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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Preparedness Fair is coming tonight....And readers, it needs your help!

We really, really need your help here....

To be direct (I'm usually not too direct but I'm getting really tired and  discouraged) I put in hours and hours every day (no exaggeration) so people who come here daily can get loads of free books on the subjects you want, in 5 minutes......

I would be really grateful if some of you who haven't already, would sacrifice 5 minutes of your time to ask your colleagues on any prepping forums, on Facebook pages, wherever you socialize on the subject of preparedness, to come over tonight or tomorrow morning to share a post or two on the next Preparedness Fair.**

I know that many preppers have a blog, and many of you have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share.

Thank you so very much!

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I do know that several (or even more than several) of you really do sincerely appreciate this blog.  I know because of your kind comments, which keep me going, honestly, probably when I really shouldn't!  Thank you, thank you!  :D

And thank you, thank you, to those who contribute to the Fair week after week, even though you're almost on your own now.

**If anyone wonders why I don't just do this myself, in fact I have spent hours inviting people to post at the Preparedness Fair, and that has certainly helped somewhat;  Several people have come over and posted, and there have only been a couple rude responses.  I still do some inviting, but just have so little time, now that simply finding the books is taking so much longer.  I could do way more promotion if I were not so compulsive about listing the books first. After that, I'm so exhausted, I just need your help!  

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