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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Free Books Updated Apr 28, 2013

Many of today's new books are entered.  Another day with another fundraiser/baking for bake sale, church, guests, and dinner out.  Hopefully things will start calming down tomorrow.

Today's free books are found under the tab headings above. (You'll have to go to the actual site if you're reading this on a "feed reader.")  These books have been found to be free in the USA as of this morning. Different countries may have differing pricing.  Please check prices before clicking "buy" to make sure they are still free.

The new books each day are added to the top of each list.  Once you hit the books you saw yesterday, you can stop.  I will delete books as I have time to check they're no longer free.  (This may be never!)  Amazon makes it complicated and time-consuming for me to tell from Canada whether they're free in the US.
Some books that will end up at the bottom of the different lists are long-term free. 


I've opened a new page tab up at the top for comments or questions about how the site is run or problems with using the site. 

To make it quicker for me to get to where I have to enter books, at the bottom of each book page in order to add each new book one at a time, I've disabled comments on those pages.   I may try to move comments already left on those pages here.  I'm not sure yet if that will work.

Comments can also be added on each day's update post too.  But if you have a question you need to check back for the answer for, it may be easier to find at a set location, the Comments tab.

I WELCOME COMMENTS [if they're friendly of course! ;)  ]

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