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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Books for May 5, 2013

Here are a list of books I was notified of via all the searches and lists I've spent the past year setting up, but I was unable to access the amazon pages themselves.  Therefore I can't describe the books or necessarily categorize either.  Nor can I check the price.  And I can't check the links either.  I've had to adjust them from the original I was given, and so if they don't work at all, or lead to a different Amazon product, you will have to copy and paste the titles into your Amazon search field.  So sorry!

Oh, some others of today's books HAVE been added to the usual tabbed pages above, when things were intermittently working.  So still check there.

By the way, if anyone has heard of any issues with Amazon or knows whys my computer has such trouble with it suddenly but can access Blogger, Facebook, etc, just fine, please give me some hints.  I'm thinking they have some new Shockwave program or other helping program, or I've lost the ones that I did have.

Non-fiction or theory

The Healthy Bee Hive: Effective Beekeeping Tips to Manage Honey Bee Pests and Treatments (Smart BeekeepingSeries)

Mayan Calendar Prophecies| Part1: Predictions for 2012 and Beyond

How To Talk To Your Kids & Grandkids: 10 Secrets To Being The Grandmother Everyone Adores

Relax! It's Not the End of theWorld - Biblical Eschatology and Other Fancy Words

Probably Nature, War, etc

They Go West Together, Book One of Three

Midwife : Liza

A Time in Heaven

Other fiction or "not sure"


2014: A Bad Year - Part One(2014: A Bad Year (A Graphic Novel Series))

The Forevers - Fixer 13

Extinction Dawn

Talon's Reach

DEAD TO RIGHTS: Zombie World Order Part Two

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