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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Free Books Available Dec 29, 2012

Please see above for how to read these books without a Kindle, and the sidebar at right for a quick explanation of this blog. Have fun getting new books! :) May I suggest that you check daily so you don't miss all those available for only 24 hours?

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(Some of the books below may still be available. I haven't checked specifically. Most are usually 1 or 2 days but sometimes they are free longer.)


Island of the Lost: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World  This one is not free, but reduced to $1.99, but I picked it for this anyway because of the amazing plot comparing the true stories of two different shipwreck parties on the same island, and how their different approaches dramatically determined their very different outcomes.  (It's listed down near the bottom under reductions.)


General Self-Sufficiency and Survival

Cooking With Crickets
”a fun exploration in to the art of entomophagy.”

Foraging for Food - An Introduction

Silver: A Prepper's Guide
”As a prepper, you recognize the need to prepare for what could be stormy times ahead. Part of your preps should be preparation for economic troubles brought about by the reckless money creation and "stimulus" programs both here and abroad over the last several years. Preparations for economic issues should be physical silver, but how do you get started? “

Common-Sense & Self-Defence

Backcountry Skiing - How to Avoid Avalanches and other Hazards - The Truth About Skiing

Fly Fishing Lakes (Fly Fishing Field Guide - Lakes)

Secrets of Trout & Bass Fishing Revealed!
Tight Lines
By an award-winning writer and outdoorsman. The second book is the same as the first but with “the addition of two+ Chapters specifically related to fishing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It contains detailed maps and descriptions of virtually all the lakes, ponds and rivers in these two states, with the locations of the known "holes", stocking info. etc.”

Teach Your Kid To Drive & Come Home Alive!

Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

How to Grow Squash: Planting and Growing Pumpkins, Zucchini, Summer and Winter Squash, Gourds, and Chayote

Indoor Gardening: How To Grow Gorgeous Gardens Indoors With Ease (Container Gardening, Aeroponics, Hydroponics, Vertical Tower Gardens, Window Gardens and House Plants) (Gardening Guidebooks)

How to Choose the Right Plants For Your Garden - Planting Know-How Made Easy (How to Plan Your Garden Series)

Starting Seeds (The Proverbs 31 Woman Guide to)
”This step by step guide offers everything you need to know to start vegetables, herbs, and other edibles from seed. Includes complete information on: * How to choose a seed starting method * How to winter sow * How to indoor sow * How to direct sow * How to transplant seedlings * How to save seeds for years * How to make your own seed starting pots from recycled materials * How to make your own durable plant markers from recycled materials; and more.“

Edible Flower Garden

Worm Composting & Composting Ideas - for use in Organic Gardening & Growing of Vegetables & Herbs
review says very thorough.

Butterflies - Making a butterfly garden

Simple Home Brewing Recipes (John Anderson's)

Healthy, Homemade Doggie Delights

The Busy Woman's Guide to Cloth Pads


Penitentiary Fitness: The Amazing Weight Loss Formula or A Bodyweight Exercises & Workouts Training Program
”When the California Department of Corrections took away their weights, the inmates created an ingenious exercise regimen using their own bodyweight. The push-up and pull-up type workouts enabled them to develop sleek, muscular physiques remarkably similar to those of Olympic gymnasts….”

Cure Sore Throats, Colds and Coughs with Cayenne Pepper

7 Easy Steps to Optimum Health - Awesome Natural Nutrition and Incredible Weight Management



How to Make a Budget: Get Out of Debt and Start Saving More Money

How To Get Out Of Debt - A Biblical Approach To Living Debt-Free

How To Reduce Your Debt Overnight: A Simple System To Eliminate Credit Card And Consumer Debt (Get Out of Debt Fast)


No, Never Alone: "I Promised"
”a book created to challenge America to look into the mirror of their old age, a reality check of what it to come. By changing our behavior today, we may change how our children and grandchildren care for us tomorrow, God's way or Hitler's way! …“

Earthquake Resurrection: Supernatural Catalyst for the Coming Global Catastrophe

Too Deep to Shovel: Digging Into the Messy Issues Facing American Citizens in the 21st Century

The Myth of Primal Harmony

Book of Daniel: Complete Interpretation from the Torah
end of world prophecy and interpretation. I think this is done in story style.

True Accounts

Picnic at the Iron Curtain: A Memoir: From the fall of the Berlin Wall to Ukraine's Orange Revolution

The Survivor's Song:Unarmed Soldiers - Budapest to Stalingrad and back (Volume 1)

One Life to Live

Wildcat Juliet: On the Ground in Sadr City

Waffle House Diaries
”During thirty years of enforcing federal drug laws, Wayne Smith encountered exhilarating victories, frustrating obstructions, and dangerous confrontations. In this book he describes memorable events, along with the people who worked with him on local, state, and federal levels. He carries the reader from Atlanta to San Francisco to El Paso to Bolivia and places in between in his quest to make the country a little safer for those whose lives are touched by drug abuse or drug trafficking.”

Braxton Bragg vs. William Rosecrans: The Battles of Stones River (Murfreesboro) and Chickamauga

I'm Not Talking About You, Of Course...
Includes “A Jolt of Electricity,” a short about living without electricity for 2 weeks after a hurricane.


Nature Survival, War, and other Hardship

A Way Through the Sea (Young Underground #1)
Youth. “For eleven-year-old Peter Andersen and his twin sister Elise, living in the city of Helsingor, Denmark during World War 2 means German soldiers in the streets, German patrol boats in the harbor, and German fighter planes in the sky. Everyone is nervous, especially their Jewish friend Henrik and his parents. Of course, before the invasion, no one in Denmark cared whether a person was Jewish. But now the Nazis are secretly rounding up all of the Jews who live in Denmark and sending them to prison camps in Germany. Suddenly, Henrik and his family must escape! Sweden offers the only place of refuge, but with soldiers lurking the streets and Nazi boats patrolling the sea, only a miracle can get the Jews to safety!”

Edwina's War (Alternative History)
”Reality and romance in this Alternative History, in the months after Hitler's successful invasion of England in 1940. “

”Based on actual events, Glorieta is the story of Jacob Stark and Adria Carrizo—a couple drawn together amid the chaos of the Civil War. Set thousands of miles from that conflict's better-known battles, Glorieta chronicles the ferocious contest that devastated the Southwestern Frontier.”

The Platte River Waltz, Chapters 1-4
Introductory chapters to a story about the wagon train west.
The entire story is in two books here: The Platte River Waltz
”In 1848, only seventeen years old, on the Oregon Trail and suddenly orphaned, Josh begins a journey through the unsettled frontier of a wild continent. Just making first acquaintance with manhood, he quickly finds his future linked to Elizabeth Hampton, a coquette from his old hometown. Together they resolve to venture into an uncertain and dangerous future. Accompanied by Jubilee, an escaped slave, Josh and Elizabeth join a wagon train of Missouri emigrants led by a voyageur scout and a town constable turned captain.”

Mystery from the diary of an early settler from Cornwall to America in 1835.

Lost Child (Volume Two) - Retribution in the Nantahala
This is written by the author of Winter Kill: War With China Has Already Begun which has been listed here before. This is the second book of two, apparently will be three (not exactly sure) about a child getting lost in the wilderness and the father’s journey to find her. The first (and apparently you do need to read it first) is Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

Operation Meltdown

”When did we forget that terror starts at home? With the nation still struggling to emerge from The Great Recession, the threat of external Islamic terror marginalized, and the re-election of President Obama reconfirming the ascendancy of liberal policies, Americans are unaware of the resurgence of domestic militia groups eager "to get their country back." One such group based in Challis, Idaho, comes up with a bold and diabolical plan to use the decommissioned nuclear facility at Shoreham, Long Island, NY, to bluff their way into creating a devastating regional disaster. "Operation Meltdown" is the story of FBI agent Eric Nelson’s efforts to uncover the plot and stop it before catastrophe strikes.”

Kingdom of Rage (The Rich Fordham Series)

”intense political thriller…Rich Fordham--world-renowned journalist and television personality. His celebrity has given him wealth, fame, and security. Until the day that he receives an email that will shatter his prestigious career forever. The message is from an informant who offers damaging videos of prominent Saudi Arabian dignitaries--including the king. Rich knows that it's part of an elaborate scheme to derail the monarchy. And he doesn't know that he's been targeted to play a pawn's role in that deadly plot….”


“"Crazy Ken" has developed a free energy device that harnesses the Earth's gravitational force. Only one problem--It's also a bomb. …Through a series of terrorist attacks, brownouts and blackouts, President Anderson forces the government into socializing the electric production industry. But what the people don't know is that the electric plants are being replaced by Ken's free energy device…someone has stolen a device and is threatening to destroy the world… Ken soon realizes that size does not matter as much as location. With the clock ticking and with thousands of square miles to search, Ken has to find the hypothetical needle in a haystack--or in this case, a ping-pong sized bomb in a national park larger than some states.”

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

EOTW Diary

”Read the raw, fictitious diary of an unprepared couple as they struggle to survive the apocalypse. They woke up one day and their entire world had been turned upside down. His job was gone, their community was gone, the entire nation was gone. For all they knew it was the end of the world. They have no electricity, no water, it's winter and they have no heat. Overwhelmed physically and emotionally, they decide to journal their experience. This diary was originally written in Twitter format and posted in real-time“

Climate Control

“Mark Langham, whilst working for the Weather Research Section at N.A.S.A., developed a satellite-based system capable of calming the extremes of weather by influencing the earth’s magnetic field. He got the idea from the changes in the weather seen when electrically charged particles from solar storms hit the field. He could not however, have foreseen the circumstances which now throw the world’s weather into the turmoil "Climate Control" was created to ease. Mark must now regain control of the weather....before it is too late.”

Where the forgotten were thrown

Dystopia. ”For centuries the rich and the poor lived side by side, only divided by wages and cities. ...Left in the broken ruins of Britain, the abandoned cities filled with toxic fumes becomes the only world the poor know. Here food is a luxury, survival the only motivation, until there no longer was a gap between man and monster. Sullivan was born in these lawless terrains. But it was only when he lost his post as a gang leader that he had to bear the reality of such a world without its mask, where hunger turned friends into enemies, and every decision was one of life or death.”


”In the not too distant future, the US government needs to eliminate some burdensome citizens. What emerges from the chaos is a quite different United States.”

More Sci-Fi-or-Fantasy-ish

Genesis: The Last Man on Earth (and Other Stories)

Story collection includes: “GENESIS: In a world devastated by a horrific plague, one man suspects he may be the last person left alive. This does not mean that everyone else is entirely dead, however...”

Red Sky Burning (The Sunburst Trilogy)

”n a world decimated by plague, a fifteen-year-old boy hunts for the miracle worker he blames for his father’s death. Chased by gangs and demons across a barren wasteland and seemingly always one miracle behind the mysterious stranger, what will James do when he finally catches up to him? Will he let revenge guide his heart or will he find it in himself to forgive? The fate of the world rests on his decision.”



Island of the Lost: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World
    “Auckland Island is a godforsaken place in the middle of the Southern Ocean, 285 miles south of New Zealand. With year-round freezing rain and howling winds, it is one of the most forbidding places in the world. To be shipwrecked there means almost certain death.
    In 1864 Captain Thomas Musgrave and his crew of four aboard the schooner Grafton wreck on the southern end of the island. Utterly alone in a dense coastal forest, plagued by stinging blowflies and relentless rain, Captain Musgrave—rather than succumb to this dismal fate—inspires his men to take action. With barely more than their bare hands, they build a cabin and, remarkably, a forge, where they manufacture their tools. Under Musgrave's leadership, they band together and remain civilized through even the darkest and most terrifying days.
    Incredibly, at the same time on the opposite end of the island—twenty miles of impassable cliffs and chasms away—the Invercauldwrecks during a horrible storm. Nineteen men stagger ashore. Unlike Captain Musgrave, the captain of the Invercauld falls apart given the same dismal circumstances. His men fight and split up; some die of starvation, others turn to cannibalism. Only three survive. Musgrave and all of his men not only endure for nearly two years, they also plan their own astonishing escape, setting off on one of the most courageous sea voyages in history.
    Using the survivors' journals and historical records, award-winning maritime historian Joan Druett brings this extraordinary untold story to life, a story about leadership and the fine line between order and chaos.”

List Price:$24.95

Current price:$1.99

Heart in the Right Place
Very many, very high reviews. “ Former U.S. Senate counsel Jourdan writes of giving up her fast-paced life in Washington to work in her father's family medical practice office in east Tennessee. "For forty years, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week," she writes, "Momma and Daddy ran a homemade, low paid 911 service for a large rural community. There was no such thing as a day off, ever." When her mother had a heart attack,...Jourdan returned home to help keep the area's only doctor's office afloat while she recovered. What began as a two-day stay stretched out indefinitely, forcing Jourdan to learn to "calmly register nice people with hard jobs who routinely came in covered in hog or chicken blood." Missing Washington, she wrestles with questions of ...identity, and ...purpose. The demands of her new job test her, from the drama of triaging the waiting room and the tedium of negotiating the Medicare coding system to the loss of several favorite patients. In the end, she finds that she is after all her parents' daughter, possessing strength that earned her mother the nickname " Sarge," as well as her father's selfless devotion to this working-poor community. Jourdan's dispatches from the reception desk make for a stirring, beautiful memoir that is alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, and ultimately a triumph.”

List Price:$14.95

Current price:$1.99

How to Unspoil Your Child Fast: A Speedy, Complete Guide to Contented Children and Happy Parents
“You don't have to say yes to prove that you love them. "Describes helpful, pertinent, and loving ways to correct spoiled behavior before it becomes a serious problem." -ParentWorld Nearly 95% of parents feel like they are overindulging their children, but feel powerless to stopping themselves. How to Unspoil Your Child Fast offers a straightforward and practical solution to fixing and preventing the problems of spoiling your children and offers concrete tips, simple strategies, and easy action steps for reversing the effects almost immediately. Feel more confident, competent, and parent more consistently while instilling character and self-reliance in your children today. “

List Price:$14.99

Current price: $1.99

Just Reading

The 2012 Book Blogger's Cookbook (The Book Blogger's Cookbook)

Sunshine & Shadow

”A warmhearted story of a young widow with two small children and the brash bachelor with a checkered past, now seeking to overcome the odds and create a strong and loving family. But life takes a tenuous turn when Hattie tries to help a neighbor and stirs the wrath of a dangerous and bitter man. Sequel to national award winner, Turn Back Time. “

The Case of theYoung Patrician Lady (The Oxford Street Coffee House)

”Elsie Jones, John “Jack” Young, Mary Moore and George McDougal all live in service to a secret: Scotland Yard’s best source of clues and leads is actually one of Victorian London’s oldest coffee houses. These four young people manage the house as waitress, clerk, manager and owner—but they moonlight as England’s finest undercover detectives. Therefore, when a priceless portrait from a traveling Da Vinci collection goes missing, they are the first on the job. Using their unusual set of sleuthing skills, and with the unknowing help of their tale-telling customers, they must track down the thief, before he makes off with another great work, without betraying their true identities to the patrons of the Oxford Street Coffee House.”

Edmund Persuader

very highly rated. See reviews for more info than description.

The Private Wife of Sherlock Holmes (Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes novella)

Christmas Day In The Morning

greedy nine year-old opens his Christmas presents, and finds a lump of coal! Oh, what a tragedy! This humorous story makes perfect reading –– for young and old. The author’s work has appeared in The New Yorker and The National Lampoon, and his books and poems have won many awards. You will delight in the richness and wit of Christmas Day In The Morning. It will prompt many happy, heartfelt memories of your own Christmases, and the rare fun of them.

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