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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Books Available August 28, 2012

Not so many today.  There are always fewer free books available in the beginning of the week, and then Thursday to Saturday are crazy.

Understanding The Effects Of Wind And Weather When Deer Hunting

How to Train a Hunting Dog

The Big Bucks Guide To Commercial Fishing In Alaska

How To Find The Perfect Morel Mushroom

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide (Politics & Current Events)
”The Internet is packed with hacker, scammers, fraudsters and criminal elements waiting to prey on you and steal your privacy, your money, your security, and in some cases even your life! You Can Run But You Cannot Hide tells you how they do it; how they patiently wait for you to become vulnerable and then they pounce. This book shows you the resources they use, their techniques and then shows you how to protect yourself and even how to become an Internet amateur sleuth. Now the hunters will become the prey.”

The Truth About Federal Anti-Hoarding Laws (Politics and Current Events)
The first third of this lists/describes the executive anti-hoarding orders. The next section author recommends survival products. The last half of the book lists author’s and/or his friends’ other books. I normally don’t list this guy’s stuff due to lack of content but haven’t seen another freebie about this subject so thought I would this time. If you're like me you will just read the beginning and ignore the rest.


Lightning of Her Own (The Bugfall Trilogy)
Lights out, caused by aliens, but collapse of society results. So, dystopia + sci-fi. “When the aliens landed seventy-two years ago, the first thing they did was turn off the power. Then they ran for the hills. The aliens themselves killed very few people, but riots, looting, disease, natural disasters and the sheer brutality of a harsh life that no one had lived for generations have reduced the population of Earth to a few tiny handfuls, scattered among the abandoned ruins of a lost civilization. Now word has come to Amarylla’s father, the chief civil engineer of the Federal Republic of New York, that an unknown man in the far northern plains may hold the key to turning the lights back on.”

1 comment:

  1. That "Lightning of Her Own" looks interesting. Right now I'm working on "Down Aisle Ten" which I managed to snag thanks to you. So far, it's a painting about how isolated we are even when we're too crowded.

    If you would like a depressing distopian read to get the paranoia flowing again, check to see if you grabbed "World-Mart."