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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Preparedness Fair #12

Welcome to the 

I'm so sorry *again* for the delay this morning!  Saturday mornings are tough in soccer season! 

If you haven't checked out the excellent posts on the previous Preparedness Fairs, please scroll down the right sidebar to "Preparedness Fair" under the Labels heading, or just click here.  Bloggers always appreciate readers showing support by leaving a comment when they check out posts too.

Please add your preparedness posts below--

And please TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE INTO PREPAREDNESS about the Fair.  We need lots of great posts--and we need as many as possible to benefit from them!  I have been surprised that with 700 or so readers here daily, only a couple of you blog about the subject!  Surely there must be more.  And aren't a lot of you on different survival, preparedness, or homesteading forums?  Could you please invite people to share here?

Today's Featured Blogger from last week....      

"Silver Oak" and "Rose Petal" from Live Ready Now! 
They and their six children live on a 20-acre off-grid homestead where they are very committed to their self-sufficient work and lifestyle.

Rose Petal posted "Our Windmill – A Sustainable Pump" in which they build their new windmill.  It's a huge project!  This post is well-worth a read, and their blog Live Ready Now!  well-worth subscribing to, with so many excellent posts about self-sufficiency and preparedness

Thank you Rose Petal and Silver Oak for faithfully sharing at the Preparedness Fair.  Please grab the Featured button on the left sidebar for your blog!  :D


To our other contributors, I am still going to catch up on missed Features from past weeks during the big Amazon change and my visit to a friend in hospice.  Thank you for your patience. :)

 Here's the Fair! Please add your links...
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