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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Free books updated June 20, 2013, and how it will go here for a couple of weeks...

Books for today are done.

NEWS for the next 2 weeks...
We have a graduation coming up and many, MANY: hours of preparation that accompany it, immediately followed by a 3-day music festival that my husband is organizing and running, and that my family is heavily involved in.  During this time, we will have 3 to 4 guests, with no spare rooms to put them in (children will be vacating theirs to sleep on floors.)  My parents, who have been back in the country for a couple of months, leave immediately after that.  So the next 10-14 days will be crazy mad here.

What I intend to do, in order to not leave everyone here completely in the lurch while still being present with my family which is MOST important, is to begin each morning on the favourite headings (as determined by the poll of readers, which you can see on the lower part of the right sidebar of this blog) and just continuing on with the headings in that order as I have time.  I hope this makes sense.

As always, please double-check the price before you "Buy" your free books.

Free books are found under the tab headings above. (You'll have to go to the actual site if you're reading this on a "feed reader.")  These books have been found to be free in the USA as of this morning. Different countries may have differing pricing.  Please check prices before clicking "buy" to make sure they are still free.

The new books each day are added to the top of each list.  Once you hit the books you saw yesterday, you can stop.  I will delete books as I have time to check they're no longer free.  (This may be never!)  Amazon makes it complicated and time-consuming for me to tell from Canada whether they're free in the US.
Some books that will end up at the bottom of the different lists are long-term free. 

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