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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Free books updated Dec 5, 2013

Free books are done for today.


Each subject is now a separate Amazon wish list. Links are below, under the "fine print." 

The tab pages above under the header, which we used to use for the book lists now list only the long-term free books.  Still check the prices before "buying" as they still could change without notice.  They HAVE BEEN free for long periods.  I don't have the time to check often when authors may have removed them from their long-term-free status.
 If you "Like" Prep Utility Vehicle on Facebook I will let you know on those those days when all the non-fiction are done early in the day but the rest won't be done for quite a while, as an extra update.  This way you can get the non-fic as soon as possible.   See link at right to get Facebook updates.

As always, please double-check the price before you "Buy" your free books. These books have been found to be free in the USA as of this morning. Different countries may have differing pricing. Please check prices before clicking "buy" to make sure they are still free. Please see the tips on using the lists, in the bullet list below.

Here are the links to the respective lists for free books.

First, some tips on using these lists:

  • If you're new here first check all the long-term free books, which are listed in the tab pages above under the blog header.  Continue with next tip below.
  • If you're not new but are back after a break, First use the sort fields to the right just above the first books on the list, to sort the list by price, low to high. The books that are free should be listed first. You can then go through them all and get all the ones you want that you missed while away. (Reason: as old timers here will remember, prices are subject to change without notice. I will only delete books from the lists as I have large windows of time to check that they're no longer free, which may not be often, hence the need to sort this way.)  Then continue with next tips
  • Afterwards, for daily visits, I recommend using the sort field to "Sort by: Date Added." (I removed the recommendation to "Show: Unpurchased" because I suddenly thought the list might be showing you what I have not purchased, and not what YOU have not purchased.)
  •  Now keep an eye on the date added, in the right-hand column, so you don't miss all the ones added that day. (The reason is that sometimes I will forget that I added a book the day before and add it will recognize it and think that's the previous day's list and stop there, and miss some books. Also, sometimes I add books late in the day that you'd have missed.) 
  • Keep in mind that Amazon sorting engines are not perfect. If you sort by price, low to high, some are mixed up. At least they were for me. Your mileage may vary. You'd think that a company the size of Amazon would get this right, but.....

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