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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big Catch-Up List -- Books Available August 11, 2012

Also, at the very bottom of the post, significant reductions on 2 books, 1 about the "new traditional" woodworking and 1 about dutch oven cooking.


Doomsday Prepping Crash Course: The Ultimate Preppers Guide to Getting Prepared When You're on a Tight Budget

Mother Nature is Pissed! How to Prepare for Natural Disasters and Emergencies 

Decoys, Bating Tactics, And Homemade Helpers For Deer Hunting
another in the series

How To Fish in a Pond : A Guide To Fishing In Small Ponds

Be Ready For Disaster Survival - Nine Essential Emergency Disaster Supplies

Disaster Survival & Emergency Preparedness - Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

YOUR FIRST BASIC HANDGUN TRAINING CLASS: What Can You Expect To Learn? plus 3 Things It MUST Teach

The Handbook of Commercial Bullet Casting - Third Edition

JeBouffe Home Canning Step by Step Guide (second edition) Revised and Expanded
This book has been free for a long time but I haven’t listed it here for a while.

Make Cider without Fuss or Chemicals

Simple Home Brewing Recipes (John Anderson's)

It's not just Pizzas. (A Brickie series)
Things to make in a wood-fired oven

Maid Holistic: The Art of Cleaning Naturally

Hunting Tales from Around the World

Insight: Reflections on the Gifts of Being an Introvert
There are probably more than a few of us here! (I know this topic isn’t really prepping, but it could help prep yourself for your best efficiency in planning or preparing for your future, or peace with yourself.)

Handmade- A step by step guide to creating your own hand bound books at home

How to Grow a Garden

Stick Play: A Beginner's Guide to Knitting

A Trilogy in Triumph Over Financial Ruin: The Secret Currency

The following two books are from FT Press, a respected tradition publisher of technical books:
Herbal Supplements and the Brain: Understanding Their Health Benefits and Hazards (FT Press Science)
Personal Health: What You Need to Know from Modern Science (Collection)

Smoky Mountain Secrets-Folk Remedies for the Nature Lover

Depression and Anxiety Management Techniques: How treating unrecognized nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and toxic overload can help you feel joy and peace again

Audio Digest medical study notes:
---Emergency Medicine: Pediatrics: Seizures and Altered Mental Status (Audio-Digest Foundation Emergency Medicine Continuing Medical)
---Orthopaedics: Traumatic Injuries (Audio-Digest Foundation Orthopaedics Continuing Medical Education (CME).)
---Family Practice: The Impaired Airway: Guidelines on Management (Audio-Digest Foundation Family Practice Continuing Medical Education (CME).)
---Emergency Medicine: Pneumonia (Audio-Digest Foundation Emergency Medicine Continuing Medical)
---Internal Medicine: Bowel Disorders: Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Constipation (Audio-Digest Foundation Internal Medicine Continuing Medical Education (CME).)
---Obstetrics/Gynecology: Topics in Obstetric Hematologic Emergencies (Audio-Digest Foundation Obstetrics/Gynecology Continuing Medical Education (CME).)
---Emergency Medicine: Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies (Audio-Digest Foundation Emergency Medicine Continuing Medical) For all their free ones, see this search:
Audio Digest medical notes list, free ones listed first


GONE WITH THE TIDE and other stories
Includes the short story SURVIVAL, a graphic story about the struggle to survive in the wilds of Alaska.

Pilot Down, Presumed Dead - Special Illustrated Edition
”timeless tale of survival and one man's interaction with nature has appeared on hundreds of recommended reading lists for both young and old since 1963.”

Santa Barbara Fire Song in Three Parts
Youth. Three stories of wild fire.

Peshtigo (After The Fires Went Out)
Youth near-future short story.

The Book of MaxTheir Journey: Vlad's Troubles
Youth. Max is a twelve year old who is alone after a flu wipes out most of the human race in just 72 hours. First he rescues all the orphaned dogs and cats he can. Then he decides to travel to find other people. After finding his way across country dealing with food, gas, and hostile dogs, he enjoys some adventures with his new partner and mentor Jake. When they help a community of survivors in California, the real trouble begins.

Terminal Point (The Hunter Drune Series)

Alone, at the very End of the World

A Collection of Short Contemporary Stories
Includes story WAITING TO DIE, about a pandemic.

River Dawn
Youth. “In a bleak, distant future, 15 year old Alice is on a journey of survival through a dark, flooded world.”

Majority Rules
“By the year 2054, the White Majority that commanded the destiny of the Northern American Continent for 280 years, would fall. In the wake of a growing crisis over the shortage of fresh water, that would engulf the entire world by the middle of the 21st century, and elevated water prices; a new political party would arise in the United States that would unite the Non-White communities under one political banner and seize power. This so-called “Transition” led to the most significant domestic conflict since the U.S. Civil War of the 19th Century and nearly resulted in the absolute destruction of the United States... “

Counting Sheep in Chaos


The New Traditional Woodworker: From Tool Set to Skill Set to Mind Set (Popular Woodworking)
List Price: $26.99
Reduced to $1.99

101 Things to Do with a Dutch Oven (101 Things to Do with A...)
List Price: $9.99
Reduced to $1.99

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