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Monday, July 30, 2012

Books Available July 30, 2012

Weekend Homesteader: June
(I think this is the last of the Weekend Homesteader issues that hadn’t been free yet over the past 6 months! There are a couple they haven’t written yet. I also wasn’t doing this list that whole time so you may not have them all yet. )
”Do you dream of homesteading but only have a bit of time each weekend to putter in the garden? This ebook series introduces a simple but powerful project for each weekend of the year to start you off on the path to self-sufficiency. June projects include:……….Making a small worm bin (and how to use worm castings and tea in the garden)…………Surveying your site (to discover natural paths and your yard's potential)…………….Learning about nutrition (and unlearning everything you thought you knew)…………..Calculating your real hourly wage (to find out if your job's driving you into debt)……….This ebook is also appropriate for December in the southern hemisphere.”

Physical Aspects of Prepping (The Lost Art of Prepping)

Fall and Winter Gardening: 25 Organic Vegetables to Plant and Grow for Late Season Food

Raising Sheep - How We Do It And More

Chicken Diseases Help - A Guidebook on Chicken in Sickness and Health

Raised Bed Intensive Garden: How To Build One For Self Sufficiency

Vegetable Container Gardening - Made Easy

Field Dressing Your Deer and Preparing it for the Taxidermist - Deer Hunting Books

Epigenetics in Health and Disease (FT Press Science)
About genetics. See in-depth description at link.
I don’t know how useful this will be to the average self-sufficient person but I was so excited to see another FT Press book I couldn’t resist. (FT Press is a respected “proper” publisher of technical books)

When Your Spouse Dies - A Widow & Widower's Handbook (Boomer Book Series)

Surviving Death - Living to see better days
Grieving the loss of a loved one
The Global Crude Oil Addiction

Audio Digest medical study notes:
---Emergency Medicine: Neonatal Emergencies (Audio-Digest Foundation Emergency Medicine Continuing Medical)
---Family Practice: Directions for Difficult Infections (Audio-Digest Foundation Family Practice Continuing Medical Education (CME).)
---Pediatrics: Digestive Disorders/Appendicitis (Audio-Digest Foundation Pediatrics Continuing Medical Education (CME).)
---Emergency Medicine: Trauma: Part 2 (Audio-Digest Foundation Emergency Medicine Continuing Medical)
---Internal Medicine: Cardiology: Targeting Older Patients and Women (Audio-Digest Foundation Internal Medicine Continuing Medical Education (CME).)
For all their free ones, see this search:
Audio Digest medical notes list, free ones listed first


The Three Arks - Book Four of the Comet Clement series
Another in that series about preparing for a comet hitting/destroying earth. Sci-Fi. See older posts for others and a longer description.

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