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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Free Books Available Mar 13, 2013

Today's update is done.  

You will see that things look different here.  Up at the top are new tabs/pages with headings for the different subjects of books.  Each will be updated daily.  The updating process takes quite some time, and will happen in "real time" so if you happen to be on a page while I'm updating, you'll see the books added.

Also, I have found a source to search for books that are free in the US.  (Usually I can't as Amazon knows I'm in Canada and adjusts its prices accordingly.)  As most of the readers of this blog are from the US, this is a good thing.  (There will be a lot of extra books today that didn't show up in searches for me before.)

What this means:

Everyone should check the price before clicking "buy".  As I'm in Canada I can't verify the US prices, and prices are subject to change rather suddenly.

Especially those who are not in the US should check prices first.  Not all the books listed will be free in Canada and other countries, although many will, perhaps even most.

The books will not appear on the day's blog entry any more, but on the tabs.  I will update the blog and the Facebook page as each day's update is completed.  I'll also post my "picks" if I happen to have any, on the blog page (i.e. here)

Editor's Picks:

RUNAWAY TWINS (Runaway Twins series #1)
Youth [but I read this type of book and I’m fairly mature ;) ] 
“pre-teen twins Rachel and Janie Lemon are desperate to avoid the fate of their older sister Mary, who at thirteen was forced to marry the polygamous Prophet of Sheba Hill. Their determination leads to an aborted escape attempt, and the cult leader sends the girls to a retraining center deep in Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains. Justin Patrick, an openly rebellious twelve-year-old boy who has been dragged into the cult by his aunt, is sent along with them. Justin and the twins plan an escape in mid-winter through the Bitterroots. Justin’s father and uncle (who were both killed in an avalanche) trained him as a survivalist, and he assures the girls that the Bitterroots are not as dangerous as the Alaskan wilderness where he grew up. Their adventures in the mountains include searches for food, shelter, water, and warmth—all the while looking over their shoulders for the pursuing cult members. As they race for freedom, they are fully aware that capture means certain death for Justin and death or brutal enslavement for the twins.” 

RUNAWAY TWINS IN ALASKA (Runaway Twins series #2)
“Rachel, Janie, and Justin (trained by his father and uncle as a survivalist) are back--this time in wilderness Alaska where they battle bears, bad guys, and nature's fury. The Prophet of the polygamous cult of Sheba Hill reaches out from prison to have the Lemon twins kidnapped and transported to Whitehorse in the Yukon where he has established his new God's Way Temple. He still considers the girls his double portion from God and he wants them waiting for him when he's released on appeal. And the Prophet pays extra to make certain their companion Justin Patrick, whom he hates for rescuing the twins in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains, is eliminated and buried deep in Alaska's Yuktapah Preserve. A long-dormant volcano explodes; earthquakes gobble up canyons, lakes, and rivers; and grizzly sows and boars make it clear they can't be controlled. The pressure on the three teenagers never lets up. Each time they think they've gained the victory, they encounter new and more difficult obstacles.” 

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