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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free Books Available Dec 19, 2012

Please see above for how to read these books without a Kindle, and the sidebar at right for a quick explanation of this blog. Have fun getting new books! :) May I suggest that you check daily so you don't miss all those available for only 24 hours?

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(Some of the books below may still be available. I haven't checked specifically. Most are usually 1 or 2 days but sometimes they are free longer.)

Editor's Picks:
Ask Jackie: Pressure canning
To Kill A Man's Hope (After The Collapse, Book 1)


General self-sufficiency and survival

Harvesting H2o: A prepper's guide to the collection, treatment, and storage of drinking water while living off the grid.

Simple Emergency Food Storage

Doomsday Diary
See its extensive list of topics. There is a lot of good content in here. The formatting style is odd, each sentence is its own paragraph, almost like a collection of proverbs, which I find a bit annoying, but am reading anyway because of the content. One subject here that I haven’t seen addressed in my 8 months on survival websites is international travel and relocation (not that it isn't anywhere, but I haven't seen it.)

Food, Home, and Farming/Gardening

Ask Jackie: Pressure canning
”This Ask Jackie guide contains a wealth of knowledge on pressure canning, and comes chock-full of recipes and advice. Throughout its pages, the book covers dairy-related questions, gives recipes for hearty home canned meals, extensively covers vegetable and tomato canning, and touches on nuts, legumes, and peppers. This is a wonderful counterpart to Water Bath Canning.”  From Backwoods Home Magazine.

More Confessions of a Vegetable Lover (The Vegetable Lover)
“In her first book, Confessions of a Vegetable Lover (The Vegetable Lover), S.M.R. Saia shared all the happiness and heartache that comes with the territory when you fall in love with a garden. Now The Vegetable Lover is back with eight all-new confessions. From her snits with Cucumber and Pepper to her heartbreak over her failure, once again, to grow a Scarlet Runner Bean, she tells it like it is in a working garden – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Share in her summer vegetable romances as she learns that when it comes to gardening, success and failure go hand in hand!”

Gardening ideas- tips and advice

Raising Chickens In Your Backyard: A No-Fluff Guide To Chicken Breeds, Coops, Runs, Tractors And More

Growing Herbs Indoors : Your Guide To Growing Herbs In Containers For A Vibrant Indoor Herb Garden

Organic Gardening Essentials (The Organic Gardening Academy)

Going Paleo Without Going Broke
From Paleo Lifestyle Magazine

Repairing Hot Water Heating Systems

32 Ideas to Make Money for Christmas


Plenary Fitness: Simple Cures for Common Ailments
This is also a traditionally published book. Lots of good reviews.

Coping with Arthritis - Finding a way to live well even with Arthritis (Boomer Health Book Series)



Life Lessons from the Lottery: Protecting Your Money in a Scary World (McNay On the Money)

Get Er Done: The Green Beret Guide to Productivity
”The Special Forces Green Berets are known as masters at getting things done. By normal standards, some of their missions would be deemed impossible. Often times they are expected to operate far behind enemy lines with limited resources. Their training gives them principles and techniques in being extremely effective and doing more with less. By using some of their principles you will be able to: - Plan and use your time more effectively - Increase your confidence - Reduce distractions - Train for success - Improve commitment - and much more. Michael Martel uses his real experiences as a Green Beret to illustrate how you can use these techniques in your life to "get er done." It is a great, interesting read that will make you much more effective in your daily activities.”

True Accounts

“In 1941 I was deported with my parents from Prague to the Lodz Ghetto in Poland. Within one year my parents died. I was 13 years old, alone to fend for myself. The three years that followed found me fighting for survival in a series of concentration camps, a labour camp and a Death March across snow covered Germany. Being hungry and weak, we struggled to put one foot in front of the other. What kept us going was the hope of a night's rest an sleep. We never knew where that would be, if at all.On the 15th of March, after a week in a coal waggon, without any food or drink we arrived at our destination “

More Than Anything in The World, Volume I, 1942-1943
More Than Anything in the World, Vol. 2, 1944
“a collection of WWII letters written by a U.S. Army soldier and his wife between 1942 and 1945. Included are scans of WWII memorabilia and historical information about the 1940s and World War II. The letters start out as love letters from a soldier to his new, young wife; and progress to his deployment to Europe (England, France, Belgium, Germany) into tales from the second world war. …their story details the hardships and sacrifices made by "The Greatest Generation".“

In The Field Vietnam and My Letters Home

Thank You, Captain, Thank You!
“A collection of colorful stories about the adventures of Polish sailors during World War II, with the Polish merchant marine demonstrating their heroic devotion alongside their allies in their fight against Nazi Germany. The author, who himself during the war often sailed under the Polish flag, perfectly describes the bravery and strength of these ordinary people. In the pages of this book we meet a whole gallery of authentic characters, from captains and officers as well as sailors who were all thrown together by cruel fate into their circumstances, maintain their dignity, courage, and often humor during such difficult times. Accompanied throughout with never before published photographs taken by the author himself, this book serves as a reminder of these peoples contribution to the war effort.”

The Wolf's Lair: Inside Hitler's Germany?
“In this brilliant collection of articles and essays, Roger Moorhouse examines some of the more obscure aspects of the history of Hitler’s Germany, whilst also using personal stories to expertly illustrate the great themes of World War Two. In one essay Moorhouse wrestles with the question of how much Berliners knew about the ongoing Holocaust. In another, he investigates the fascinating story of ‘Germania’; the planned rebuilding of Berlin, asking what the plan tells us about Nazi Germany. Roger Moorhouse is a best-selling historian.”


Nature Survival, War, and other Hardship

Sword of Rome: Standard Bearer
“Britain, 55 BC. Julius Caesar’s invasion of the wild and mineral-rich land is becalmed, a stalemate exists between the forces of Rome and Britain. But the standard bearer of the Tenth Legion, Lucius Oppius, is about to display a depth of courage that will change the course of the invasion – and history. Encamped upon the south coast, Caesar, admiring the courage and skill of his standard bearer, orders Oppius to accompany a native British archer and go behind enemy lines. His mission is to hunt down a treacherous Roman agent, who is recruiting Britons to fight against the armies of Rome in Gaul. Yet not all is what it seems and Oppius will fight for his life, as well as for Caesar and the glory of Rome, to complete his mission and find his way back home.”

1777: INVASION American Revolution Historical Thriller (Dark Days, Bright Hopes)

RUNAWAY TWINS (Runaway Twins series #1)
A sequel, RUNAWAY TWINS IN ALASKA (Runaway Twins series #2), was listed here a few weeks ago.
Youth [but I read this type of book and I’m fairly mature ;) ]
“pre-teen twins Rachel and Janie Lemon are desperate to avoid the fate of their older sister Mary, who at thirteen was forced to marry the polygamous Prophet of Sheba Hill. Their determination leads to an aborted escape attempt, and the cult leader sends the girls to a retraining center deep in Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains. Justin Patrick, an openly rebellious twelve-year-old boy who has been dragged into the cult by his aunt, is sent along with them. Justin and the twins plan an escape in mid-winter through the Bitterroots. Justin’s father and uncle (who were both killed in an avalanche) trained him as a survivalist, and he assures the girls that the Bitterroots are not as dangerous as the Alaskan wilderness where he grew up. Their adventures in the mountains include searches for food, shelter, water, and warmth—all the while looking over their shoulders for the pursuing cult members. As they race for freedom, they are fully aware that capture means certain death for Justin and death or brutal enslavement for the twins.”

A Shirtful of Frogs - a ww2 timeslip novel
“The life of a World War 2 evacuee collides with the world of a boy from the present day, in this timeslip adventure. As World War 2 breaks out, six-year-old Jimmy Sweeney is evacuated from London to the country. He is now an outcast, bullied by the local kids and mistreated by the awful Mrs Cribbins. One night a stranger appears in his room. A tall clean boy who brings him wonderful food and other amazing things. They become friends which is good because pretty soon Jimmy is going to need a friend. His life may depend upon it . . .”

Marcelo's Secret
“It is 1587 in Madrid, Spain, and Marcelo Espinosa is hiding a secret so dangerous that, if it were exposed, it would mean torture and death. Raised as a Catholic by Jewish parents forced to covertly practice their religion, Marcelo has no idea he is about to discover the perils of his true heritage. After his parents are summoned by the Inquisition for heresy, they seek to shield Marcelo from an inevitable death and make secret arrangements for him to enter the monastery. Nineteen-year-old Marcelo is left with no choice. During a stormy night, Marcelo and his guide leave on horseback; it is not long before Marcelo is unwittingly immersed in a life filled with prayer, meditation, plain food, and hard work. But after six months pass, Marcelo receives the horrifying news he has been dreading-his parents have been murdered. Now with his own life in grave danger, Marcelo once again has no choice but to escape. Disguised as a missionary, Marcelo sails to Mexico with two Franciscan priests and the hope that one day he will be free. In this captivating historical tale, Marcelo embarks on a journey through adventure, friendship, love, and danger in a desperate attempt to reconcile with the man he has always wanted to be.”

Light Over Water
“In April 1917 the United States enters the war in Europe. Sam and Alison are affected by the disintegration of their safe world as Sam enlists, only to experience a personal tragedy soon afterwards that affects his ability to cope as a soldier. Alison, the daughter of a doctor, remains at home in the Maine coastal village and becomes involved in a scandal that shakes her faith in God and humanity. A fearless chaplain and a Lusitania survivor guide each of them through the difficulties they experience until an influenza epidemic sweeps the globe and nobody emerges undamaged. “

Politics, Terrorism, and Intrigue/Conspiracy

“The pitch is: do something worthwhile with the short time you have left – do something meaningful for your country. After …severing all ties…, Ridley joins the group whose members are sent on high-risk, often one-way missions to take out selected targets in the United States’ global war on terror. In the meantime, the Lions of the Jihad, a sophisticated Islamic terrorist organization with a sleeper cell in New York City, moves forward with a plan to detonate a powerful and highly radioactive dirty bomb near the Hell Gate section of the East River. This pending disaster looms large when Ridley discovers the Cancer Club carries its own malignancy, one that makes all other CIA-run black operations look like child’s play.”

Pandora's Succession
“Fox barely escapes after learning that Ares has acquired a hyperdeadly microbe--called Pandora--that is believed to have wiped out ancient civilizations. The trail leads Fox to Tokyo where he discovers that people within the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Japanese Intelligence want Pandora for themselves.”

The 11th Plague
“a compelling medical thriller that describes a biological warfare attack on the United States to keep it out of a war in the Middle East. The novel follows a heart-stopping search to identify both the mysterious microorganism that is attacking the US and the person or persons who have perpetrated this conspiracy. ‘ . . . the mysterious epizootic has killed 45,000 in two days. At this rate, the computer projects 3,000,000 fatalities a month and national extinction within a year.’ “ The 11th Plague was originally published in hardcover in 1973 (and) received an outstanding review by the New York Times

The Judas Gene
First published 1980. “a compelling and frightening medical thriller that begins in the Nazis’ experimental laboratories in Dachau during World War II. At the end of the war, the infected Jews carry into the outside world not only the instrument of their own destruction but also that of their fellow Jews. They are biological time bombs set to go off many years later. The story follows the frantic search for the perpetrator and for a way to identify and stop the virus, “cure” those infected, and protect the Jewish race from another Holocaust.”

Collapse, Post-Apocalypse, Speculative Futures

To Kill A Man's Hope (After The Collapse, Book 1)
“Most men think they are in charge of their own destiny, but one man's future has been altered by a new reality. Once an average family man, he is confronted by a hostile and unfamiliar world after the economic collapse of the near future. As the government and law enforcement lose control the militias and thugs rush in to fill the void, forcing him to do whatever is necessary in order to protect and provide for his family. With society spinning rapidly out of control, he struggles to retain a sense of who he once was as he devolves into a man he no longer recognizes. A chilling and sometimes uncomfortable tale of what men will do to protect their families and themselves.”

Children of Gravity
“A group of pacifists try to leave a post-apocalyptic city controlled by an authoritarian government.”

Forty Days to Armageddon II, Watchdogg and the Ghost Army
Sequel to Forty Days to Armageddon, which has been free before but it was just before I started this blog. “…Iran is declared unsuitable for habitation and the citizens are dying for lack of food and substance. … All of this is followed by espionage, dirty deals, and double crosses that need the attention of Watchdogg. If the USA is to survive, he must overcome all that is thrust upon him and try to save the USA from foreign intrusion. He must make new alliances and cast aside everything he has ever learned as the rulebook is thrown out the window….”

I Know You Will Find Me
“Graham Simpson is a biology teacher in a school in Coventry, England. He is searching for his son, travelling North through England and Scotland in the aftermath of the Yangtze virus pandemic. Without laws and government, just how long does it take for the British to stop being civilised? Should his sense of responsibility for two lost teenagers he adopts on the way override his desire to find his own family? Graham's will to live against the odds, and his determination to stay good, lead him to unexpected outcomes.”

Volumes II, III, and IV have been listed here before but aren’t free at the moment. “Immersed in her captor's apocalyptic ideology, Katrina learns that they're on crusade to bring peace to the Middle East--no matter what the cost. If she can't prevent their misguided ploy, a scourge will befall humanity, redefining our interpretation of the word MANKIND. In an attempt to prevent Armageddon, IT'S CREATED!!!”

Just Reading
Presentation Skills For Introverts

Daughter of Joy
Christian historical fiction. 180+ high reviews.

Olen The Christmas Goat (The Robens Family)
"Nathan is a young boy who lives with his family on their farm in Eastern Ontario. He is constantly being told he’s too little to do the things he’d like to do. The exception is his friend Mrs. Matthews, who lives on a nearby farm with her pygmy goats. When Nathan is told that Santa only visits the homes in which children live, he worries about Mrs. Matthews, and decides to take steps to make sure she isn't forgotten on Christmas Eve. Nathan’s family and friends learn that being the youngest and smallest has no impact on his desire to act to help others, and Nathan learns that even the best laid plans sometimes need a little Christmas magic."

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