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Monday, March 4, 2013

Free Books Available Mar 4, 2013

Today I'm trying something a little different.  Each heading has its own list now.  Hoepfully I'm slowly working out the kinks.  Thank you for your patience!

To those who have written comments that I haven't replied to yet, this is why--hopefully I'll have a bit of time soon!  Thank you so much.


If you could PLEASE PLEASE wait to download until it's been at least 24 hours since you last clicked on one of my Amazon affiliate links..UNLESS you made a paid purchase after clicking it--an affiliate link would include the free books from yesterday AND/OR the Amazon links on the sidebar...this would help to ensure I don't run up the total too quickly and have to stop listing mid-month.***(see explanation at bottom)

***Amazon counts as a session 24 hours after an affiliate link is clicked OR until a PAID purchase is completed. All free books downloaded during a session will count towards the 20,000 a month limit that I'm allowed before all payments are deleted from my affiliate account.

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