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Monday, August 20, 2012

Books Available August 20, 2012 Some real finds today

Some real finds today.  Please take your time so you don't miss one by accident that you would have liked!

Stash Your Swag - 100+ Secret Hiding Places - Reference Handbook and Manual for Secret Hiding Places and Puzzels

Deer Scouting For Deer Hunters - Deer Hunting Book

Beauty Gone Wild! Herbal Recipes for Gorgeous Skin & Hair (Herbs Gone Wild!)
Rare review from Natalia. :)   I skimmed the book and checked out the author’s blog just a bit as well; this looks like a quality book, well-written with a bit of humour, rather than the curse of copy and paste you too often find in the How-To Kindle section. I love the recipes and everything is well instructed and really feels accessible, and the ingredients are not obscure things you’ve never heard of. It’d be easy to include them in your preps. Includes places to buy the ingredients.

Compost, Leafmould and Wormeries - a Guide to Home Composting

How to Build Your Own Dovecote with Complete Plans
I’m not sure if keeping doves is actually a useful skill for self-sufficiency or just a lovely hobby. Please let me know if you do know.

How to Grow Carrots- Urban Gardening

Rural Roots
”This collection of short stories and poems is about the people who lived and loved in the pretty farming area settled by my grandparents and other Scandinavian families generations ago. Rural life in Kipling, Ontario, Canada, is celebrated.”

The Freakishly Productive Guide to Taking Action
“Contents include 12 chapters which cover everything from motivation to time management to focusing, real work, and beating procrastination. Each chapter (except the last) concludes with a challenge you can apply immediately to take action. “

The following two books are published by FT Press, a well-respected publisher of technical books. Sorry for the long description on the second, but it’s three books in one.

Extreme Money: Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk
”The human race created money and finance: then, our inventions recreated us. In Extreme Money, best-selling author and global finance expert Satyajit Das tells how this happened and what it means. Das reveals the spectacular, dangerous money games that are generating increasingly massive bubbles of fake growth, prosperity, and wealth--while endangering the jobs, possessions, and futures of virtually everyone outside finance.”

The Financial Crisis in Perspective (Collection)
     “3 books packed with lessons for investors and policymakers! These three books offer unsurpassed insight into the causes and implications of the global financial crisis: information every investor and policy-maker needs to prepare for an extraordinarily uncertain future.
     "In Financial Shock, Updated Edition, renowned economist Mark Zandi provides the most concise, lucid account of the economic, political, and regulatory causes of the collapse, plus new insights into the continuing impact of the Obama administration’s policies. Zandi doesn’t just illuminate the roles of mortgage lenders, investment bankers, speculators, regulators, and the Fed: he offers sensible recommendations for preventing the next collapse.
     “In Extreme Money, best-selling author and global finance expert Satyajit Das reveals the spectacular, dangerous money games that are generating increasingly massive bubbles of fake growth, prosperity, and wealth, while endangering the jobs, possessions, and futures of everyone outside finance. Das explains how everything from home mortgages to climate change have become fully financialized… how “voodoo banking” keeps generating massive phony profits even now… and how a new generation of “Masters of the Universe” has come to own the world.
     “Finally, in The Fearful Rise of Markets, top Financial Times global finance journalist John Authers reveals how the first truly global super bubble was inflated, and may now be inflating again. He illuminates the multiple roots of repeated financial crises, presenting a truly global view that avoids both oversimplification and ideology. Most valuable of all, Authers offers realistic solutions: for decision-makers who want to prevent disaster, and investors who want to survive it.”

LulzSec: How A Handful Of Hackers Brought The US Government To Its Knees (A Hyperink Book)

Hack the System with Acts of Creative Rebellion

How To Make a Living Outside the System - Business and Economics Freedom Liberty Agorism
” In this business world of excessive over-regulations and intrusive laws, it has become almost impossible to run a business of your own. Nevertheless, with the increasingly unstable economy, people are looking to find ways to put extra money in their pockets. Find out how to do so, be it on a part-time or full-time basis, with this quick and easy guide from agorist and activist, Tarrin P. Lupo. Find out how to work around those hindrances to survive, and thrive.”


Doomsday Diaries
“After Americans are alerted of an imminent nuclear attack, Luke and his parents retreat to their underground shelter, barely escaping the deadly blasts. The years crawl by, and as their supplies continue to diminish, Luke’s desire to leave the shelter is further driven by his raging teenage hormones and sexual curiosity. But when the time to leave the shelter finally arrives, what waits for them on the surface surprises them all. Follow Luke as he gives his personal account of doomsday, growing up in a fallout shelter, and a civilization that rises from the ashes of the apocalypse.”

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Takeover!
“This was one town that didn't go quietly into the night when the UN troops arrived to begin the NWO takeover! The story follows a handful of people through the events, including two families from opposite sides of the social spectrum, and a team of army soldiers who are reluctantly carrying out orders -- until enough is enough! “  By the author of prepper books like The Rally point: Bugging Home and Poverty Prepping: How to Stock up For Tomorrow When You Can't Afford To Eat Today

The Aztlan Project (3/3)
Part 3 of 3. The other parts have been free before. “A powerful thriller that tries to reveal the truth behind the Swine Flu outbreak. An exciting story mixing mystery, conspiracy and history. A journalist working in Mexico in 2009 investigates the Swine Flu outbreak and discovers what really lies beneath the truth about H1N1. How far are pharmaceutical companies, the Spanish Crown, or the Vatican involved?”

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