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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Books Available July 25, 2012

ESCAPE!: The Preppers Guide to Bugging Out

Deer Hunting Stalking And Cover Scents
Another in the series.

The Amazing Wood-Gas Camping Stove (A Simple DIY Project)

How To Grow Vegetables Without Losing Your Mind
Using the patterns of nature to garden.

The Green Gourmet Little Book of Charcuterie : An Introduction to the Art of the Charcutier - Smoking and Curing Meats, Forcemeats, Terrines, Sausages & Blood Puddings

Fruit Flies: How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Other Household Flies


The Color of Poop ~ What Our Poop is Telling Us

The Blueprint: Averting Global Collapse


Short story. “A scientist discovers what appears to be a climate cooling trend. This is contrary to the overwhelming evidence that the climate has been warming for some time, and that human activities… are a major cause of such warming. At first, the cooling trend is dismissed as a temporary blip … Eventually a plausible explanation for this unexpected cooling trend is identified. The key question is whether anything can be done to reverse the climate cooling that’s relentlessly bringing the planet earth to the edge of a new ice age.”

Gods of Men #3 (Children of the Apocalypse)
Short story. “Jack remembers how his parents died trying to protect him and Mase from the impending apocalypse, and finding Gus and baby Lucy in the process.”

The Chip
“This short film script is a cautionary tale of our world once nano-sized biochip implants are introduced to human beings on a wide consumer scale…With implantable nanotechnology biochips increasing at an exponential rate, this short screenplay examines the concerns of those who will produce and receive electronic implants that utilizing nano technology that monitors their financial information, health statistics, and biometrics.”

BOT: Vector Two > The Green Zone (Book of Bot)
Looks like entertainment only, no educational value. ;) “Raging against the machine when you are the machine proves a very tricky business in this post-apocalyptic tale of an elusive humanoid superbot leading a renegade veteran bot-cop on an epic battle of wits and a deadly wild goose chase across America's great desert basin.”

The Lazarus Stone (Conspiracy Edit)
“It was the worst scenario imaginable, and humanity clung to its existence as best it could. In the aftermath of disaster a former soldier finds himself caught between the horror of a world gone strange and his sense of duty to protect it from those who would destroy it.” Good reviews.

Post-apocalyptic western.

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