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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Free books updated May 12, 2016

The free books listed today have been found to be free in the USA as of this morning.  As always, please double-check the price before you "Buy" your free books as prices can change without notice.  Different countries may have differing pricing.  Please see the tips on using the lists, in the bullet list below.

Even when I don't do the extra farm, home, craft, health, and personal searches, I still often come across several books that go in those lists.   I DO check under food preservation daily in any case so there is ALWAYS something along those lines in the home/food list.   Enjoy!

(Also, new paid link below, halfway down page.  Using it, or the Amazon link on the sidebar, for any sales helps me with a teeny weeny commission.)


       Recently I have been running out of time to check all the book lists that I would usually do.  There have been more books to check and better lists.  Perhaps this time of year people put their books on for free more...
       As I think about how much time I spend on these for virtually no recompense, and have done for now so many years, I realize even more that in order for there to be some balance in my life, I am going to have to sacrifice some of the things I do for the sake of the others.

       Personally, I don't "buy" any, or barely any, of the home, food, craft, garden, farm, and prepper books any more.  I got so many of them at the beginning, and don't need any more.  If I were to look through just the books I want, to find those I'd like to read myself, they would be the True Accounts and those huge Fiction lists.  

       Right now the idea is just percolating but I will likely be continuing to miss some topics every day so that I can do some others, and still be a decent family member.


 If you "Like" Prep Utility Vehicle on Facebook I will let you know on those those days when all the non-fiction are done early in the day but the rest won't be done for quite a while, as an extra update.  This way you can get the non-fic as soon as possible.   See link at right to get Facebook updates.


Keep scrolling down for the free lists and tips on using them.
As I wrote in a special post, I spend 3-5 hours daily on finding free books for you, and since March 2013 have been doing this (100-125 hours per month) for almost nothing and can no longer justify this to my family.   

Therefore I am now including the following affiliate links for interesting books chosen for their subject matter and/or many high reviews.  THESE ARE NOT FREE, but some are amazing deals....and if you enjoy getting the free books from the daily lists, it would be wonderful if you could use these links before purchasing anything from Amazon. (It doesn't have to be these books.)

Free lists are after this....


Some tips on using the free book lists BELOW:
  • If you're new here, first check all the long-term free books, which are listed in the tab pages above under the blog header.  Continue with next tip below.
  • If you're not new but are back after missing a few days, click on a list link below, then use the sort fields to the right just above the first books on the list, to sort the list by price, low to high. The books that are free should be listed first. You can then go through them all and get all the ones you want that you missed while away. (Reason: as old timers here will remember, prices are subject to change without notice. I will only delete books from the lists as I have large windows of time to check that they're no longer free, which may not be often, hence the need to sort this way.)  Then continue with next tips.
  • Afterwards, for daily visitsI recommend using the sort field to "Sort by: Date Added." (Using "Show: Unpurchased" may seem to make sense but the list might be showing you what *I* have not purchased, and not what *YOU* have not purchased.)
  •  Now keep an eye on the date added, in the right-hand column, so you don't miss all the ones added that day. (The reason is that sometimes I will forget that I added a book the day before and add it will recognize it and think that's the previous day's list and stop there, and miss some books. Also, sometimes I add books late in the day that you'd have missed.) 
  • Keep in mind that Amazon sorting engines are not perfect. If you sort by price, low to high, some are mixed up. At least they were for me. Your mileage may vary. 

Here are the links to the respective lists for free books.  (These are not affiliate links and do not benefit me in any way.)  

(General Preparedness, Survival --original list from 2 years of adding books to it, still with many long-term free books, and also ideas for purchases.  I just started the above new one because this one was full)

Theory, Politics


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