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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Free Books Available Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Why any publishers are releasing free books today, I have no idea! (In tact there are WAY MORE than usual! But I’m up before the family and can’t bustle about without waking people up so if I find some I’ll share at least a few. I’ll probably just do nonfiction and only any fiction I get a notification for automatically.

Please see above for how to read these books without a Kindle, and the sidebar at right for a quick explanation of this blog. Have fun getting new books! :) May I suggest that you check daily so you don't miss all those available for only 24 hours?

If you are coming here on a later date, please check the most recent list for today's books. Main Page
(Some of the books below may still be available. I haven't checked specifically. Most are usually 1 or 2 days but sometimes they are free longer.)


General self-sufficiency and survival

The Lost Art of Prepping

Exploring With GPS: A Practical Field Guide for Satellite Navigation
Using a GPS “to find your way in the backcountry quickly and easily. This book is for hunters, rescue teams, hikers, mountain bikers, anglers, geocachers, backpackers, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, boaters, and everyone who uses recreational GPS in the outdoors. “

Survival Kit: Build a Perfect Bug Out Bag For Any Disaster

Bug the Bug - 2 (Another Year of Practical Fly Fishing Advice from Smart Bugs)

How to Prepare your Family Bug Out Bag

The Hacker's Briefcase (Hacker Magazine)

E-Waste Gold - Recovery of Gold & Other Precious Metals From Electronic Waste (Surplus Secrets)

Sportfishing Kenai Peninsula Alaska (Alaska Sportfishing)

Physical Aspects of Prepping (The Lost Art of Prepping)


Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

How To Start A Worm Farm (Guide To Vericomposting)

A Mummy's Guide to Gardening

You Can Move Across Country On A Budget

How to build a raised vegetable bed that is waist high. (Blackbirds Home and Garden guides)

Traditional Veterinary Chinese Medicine Basics (Canine Wellness)

How to Grow Grapes at Home: Dummies Guide to Growing Grapes from Seeds and Cuttings

BeBop Garden: Riffing and jiving in the plant kingdom

Drinkable History: Horrifying Authentic Techniques for 3000 Year Old Hard Cider, 1500 Year Old Mead, and 1000 Year Old Ale

Early American Cooking: Recipes from America's Historic Sites (Peter Pauper Press Vintage Editions)

Ancient Roman Eats

The Complete Book of Making Jerky at Home

Deer & Fixings: How to Cook Delicious Venison

LCHF Christmas Baking
low carb, gluten free, sugar free
Anyone making traditional English dinner and trifle instead of turkey today? (We are)

How To Make Sherry Trifle - A Traditional English Dessert (Authentic English Recipes)
More traditional English food from same author:
How To Make English Breakfast With Bubble & Squeak & Homemade Baked Beans (Authentic English Recipes)
How To Make Beef Stew With Dumplings (Authentic English Recipes)
How To Make Fish & Chips In A Beer Batter (Authentic English Recipes)
How To Make Liver & Onions Gourmet Style (Authentic English Recipes)
How To Make Cornish Pasties The Official Recipe (Authentic English Recipes)
How To Make? Devonshire Tea With Scones, Strawberry Jam ?and Clotted Cream (Authentic English Recipes)

So Simple Crochet Hats: Baby Owl Hat

52 Step-By-Step Jewellery Design Projects


Playground Olympics : an alternative guide to playground games

For Women Only, A Novel Approach to Depression in Women

New Home Study Course in Homeopathy with Materia Medica
Basic course

The Nose Saga: Cancer Stinks "How Popping a Pimple Saved My Life"


The Principles of Order: How We Can Ban Guns and Keep Liberty

Soft Currency Economics II (Modern Monetary Theory)

Unspeakable - Chemtrails And Economic Collapse (Best of The Heavy Stuff)

The 9/11 Project: A Journalist's Perspective
”In addition to the 9/11 strikes, the book covers the anthrax attacks, the invasion of Afghanistan, the death of Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida operatives, court cases, Guantánamo Bay, acts of terrorism against the United States, terrorist groups, rebuilding the World Trade Center, and the creation of the September 11th Memorial and Museum.”


Chemistry for Everyone: A Helpful Primer for High School or College Chemistry

Easy Homeschooling Techniques and Curriculum Studies

Creative Writing for the Christian Student (The Christian Homeschool Collection)

Staying Free:A Brief Explanation of Law to Today's Youth
Not free in Canada and I don’t know where else. Probably USA only as probably based on US law. ”Teen crime is out of control .The fact of the matter is a lot of teens often do things they don't know are illegal.Thus, by using true stories involving sex,gangbanging, and murder, "Staying Free" shows how the system can give you life without parole for a murder you did NOT participate in and give teens10 years for consensual sex.”

True Accounts

The Autobiography of Elof Dahlberg
”Elof Dahlberg emigrated to the United States from Sweden in the late 1800's. This is a very short autobiography he wrote in 1929 talking about the struggles and triumphs of a Scandinavian immigrant in the 19th and 20th century.“

Courage: Stories of Hometown Heroes

Be SAFE and KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY Henry "Long Hunter" Skaggs
“Henry Skaggs was an American hunter, explorer and pioneer, active primarily on the frontiers of Tennessee and Kentucky during the latter half of the 18th century. His career as an explorer began as early as 1750’s as one of the “Long Hunters”. They were men who undertook lengthy hunting expeditions into the Trans-Allegheny wilderness… “

Idaho Snapshots
”Informative and entertaining vignettes of Idaho history. The radio program, Idaho Snapshots, was selected as Idaho's official Centennial series. It aired statewide in 1989 and 1990. This book contains about half of the 200 stories aired at that time. Each has been updated, as needed, keeping the tone and spirit of the original series.”

When I Married My Mother: A Daughter's Search for What Really Matters - and How She Found It Caring for Mama Jo

Wide Open Curtains: A Journal of a Pregnant American in Russia

Evacuee WWII (My Story)

Farwell's Folly: The Rise and Fall of the XIT Ranch in Texas
The story of the development of the largest cattle ranch in the world.

To Iraq And Back

The Hidden Legacy of World War II

Gimme Shelter: Fear, Healing and Disaster in Iraq

They Were All Young Kids: The story of Lieutenant Jim Flowers and the first platoon, Company C, 712th Tank Battalion, on Hill 122

Idaho Snapshots

Emigrating Home
““Hassan! Don’t tune into Berlin when we’ve got guests! The moment war breaks out you’ll come under suspicion as a spy for Germany. We should all be interned.” “I am not a spy for anybody.” It is 1938. The world is heading towards the Munich crisis and World War II. Hassan, who had obtained his medical degree in Germany, goes home to Egypt. His wife Jeanne and his five and two-year-old sons, Yasseen and Yazeed, remain in Jamaica, a British colony at the time.”

Where Lightning Strikes: Poems on the Holocaust

In The Footsteps of War: 90 Years of Remembrance (Special eBook Edition)

Stand To... A Journey to Manhood


Nature Survival, War, and other Hardship

Crossing the Rubicon (The Journey)
“the story of seven remarkable teens as they survive the unbelievable. What started out as a simple weekend trip exploring the Chungo caves, became a journey which took them back 275 years in time, had them cross multiple continents, and stretched them to their limits. Discover how they survived with just the clothes on their backs, some limited technology and their wits and resolve. In a world without computers, without the basic items we use each day, could you survive?”

Midwife : Liza
“LIZA is the first book in the MIDWIFE series, which tells the story of midwives, women and childbirth in England from medieval to modern times. “

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

Method of Life
“In The Future: There was no great war of nations, no thundering voice from the sky unleashing a rapture of judgment on the kneeling masses, and no great extinction level event of cataclysmic proportions. The Fall of Man came incrementally over half a century, in the form of economic and social decay, spiraling civilization into collapse without so much as a whimper. At least that's the story people believed.”

The Hu Factor
”The impossible has happened -- a magnetic polar shift destroyed life as they knew it and small pockets of survivors are left to fend for themselves. Survival is their top priority, but certainly not their only problem as bigotry and exploitation soon raise their ugly heads. What will they do, where will they go and why do they have the feeling someone or something is watching them?”

Left Behind (#2) A Post-Apocalyptic Love Story (No Shelter Trilogy)
#2 of series.  "When the environment is ravaged by rising sea levels and monstrous storms, America is divided and survival becomes more precious than love."  #1 and #2 have been free before, but #3 never has since I've been looking.   Not free at the moment: No Shelter (#1) A Post-Apocalyptic Romance (No Shelter Trilogy)

 and Buried Alive (No Shelter, #3) A Post-Apocalyptic Romance (No Shelter Trilogy)

From the same author as above:

Dystopia, “better than 1984,” for plot see link.

“August 10, 3100. A dangerous ideology has spread across the globe. Touted as the salvation for all, a bold new plan is set to commence in twelve days, with the promise of creating a complete and lasting peace for all the peoples of the world. But only a few know the truth of this plan, and how it will bring forth a cataclysmic event unmatched by any disaster in history. And of these few, only President John Renton can do anything to stop it. But very powerful and corrupt people support the plan, and they will do whatever they can to stand in his way, even if it means innocent people have to die.”

Element 238 - The Search for Truth - Episode 1
“It’s 2382 - three hundred and fifty years into Earth’s future. Ninety-eight per cent of the Earth’s population and animal life has been carelessly eliminated by a genetically engineered virus released by Mensam – a small group of hidden, ruthless, and sinister military dictators living deep underground, while mankind and all it’s history has been erased…”

“The story takes place in a near future dystopia as a man wakes to find himself accused of the largest single act of terrorism in English history. Who is Ernest Featherstone and why can he not remember? Part satire, part traditional literary dystopia, Immemorial is a dark and witty exploration of identity, morality, religion and relationships against a backdrop of an England in turmoil.”

GROID 2235 AD...Gradual.Race.Objective.In.Dilution

“Clyde Teach stumbles upon a formula that changes the very fabric of society. This is most welcome given that the world finds itself in the throws of what can only be described as a Super Depression… it is the irresponsible manner in which his intellectual wealth is used to create and control material wealth that ultimately threatens to destroy society completely.”

Short story. “In a terrifying near-future world, a teenage girl goes on the run with her pregnant twin in order to save all three lives. It's a story about sisters, unconditional love, and the things we learn that make us doubt everything we've ever been taught.”

Passage to Redemption
“Imagine the uncertainty ceased and the world was faced with an indisputable, stark truth:- reduce atmospheric CO2 to pre-biblical levels within three years or the human race will be destroyed. What would we do, what could we do? Who would lead us? Passage to Redemption is an epic, multi-threaded thriller that spans the centuries from early Mayan times to the year 2012. Starting on board a British warship in the early 1800s, the story includes the quest of a young man to find his only living relative, a hitherto unknown voyage to South America by the father of Charles Darwin that has hugely important consequences, and politics of power amongst the world's largest religions as mankind faces the brink of extinction. “

The Blaster
“Evan Lehman cannot say with any certainty what happened. Like most people, he hears bits and pieces. Power went out across the globe and never came back on. People adapted, eventually. Some, like Lehman and his family, had foresight and banded together with others and formed new types of communities. Lehman and two other men had the idea to network with other communities, so they ventured out on a road trip around the southeast. What they encounter will not only change their idea of what is possible, but change the new world itself. “

Original Strand
Not free in Canada, possibly USA only. “The human race did its best to annihilate itself and certainly went out with a bang. Hundreds of nuclear devices and biological viruses have transformed the earth into a no man’s land. For the isolated moon survivors, biodiversity takes on a whole new meaning.”

Dominion I: Seed
1st of “an apocalyptic epic in seven books;” “A great monument of the Islamic faith crumbles to the ground in a freak earthquake, setting the stage for mankind’s entry into the next age; an apocalyptic time where right and wrong, love and indifference, and black and white fade into alternating shades of gray. “

More Sci-Fi-or-Fantasy-ish

Communion of Dreams
“The year is 2052, and the human race is still struggling to recover from a massive pandemic flu some 40 years previously. When an independent prospector on Saturn’s moon Titan discovers an alien artifact, assumptions that we are alone in the universe are called into question. Knowing that news of such a discovery could prompt chaos on Earth, a small team is sent to investigate and hopefully manage the situation. What they find is that there's more to human history, and human abilities, than any of them ever imagined. And that they will need all those insights, and all those abilities, to face the greatest threat yet to human survival.”

Just Reading

Family History: A Complete Guide to Tracing your Ancestry
For tracing in the UK


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