outstanding review by the New York Times

False Profits
SHORT STORY. “In this dystopian science fiction tale, a lone IRS auditor is tasked to go over the books of Chem-Trans, a company once in bankruptcy but which claims to have developed a new miracle drug that, even in the testing stage, is producing enormous profits. During the course of his investigation, Mark Edgewater is drawn into a conspiracy that could change the entire world.”

Genesis: The Last Man On Earth (and Other Stories)
Collection of short stories; the first one is about the last man on earth, seems to include zombies. Seems well written; while zombies aren't my scene some may like this.

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