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Monday, August 27, 2012

Books Available August 27, 2012

Weekend Homesteader: October
”By October, homesteaders in most parts of the U.S. are thinking hard about winter. This month's volume of Weekend Homesteader introduces two different ways to eat fresh produce deep into the cold months --- plucking winter squash and sweet potatoes right off the shelf and harvesting leafy greens from under quick hoops. Meanwhile, you'll take advantage of free mulch and compost going to waste in your neighborhood and will find out whether life at the poverty line is something to be scared of. For those of you who are new to Weekend Homesteader, this series walks you through the basics of growing your own food, cooking the bounty, preparing for emergency power outages, and achieving financial independence. Technically, the series began in May (or November in the southern hemisphere), but most of the projects are designed to be accessible even to someone starting from square one each month. This ebook, and each other volume in the series, presents one easy and fun project for each weekend so that you'll keep making headway without becoming overwhelmed.”

Transporting And Preparing Your Venison After Deer Hunting

7 Myths About Aquaponics

Historical and Traditional Uses of Ashes and Charcoal in Food and Medicine
”The theory behind the book is that people in the past used to eat a lot more minerals in the form of ashes and charcoal in their food and that since we abandoned this practice about 100+ years ago, we have become weaker and sicker …includes recipes for charcoal crackers and medicinal charcoal biscuits; how to make ashes, charcoal and lye, how to make your own pH testing strips, various ways to make the various medicines used, nixtamalizing corn/maize, ramen noodles and much more.”

Blueberries in Your Backyard: How to Grow America's Hottest Antioxidant Fruit for Food, Health, and Extra Money (25-page Booklet)

”a true account of the author’s successes and failures growing vegetables, semi-tropical fruits and other exotic plants in a free-standing hobby greenhouse located in Ottawa, Canada, where winters are cold and long. The author shares the many lessons learned through his experiences in building and operating a hobby greenhouse as well as a more recently built sunroom attached to his house.”

Candle Making Tricks: How to Make Caked & Grubby Candles Using Basic Kitchen Items

Sun Position - High accuracy solar position algorithms - a resource for programmers and solar energy engineers (Programming by Example)

A Question of Biology - 2nd Edition
”Comprising over 300 pages; this book aims to introduce the reader to Biology at an advanced level and to be used in addition to the text book I am sure you already own. I feel that text books embed the principles too deeply in the text and that these principles are the key to understanding …The book explains Biology in the form of a series of questions and answers …Each chapter begins with a glossary so you understand the terms and words BEFORE you read the chapter. “

Making Sense of People: Decoding the Mysteries of Personality (FT Press Science)
from FT Press, that technical publisher

WHEN WILL THE SKY FALL? Hurricane Katrina, A Documentary In Poetry
”Former ghostwriter …delves deep into the implications of what Hurricane Katrina uncovered in her wake. As a survivor of one of the memorable and costliest storms in recent memory in America, (he) takes a look back at his struggles, and the experiences of other survivors to create a dialogue of repairing relationships across Race and Class structures. His book gives a personal account of how one person’s life was turned upside down in a matter of hours, and with enduring consequences. \’The purpose of my book is not to blame a natural disaster for doing what it does; it is the lack of human compassion and hierarchal positioning that concerns me’”

Come Hell or High Water: Life Lessons from Hurricane Katrina: Facing Life's Greatest Challenges, No Matter What
“This is Marvin's story filled with lessons both personal and professional that took him from Hurricane Katrina to Chairman’s Circle. How is it that he lost almost his entire team during Hurricane Katrina? The lessons in resilience are here for you...How did he come back from that and make Chairman’s Circle in two years? The lessons in tenacity and attitude are here for you...How did he lose people, rebuild, and start over? The lessons in overcoming adversity and profiting from change are here for you...”

Endless War: Middle-Eastern Islam vs. Western Civilization
”author and columnist Peters (Fighting for the Future) puts the contemporary conflict between Islam and the West into the context of 14 centuries of warfare, making a clear and compelling case for rethinking the U.S. approach. “


Short story. “A scientist discovers what appears to be a climate cooling trend. This is contrary to the overwhelming evidence that the climate has been warming for some time, and that human activities… are a major cause of such warming. At first, the cooling trend is dismissed as a temporary blip … Eventually a plausible explanation for this unexpected cooling trend is identified. The key question is whether anything can be done to reverse the climate cooling that’s relentlessly bringing the planet earth to the edge of a new ice age.”

Novella (short novel). “ The UK is barely surviving an economic recession. But The Prime Minister has made a lot of enemies: the EU do not feel they can back the UK after he refused to help them and Scotland's First Minister is adamant that they should become independent. Four Nuclear blasts hit four different UK cities. How will the country survive and grow past this? A micro blogging, social networking site expresses the average person's opinion.”

Akel Dama (Book 9 of the Jay Leicester Mysteries Series)
International terrorist plot, small town U.S.A.

Inner City
"In the year 2471, the world is sharply divided between the civilized "Haves" of the City and the barbaric 'Have-Nots' of the Outlocked...until a seven year old boy crawls through a secret tunnel, and begins to find out... 'they lie.' " I had to google around to find this review on another site. Got good reviews on several sites. I realize this other world in this book may or may not be from a disaster, but because it interests me I thought at least a few others might find it interesting too. See link for a little more description. 

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