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Monday, June 18, 2012

Books Available June 18, 2012

Apologies for lateness today.

Weekend Homesteader: February
"Escape the winter doldrums by expanding your homestead. Easy garden additions like strawberries and raspberries can provide delicious fruit for your family in a year or less. Add homegrown eggs from your new chicken flock and you'll have a feast. Meanwhile, buying non-perishables in bulk will save money while ensuring you have plenty of food during emergencies. Finally, an informal apprenticeship is the perfect way to learn hands-on skills like milking a cow or fermenting grapes into wine.

"For those of you who are new to Weekend Homesteader, this series walks you through the basics of growing your own food, cooking the bounty, preparing for emergency power outages, and achieving financial independence. Technically, the series began in May (or November in the southern hemisphere), but most of the projects are designed to be accessible even to someone starting from square one each month. This ebook, and each other volume in the series, presents one easy and fun project for each weekend so that you'll keep making headway without becoming overwhelmed."

Thoughts on Firearms Tactics and Training
"a collection of more than 50 articles covering firearms training, tactics, interesting weapons and ammunition, and survival in a modern time."


16 Expert Lessons for Successfully Managing Your Personal Finances (Collection)
By a well-respected publisher, collection of articles by "world-renowned leaders and experts."  See description for list of topics.

Emerging Health Trends: A Look at Where Science Will Take Us (Collection)
By same respected technical publisher, collection of 3 books, full price would be $95. (!?!?!)
1. Antibiotic Resistance: Understanding and Responding to an Emerging Crisis
2. Chips, Clones, and Living Beyond 100: How Far Will the Biosciences Take Us?
3. It Takes a Genome

Critical Thinking Strategies for Success (Collection)
By same publisher: "3 great books help you think more clearly about any problem — and transform better thinking into better results — in business, and in life!"
The one that made me post this here was:
Now You're Thinking!: Change Your Thinking...Transform Your Life ---"draws on an incredible story of survival in wartime to introduce a model of critical thinking that will help you recognize how your emotions are shaping your actions, evaluate arguments more effectively, and draw conclusions that lead you directly to better life decisions."

Farewell to cheap capital? The implications of long-term shifts in global investment and saving

Beyond austerity: A path to economic growth and renewal in Europe

Appears to have been translated (from the French?)

Earthcaching for Teachers (EarthCaching & EarthCaches)
I listed this because geo-caching may be a great but fun way to practice finding your way to obscure places

The 7 Strangest Trojan Asteroids (Astronomy)


Camp Tough, Lessons Learned The Hard Way
Two fathers form a plan to set their sons free to become self-reliant at an isolated camp site owned by Mathew located on a river in the back country of Alberta, Canada. The boys are faced with living in the wilderness by themselves, without any communications or electricity, and facing their issues alone with no adult supervision. Can they endure weeks and weeks of such solitude? There are lessons to be learned...the hard way.

Lost in Juarez
Britain in the 21st century. They know who you are. They know where you’ve been. They know what you’re thinking. Now one man will stand against them. But how can he win when everyone around him is dying and the security services already know his next move?

The Ant King: A Humorous Apocalypse
"Luke left the relative safety of Fallout Shelter 17 in search of food and water for the commune. He never returned. Three months later the commune's counsel has ordered his son, Samuel, to retrace his footsteps and find sufficient provisions for the shelter to survive another winter.  During Samuel's travels he comes across the strangest - and perhaps the wisest - man the bombs left behind. This is the story of their chance encounter."

One Dimension Over : Gone

"The people of this land had simply vanished. They had left meals half-eaten, jobs half-done. ...There were tables carefully laid with plates of fossilised food, and there were work-desks spread with important-looking documents. Human life had once bustled and hummed in this city, but then mid-sentence everything had just ... "

The Z Word (Apocalypse Babes)
Humour, or satire, or ?  I forget my literary devices.

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