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Monday, September 23, 2013

Dehydrators reduced on Amazon--affiliate links for readers....

Here are some affiliate links that hopefully will help me make ends meet.  Many of you probably don't think twice where this blog comes from, but I know others of you care very much!  I need to start making a little income to make the time I spend on this (3-4 hours/day) worth it to my family, so I am compiling a list of things that preppers and homesteaders and other self-reliant people might like in the field of dehydrating!

If you purchase one of these items OR any other Amazon item after clicking on one of these links, I will make a small % commission, ranging from 4-7%, higher as the number of purchases in that month gets higher.  It's reset to 4% at the beginning of each month.  (So if you want a bigger item, it will help me more if you wait until later in the month. Right now is a great time, for example ;) and would be a great birthday gift.  :D    )

List Price:$350.00
Price:$280.99 FREE Shipping
You Save:$69.01 (20%)

List Price:$130.00
Price:$69.95 FREE Shipping
You Save:$60.05 (46%)

List Price:$159.99
Price:$113.99 FREE Shipping
You Save:$46.00 (29%)

By Bosch
List Price:$129.99
Price:$119.99 FREE Shipping
You Save:$10.00 (8%)

includes jerky gun
List Price:$97.99
Price:$64.99 FREE Shipping
You Save:$33.00 (34%)

List Price:$98.99
Price:$59.94 FREE Shipping
You Save:$39.05 (39%)

List Price:$88.99
Price:$59.98 FREE Shipping
You Save:$29.01 (33%)

List Price:$67.99
Price:$49.96 FREE Shipping
You Save:$18.03 (27%)

List Price:$49.99
Price:$34.99 FREE Shipping
You Save:$15.00 (30%)

The following items are not necessarily on sale but are great resources!

Dehydrating Books:

Excalibur accessory

generic, but for Excalibur

And a few Nesco accessories

 (the Clean-a-Screen are fine mesh liners that help sticky things from sticking and keep fine things like herbs from falling through)

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